Impression after returning 5 years later

This game has gone down hill so hard. Ship variety sucks, money making options are easier and lower paying, skill extraction is pay to win. Asians now have a new commodity (time) to sell to you more directly. The new ships that have come out are just expensive bling, impractical and not widely used.

Pay for skills? What an insult to the people who spent years of their lives working up their skills with no alternative except to wait. If you’re going to bend vets over that hard you better give them some kind of a reach around to keep them feeling special.

My computer is way faster than the one I had when I played this game originally, yet it loads slower and looks like to be pretty much the same quality.

Basically this game took a giant shart from the time I left, sometime shortly after t3, WH space and the large gun battlecruisers came out. CCP got hungry for money and desperate for new players and ruined the game while adding little content that I really find entertaining or exciting to discover.

GG, uninstalled.


And you felt you had to share this because…


@Daoden What a stupid reply lol obviously to make it known that a player is displeased with how things are going. A lot of us are.


EVE -> Right Click -> Uninstall

The whiners are in the vast minority…


done and done! Thanks for the step-by-step guide.

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How do you know? You whine a lot if I may say so. Other people whine a lot. You accuse lots of people who don’t whine of whining. So, there are lots of people whining for different reasons. :slight_smile:


He’s like a professional whiner with rose colored glasses, that or a poor troll. I can’t decide.
He wanted to whine so much he looked up my other threads just to whine on them.
We’ll keep him though, he bumps my threads for me.

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Can somebody explain the meaning of the loser bracket?

EDIT: sorry wrong thread…not

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Theres more than 5 years ago, so not really.

Argument invalidated.

Which is it. Easier? Or Lower paying, and therefore harder?

Make up your mind, please.

Argument invalidated.

If all you care about is having a fat wallet, then sure. But EVE has never been about having more isk. We all know the blingier ship doesnt always win.

Argument Invalidated.

I dont understand what you mean by this, but okay.

Argument incoherent, and therefore invalidated.

I love using my T3 Destroyers, and they are cheap. What are you talking about?

Argument invalidated.

Yeah, no. People have always been able to purchase 10 year old characters from the character bazaar. This has always been a thing, even 5 years ago.

So again, argument invalidated.

Sure. If your computer was from 2010 when you played it 5 years ago, and now youve upgraded it to a 2014 model, then sure, a 2014 computer is way faster than a 2010. But EVE is a 2018 game. Why not get a 2016 or 2017 computer? Problem solved.

When you have graphical settings to low and disabled, then yeah, it looks the same as when you had it on the old system at its highest settings. Graphics have updated since the past 5 years. Gaming has updated since the past 5 years.

K, bye. We dont want whiners, we want people to strive to become winners in this game. Everybody else(mainly you) are losers.

Dont forget to send me your stuff. You owe me that much after i schooled you so severely.


I don’t agree with the OP’s opinion, however I don’t share his opinion. The part about working up skills was really enough for me. Eve has the least working for skills of any MMO I have ever seen. You put skills in a que and wait, no work. Now the waiting part is a bit different because its hard to ever catch up. Buying injectors isn’t really a pay to win because skill points < player skills.
But again eve isn’t for everyone. I started playing in 2007 and would play for about six months and then take of a few months. About three years ago I realized the best part of eve is that eve is what you make it and have been active since. OP I hope you find a game that you enjoy.

“Argument Invalidated” are you 16 and autismal? What you think your opinion on the matter means end of story?

Don’t speak with “We” because you don’t speak for everyone. There are a lot of people with a lot of different opinions.

You just want every one to shut up and not talk about what bothers them about the game? Are you actually brain dead how would anything ever change for the better? Do you just want people to accept changes from devs who don’t even play their own game?

In a game dropping in numbers as rapidly as it is it’s a horrible idea encouraging anyone to quit, which I see posted pretty much every time someone says they’re out. These voices are the few that actually care enough to say anything and you should be grateful that they don’t just uninstall without a word like the majority does.

You wanna keep trashing on quitters I hope you’re ready for 2020 when there’s less than 10k on and most of them are alts and bots saying HTFU as the remaining population vanishes.

Oh and remember every single person who quits is gonna be very likely to say don’t play that garbage game to anyone who asks them about it. They would be way less likely to trash talk the game if morons didn’t give them some verbal immature grief on the way out.


