200 M Skill Points, the Honest Way

Last night I cracked 200M SP. That used to be a milestone, an indicator of a long time playing, or at least, having an account paid for.

Sadly, those days are long past, thanks to some exec, quite rightly, realizing that making Eve pay-to-win would open up a significant revenue stream.

I would love for CCP to give us percentages of their income based on plex sales before and after the introduction of skill injectors.



Seven years ago, I was told if I need isk, get a PLEX. That way you can afford all the ships and crap you want.

Three years ago, I was told if you really want to play EVE you need a second or third account.

One year ago, I was told I could inject all the skills I could ever want.

Nothing has changed.

And, to toss it out there, the diminishing returns on the injectors mean to hit 200 mil sp would cost thousands of real currency. So, if so if someone wants to drop that kind of cash on space pixels, then let them.

Pay-to-win. This is a joke.


Having the skills to fly carriers, dreads, titans, whatever doesn’t have any effect on frigates.
Injector junkies can’t magically train skills higher than level 5.
They’re just as limited as everyone else in how high they can train their skills, while having none of the experience that other people could have obtained while they were training their skills to level 5.

Being able to have a wider selection of ships and modules isn’t pay to win. It doesn’t help them in any way winning. They can’t just swing a magic wand to change their ship and modules on the fly.

Now that I’ve established that you’re wrong, can I have your stuff and vintage SP, please?


Dont downplay the benefits of having a wide selection of ships available. Being able to field the perfect counter to your enemy’s ship is a big advantage in PvP.

In the meta … well you win the meta of EVE by being able to fly what you want at any time. CCP overbuffs Rorquals? Injectors allow your coalition to get into Rorquals within days and then farm trillions before CCP reacts. Rorquals get nerfed and carriers are now the new ISK printers? Get your pilots into carriers and again, farm trillions before CCP reacts. Rinse and repeat.


I was here first!

You need to know what the enemy is flying ahead of time. You’ll almost never know that and reship in a small-gang or solo scenario and in bigger fights the single pilot becomes quickly meaningless and slight differences in trained skills won’t matter.

Speaking as a trillionaire myself, ISK doesn’t equal winning either. That’s just another argument that doesn’t hold ground.
Is skill injecting into the broken flavor of the month ship a problem? Depends entirely on who you ask. I dare say CCP is overbuffing them intentionally to make people buy skill injectors for exactly the use case you mentioned. But that’s CCP shadily milking the player base through manipulation, not paying to win.

You didn’t ask for neither SP nor stuff, though :stuck_out_tongue:

The massive problem with eve is that you can’t be effective at anything until you have at a minimum of 3 million sp, and that SP has to be highly focused. Good luck running level 4 missions before 3 million SP, even though you can easily be at level 4 missions with in 1 months time, if not just a week of grinding out level 2’s and 3’s.

I’ve been here for 9 years, I know not the longest but I put the number 3 million out there to be fair, but I realistically wanted to drop the number 6 million SP to be effective at anything.

That’s 7 months of training to be effective at anything. It made sense when the universe was expanding and everyone was growing at the same rate. However new players coming into the game since 2008 have been at a disadvantage, CCP is trying to fix that issue, we’re in one persistant world where everyone new is at a massive disadvantage. I think skill injectors were great for the game to be quite honest. It’s a nice Sp and gold sink while making the company money.

The problem I have today, is that characters still start with too few SP. Players should start out with 3 million sp.

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I know how you feel.
I too am close to the 200 mill mark (the old fashion way) and somehow it doesn’t feel so special any more.

Not that I’m complaining. It has been a long journey full of many a victory. Something no one or nothing can take away from me.

I do not believe thought, in the idea that new players feel left behind i true.
When I started out, there was already players with close to 100 mill skill-points in the game and I never felt left behind. At most, it gave me something to work forward to and yeah! It was a long, tradius grind at times but so much more gratifying was the end reward.

I do feel sorry for the new folks that never get to feel the journey of progression in EvE but let’s face it. Everyone’s joy and perception of what EvE is, is different then yours and mine. Theirs can be just as good and right as ours.

As I stated in the beginning, we started out with a 100 mill SP disadvantage. People today are close to 300 mill behind and in less than 10 years 400 mill.

If a person today can fly a battleship after a month in EvE and that gives him joy, who I’m I to tell him his joy is not right and that he doesn’t feel the same joy I did when I started flying BS’s?

If he wants to use skill injectors, someone, somewhere paid CCP real money for those skills and at the end of the day, that means CCP can go on making a better game for all of us.


Would you actually log in to use it? :wink:

–Active Gadget


Touché :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like in “extract and sell for PLEX”? :thinking:

Game is not won by skill points… yea back in the day you could drive your enemy back to empire space because you could cut off all financial influx, and nowadays you can buy your way back but its very costly and tbh I wouldnt do it.

The individual is not important… Organisational prowess is, from my experience, what leads to lasting victory.

Well- I have lots of skill points but sadly they don’t make me a better player- only experience can do that.

Whilst it is an advantage in PVP to be able to field the perfect counter most PVP incidents are over in minutes so that perfect ship is probably never fielded as the action is long over before you get the time to re-ship. I’ve had numerous instances where I could have helped but always seem to be in the wrong ship which would feel like bringing a knife to a gunfight- I might get lucky one day!

hey, send me a trillion or more and I will double it :slight_smile:


Scamming a scammer doesn’t really work… I’m not dumb enough to fall for it…

Probably even a scrub like me could inject up to fly a capital, have myself dropped somewhere, select the promoted target and press F1. The more injectors you have, the more cap pilots you have. Don’t tell me that doesn’t make a difference in SOV wars…


You cannot claim Eve as Pay2Win. At BEST it is Pay4Advantage, because you cannot inject pilot skill.

I don’t even care what I am training anymore. One character on 172mil SP, the other on 129mil SP. I just add whatever in there.

whatever youre crying about dinsdale
you deserved it