Impression after returning 5 years later

Older veteran players also have access to skill injectors, so even if new players can use skill injectors, they will never catch up to veteran players, unless they are retarded enough to sink $20,000 USD into injectors…

No, they will not totally catch up. But 2 things.

First there are diminishing returns on injectors so pass 60 mil SP they’re basically not worth using, no matter how vet the player is.

2nd to catch up you don’t need to be on equal terms. Don’t expect to be a maxxed out faction titan pilot. But you can get 1 line of sub capsfrom frigs to BSes trained up to max or at least respectable level 4s and T2 modules relatively quick. This makes them much less of cannon fodder then they used to be, like I said.

And just because they don’t participate in titan vs titan doesn’t mean that they can’t have maxxed frig skills for FW or burners for example. That is where it helps them out a lot.

And I think you are having problems with plural versus singular, since it was one poster. One does not equal many. Heres another free lesson for you.

Yeah, no. New T2 Dessies, new T2 logi frigs, new Capital logi, expedition frigates. Lets ignore those for no reason, though, cause they cost more than 10 million isk and are therefore too expensive to lose.

Just because you bought the components new, doesnt mean the components are up to date. I have a decent computer and EVE runs perfectly fine. Graphics are also way better than they used to be.

But im glad you have a perfect recall of how long it took to load EVE online 5 years ago. Someone with eidetic memory such as yourself, must be a doctor or something.

At the cost of damage application to other capital ships, yes. They also removed the ability to re-equip modules during combat using mobile depots. Most dreadnought ratters dual box either way, because they need the extra cap and repair.

But i wanna break down the next few sentences one at a time.

…And you can also purchase a really beefy character straight from the bazaar, too. People to this day, sell 120, 150 million skillpoint characters. Ive been playing nearly non-stop since 2013, but even i dont have over 100 mill yet, and i have near-perfect Minmattar carrier/dreadnought skills.

Again, character bazaar.

Youre talking as if there was a previous hard-limit to the number of skillpoints that a character could have before being unable to be sold on the bazaar. ANY character, no matter how old and how many skillpoints, could be sold on the character bazaar.

Before, we used to laugh at someone who used his daddys credit card to buy a 10 year old toon, a titan, and tried to dock it or use a stargate to try to enter Hisec. How is today any different? If a guy uses his Daddys credit card to purchase 100 skill injectors, a titan, and try to enter hisec, we would still laugh, because nothing has changed in that respect. Purchasing a toon with very good skills has never been an issue with EVE Online. Noobs have always had a problem grasping the game, and it didnt matter if they purchased their character or purchased skill injectors.

Look at this thread, for example. She skill-injected, but failed miserably.

Whats the difference here exactly?

What do you call end game reward?

The word you’re looking for is narcissistic, not autismal…

No, I chose the correct word. The combination of his logic and communication made me believe so.


The game’s stagnant, the players are pissed off, the game is so slow and lacking in fun so people take to the forums to vent their rage. My bet is the majority of players are hanging on purely out of unwillingness to give up the time they’ve invested.

Peoples relationship with this game is like that of a bad interpersonal relationship, it abuses you but you come back for more because you hope it’ll be good like it used to be and you put so much time in.
It’s like buying a nice cold beer that comes with a slap in the face and all you wanted was the beer, but you’re going to come back for another because it’s slightly better than being sober.

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At least when Dryson whine about highsec ganking he’s entertaining. Biomass.

And what better way to show how I lack logic and communication by not responding to the points that i made that completely eviscerate your arguments, right?

But thats the thing. Your claims are almost completely disconnected with reality.

The games stagnated, sure. But its been stagnant for like 8 years now. It only really got a measurable increase in players from when it began to around 2009-ish. After that, its had its waves but the average has remained pretty much declining since then. And people have been saying EVE is dying for like 8 years now as well. This is well before your supposed break from eve 5 years ago. I saw this cr@p 5 years ago when i first started playing. Nothing has changed with regards to how people go on the forums to vent their rage, whether it be because of Miner Bumping/ganking freighters, or people like you who think the games softened up. I dont disagree with the fact that CCP have made hisec safer, but the core still remains pretty much untouched.

It’s almost as if Firaxai is just a troll alt and you’re all falling for it.


Agreed. She says she’s done with the game so thanks for playing. Maybe we can run into her in Final Fantasy XIV or something where it’s all unicorns and gumdrops… Literally.


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“I quit”-threads should be posted into Out of Pod Experience.

TL;DR: OP is CEO of a gay mining corp (no joke).

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This popcorn is stale

And it certainly wasn’t butter on that popcorn.

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Needs moar salt.


Incoherent response.

Argument invalidated.


No but for real, they destroyed the concept of player loyalty. In the patch notes it mentions “keeping the meta fresh” AKA making you have to re-spec often. Also, they introduced the skill injections, making it so established players can just pay their friends way or what not. Basically, all the hard earned things that kept people loyal have been violated and so there’s no reason to really stay since there’s not as much value to having been here for a long time anymore (on top of the game being stagnant).

I dedicated months to learning to fly a carrier, then it got split in to two carriers and wormhole ratting is done in dreads now. My proteus is also pretty sub par now. Basically they just junked months of my time, why would I stick around for more of that? They ruined the loyalty aspect in exchange for the new recruit appeal.

Star Citizen is going to make this game take a big ugly shite, the count down is on.

Game invalidated.

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