How to use my Black Ops jump generator?

Hello all,

Ive bought a Black Ops and now want to jump between systems around Jita to do the different agent missions. My ship has a built-in jump generator and the appropriate jump fuel. For a start I tried jumping 4 systems from Jita to Kaaputenen. While in my ship I can open the jump navigation and it shows me Kaaputenen as a system I can reach with a jump. Another option is to select -jump to- but that only states -no target-. But how do I activate my ships jump generator ?


Long story short, you also need a cyno lit in the system you want to jump to.

Read this for details:


OMG, sorry to tell you, but

A) You can only jump to low or nullsec systems
B) You need a fleet mate or alt account to open a (covert) cyno in the target system where you can jump to

EDIT: Don’t do that if you don’t know what you are doing, you will end as an expensive killmail, especially if you just posted with your main char.


To cut a long story short, a ship with a jump drive needs to partner with another ship which has a cynosural generator on it. The second ship travels to the system you want to jump into and activates their cyno, which then becomes a beacon which the jump ship can detect and jump to.

Cyno generators do not work inside hisec systems for multiple reasons.


This thread is funny. I havent laughed as much as when i saw the guy who bought a titan and tried to dock it, pre-citadel.

Good news is, everything in EVE can be sold. You dont have to deal with the stupid “Bound to character for life and therefore constant reminder of regret” in other games.

Bad news is, youre going to lose a little bit of isk in the transaction.

But still, not too bad as a learning curve.


But all the skill injectors …


You can extract and sell. At a loss, sure, but still, better than nothing.


Alternatively OP can sell the entire character if that would produce more ISKs and inject a new one into the role s/he desires.

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This topic, and the broader topic of speeding up your queue with skill injectors, has convinced me to rant and throw a bit of advice out for new players who may fall for this trap. The entire post is too long for me to actually put here, so I’m just going to throw a shameless plug to my blog:

I hope it is educational.


@Petrus_Blackshell Dude, this is a great post.

You did an excellent job of illustrating the issue and I have to say that I appreciate that you did it in a constructive way without dog piling the OP. I’d recommend posting this in a new thread in the hope that this will steer other new pilots in the right direction.

To the OP- I’m really sorry that you find yourself in this position. I’m not being snarky when I say that, I genuinely sympathize with where you are with this ship and the expense.

Hopefully, you can make the best of it and chalk it up to a learning experience. We’re here to help if you need. Remember, the best part of EVE is the journey.

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Everyone remember the video CCP put out once upon a time featuring a Widow pilot and their new bounty system? So much missed potential…

Why Black Ops with a jump drive need a cyno alt is beyond me. That’s kind of the whole point, no?

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Because all ships with a jump drive need a cyno to lock on to. Why should blops be the exception?

The alternative would be, activate blops drive, come out in a random corner of the universe. 99% chance in nullsec. Im fine with this new mechanic.


If such a cyno is of importance, whatever a cyno is, the game could feature NPC cynos in a central point for each high security system to make Black Ops ships more appealing in PvE content :slight_smile:


Black Ops ships are not meant to be used in highsec (by design) or solo, so they are not useful there especially not in PvE. They are used to transport a strike force of covert ops ships (e.g. bombers, recons) from one system to another system. Just read the infos linked in the thread to get an idea what we are talking about.

There are so many ships suitable for PvE, and for highsec, black ops battleships are one of the very few which is not. :wink:

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Thanks to those James Bond films and others over the years, Not to mention the Video Games like Call of Duty; Black Ops, people think Black Ops consists of a single guy that can go into a country and kill every single soldier and destabalize the region.

No. Anything with a jump drive (be it a black ops, a jump freighter, or a capital/supercapital ship) can only use the jump drive to jump to a cynosural beacon lit by another player in another ship. Beyond the fact of “that is just how it is”, there is actually some rationale:

  • You can’t just target a system itself to jump to. Where would you appear? The cyno gives you a distinct and specific destination.

  • All cynosural beacons make the ship that lights them be stuck in place for 20 minutes, adding a real chance the ship (and its beacon) gets blown up.

  • Regular cynosural beacons appear on the overview of everyone in the system, and cannot be lit in highsec. That means that moving capital ships around has an added element of risk, and for safe transport they must only be jumped to beacons carefully placed next to stations/citadels. If the cyno is lit elsewhere, an enterprising PvPer (like myself) might go kill either the cyno ship, the capital ship, or both.

    • This element of danger means that fielding capital ships regularly requires a higher degree of organization – either via alts or via a corp/alliance. This plays to Eve’s “work together” theme.
    • Titans can create a temporary “portal” between their location and a cyno, allowing an entire fleet to pass through. This is how large fleets are often deployed into the right position in huge battles.
  • Covert cynosural beacons do not appear on the overview like regular ones. However, only Black Ops can use them.

    • While Black Ops can jump to covert beacons, their real strength is that they can do the same thing Titans can: create a portal to the destination. This portal only works for covert ships (ships able to fit a Covert Ops Cloak) such as stealth bombers, force recon cruisers, and blockade runner haulers.
    • This is a great way to attack unsuspecting players seemingly out of nowhere. It is also a great way to smuggle blockade runners full of goodies long distances.

In other words, the point of a Black Ops battleship is not that it can jump itself around (though that is a benefit). It’s not even its combat statistics (which are mediocre compared to similarly priced ships). Its real advantage is as a support ship able to deploy other covert ships over very long distances.

The fact that its main role is so niche and so reliant on a dedicated group of other players to take advantage of is why the vets in this thread feel bad for OP for having acquired a Black Ops. They simply will not be able to use it to its proper extent.


You can think of a cyno as a smoke signal:

A very bright smoke signal. So bright that a capital ship can see it from several systems away. This smoke signal lets it use its jump drive to jump directly to the marked location (or to create a portal for other ships to that location, as Titans and Black Ops can do). It is so bright that it requires a dedicated ship and a bunch of fuel to light, and it makes that ship stuck in place for a while as it blazes.

This signal is not allowed to be used in hisec. Why? Who knows? Maybe it bothers CONCORD, or maybe CCP want to force using a jump drive to skip over multiple systems involve risk. Probably that last one.


to make Black Ops ships more appealing in PvE content

That is not going to happen. A jump drive is handy, but it requires fuel, and it causes a cooldown (jump fatigue) so you can’t do it very often. Both of these prevent it from being used as a common travel tool, PvE or PvP. For good reason, too: years ago, alliances with enough capital ships were able to move their fleets to anywhere within Eve in less than an hour. It ruined the “vast” feeling of Eve, so the changes were put in place.

Lastly, Black Ops are simply not good PvE ships. Can they do PvE? Probably. However, if you are looking at spending over 1 billion ISK on a PvE ship, Black Ops are far outperformed by their competitors: Marauders and faction battleships. For example, the Widow you have is far outperformed by a Scorpion Navy Issue, which not only costs half as much, but has: 20% more damage (due to 1 more launcher), 4% per level (up to 20%) better tank, more CPU, more power grid, and more cargo. Also, if you are spending 500 mil ISK less on the hull itself, that is 500 mil more you can spend on fancier fittings for it, that even further increase the better performance.

Of course, you’re free to fly whatever ships you will, but there are some harsh realities of what is effective, what is not, and what the intended use of certain ships and items is.

That’s really all I have left to say on the matter. Have fun!

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: why on earth would you use a black ops for PvE?

This. And the expense in both the ship and skill injectors without understanding any of those details about how these ships are used.