What Happened to EVE?

Hey everyone! I played EVE online for a few years back in the “Golden Age” of 2010-2016. The game was great as your character can “level-up” even while you’re not playing. This attracted me to the game (as well as friends) since most of us aren’t able to time sink HOURS every day in the game.

I returned to the game a few months ago to find the one thing that everyone (including my friends who played) feared…a “Cash Shop” for “Skill Injectors”. This immediately turned everyone away from the game as there are people will literally spend hundreds if not Thousands of dollars on this game just to beat other players. To me, the game is broken now as it is clearly “Pay to win.” Obviously you can still play and enjoy the game, but I feel that “Patience” and dedication of leveling your player is gone. Does anyone else feel this way?


Your character can still “level up” even while you are not playing.

Why care for how many Skillpoints or Assets any other player has? You can neither know it nor influence it, and couldn’t even do that in the “golden age”.


EVE isn’t a race. No one cares how many skillpoints you have or don’t have. Enjoy the game at your own pace. There are still many things in EVE that can only be bought with time…


Actually no it is not. Buying skillpoints becomes meaningless when you have enough of them, just a quick way to get noobies competitive and alts upto speed.


Skill points can be purchased. Skill, however, cannot. I rather enjoy seeing whales and credit card warriors get their comeuppance daily on zkill…


Must not like the game all that much if so little makes you leave.


The point is that years ago, CCP stated that they would never sell skill points or “speed ups” in a cash shop. Well, you see how long that lasted…


Money talks

CCP, long ago, built a very unique game. As a unique game, it only appealed to a small portion of the gaming population.

Inevitably, CCP got fully taken over by soulless corporate types - the kind that do not play EvE. As good, responsible corporate types, they sought to maximize profit. What you are seeing now is the culmination of years of concessions against the core theme of EvE in favor of maximizing profits - primarily through attempting to grow the playerbase by converting EvE into another bland World of Warcraft or Fortnite clone.


If that is the case, then why not just go ahead and sell corp and faction standing so I don’t have to grind for months or years for it? Might as well. Same thing as selling skill points…

And you know what happened to WoW? They got rid of the PvP servers.

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My mom used to say “only idiots don’t change their mind.” They had to get with the program and maybe they felt it would advantage their bottom line, who knows.
The point is that skillpoints for sale scheme doesn’t break the game and helps players.


If you buy the Skill Injectors for bringing up alts to do Marauders V and PvP fitted Vargurs so you can go pick fights in Lowsec/Nullsec/Wormholes, I’d wager – and I’m not typically a gambling man – you’d discover Eve Online is “Pay to lose”, as the ship goes up in flames.

Turns out money doesn’t buy success in this game.


Sigh. Another stealth bashing P2W topic.

I don’t think people actually understand what P2W is anymore LOL.

EVE is far from P2W.

Oh for real? So Laughing Skull is gone?

Throwing toys out of the pram

Yes. The introduction of clones states, combined with extractors/injectors changed the nature of what a character is and what time in the game means.

That was made even worse with CCP now just openly creating skillpoints and handing them out.

The play around crafting a character can still be there, but overall the feel of that play is fundamentally changed.

I do.

(Whale) PAY 2 (Ganker) WIN

I mean that’s the real reason why they are nerfing stuff.

CC warriors getting blapped and crying :smiley:

Why doesn’t CCP revamp the ship insurance system so that it is an out-of-game monthly payment system? Any ship you lose gets replaced for $20 extra a month.

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They already do it today for free, and have to or else people will cry and not pay the sub.

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