Desperate for new players? How could they possibly want more, on a slow moment there areonly :
30 new pilots per hour created. 690 NEW pilots per day, that means each and every month the entire online community is being produced… on a low hour… now we need to take into consideration the retaining power of the game is a little low… but still, how come around 99.9% of the pilots dissapear? IS PLEX MADE OF CAPSULEERS? queue dramatic music


690 New alpha bots per day huh?


I’m personally triggered by that “Pay for skills”. If not for this, the eve would be dead by now with no new players. You expect that just cause you are a “vet” you must to have a superiority in stats over newbies forever, even those who are willing to invest some (a lot) money to speed up their training? Lmao. You are really a one miserable wet vet. I’m personally glad that people like you are leaving this game. Good riddance.


Nah, OP is right on that one. The performance tanks at the moment, and not only client-side. Not sure what CCP did there, but it’s pretty terrible right now.

The rest of what they said is BS by and large.


I think as some other posters mention you are indeed 16, autismal and need to go back to this “school” you mentioned where apparently you left feeling quite invalidated and needing to pass that on.

The ships are by and large the same ships, they added t3 dessys and some bling ships. Big whoop. Your face is invalidated.

My PC is nice and new and the game is more taxing and longer to load than before with barely any noticeable improvement in graphics. Aka, inefficient programing. Coming from a programmer.

They made it so that you can attack battleships with dreadnoughts, thereby making it easier for people to rat in a lot of situations. Not that they weren’t doing it in carriers before, but I feel like it took a bit more skill and dual boxing.

Yes they could purchase characters from the bazaar, but you could only control so many characters. With skill injections you can just keep beefing up the same character endlessly. The skill injections are both pay-to-“win” (or pay your way to end game) and a way to grind your way up to the level of veteran players whereas the game had no such mechanic for the majority of it’s existence. They changed the fundamental nature of the game, making it shittier than before IMO. Hope you can handle that opinion.


They got their new players… with skill injecting and alpha accounts.


If my opinion ends up being correct, then, why, yes.

Its the royal “We”.

Also, “We” doesnt mean “Everyone”. If youre out with your friends, and your mother calls you and asks “Where are you?” and you say “Were at the bar”, and she replies “WTF DONT USE THE WORD “WE” IM NOT WITH YOU AM I” I bet you would think she was crazy.

No, no, and of course not.

But in many of the points she made, she is literally, factually mistaken. This isnt about whether the best flavour of ice cream is chocolate or vanilla or something, its whether the sky is blue or not. I mean, take her claim of “What an insult to the people who spent years of their lives working up their skills with no alternative except to wait.” as an example. The character bazaar has been here for longer than 5 years. People have always had the option to purchase a character that has 100 million skillpoints, and start using them on day 1 of their EVE careers. This is no different than skill injecting into a carrier. There was an alternative other than to wait. This is a fact.

She uninstalled the game. What else do you want to say to someone like that? If someone says “I want a game where i can do my activities in 100% safety, or ill quit”, theres nothing you can really say to them, other than “okay, goodbye, hope you find a game thats suited to your tastes”. EVE isnt for everyone. Some people dont like it. Some people will quit. Its always been a niche game.

The OP is saying that CCP has tried to cater to new players and is therefore losing him as a player.

The way that OP structured the original post, shows that she was trash talking the game well before anyone here called her out on it.

So youre basically barking up the wrong tree.


actually I talked up about this game for the last 5 years… until I re-installed.

By and large they’re trying to crowd please too much and it’s changed the game beyond he scope of what had me hooked before. I hated to start playing the game, but the end game reward was excellent. Now it just kind of seems like another fruitless race against other peoples wallets.



I am still playing and haven’t quit yet and I’m already saying it to people that are interested. And you’re correct, I show them these sort of responses, videos etc. It works.

Though I have to disagree with you on some stuff. Skill injectors are both good and bad. They let new players to catch up a bit so that they are not as much fodder as they used to be. But it is sorta P2W in this regard. On the otehr hand, there is a whole bunch of us, myself included, who skill gutted or mining / indy toons and pumped those skills into our combat toons and we returned to the game and are still playing. If not for that we would have stayed out.

The new useless ships, you must mean the Trig ships, yea, they are. Too expensive and too niche at best for general usefullness. Large part of that has to do with the Abysmal Implimentation of Abysmal Space though. Specifically risk vs rewards, bad drops, not worth running etc. hence the price on the Abysmal stuff. Or rather Resource Wars 2.0 …