Impression after returning 5 years later

And I think you are having problems with plural versus singular, since it was one poster. One does not equal many. Heres another free lesson for you.

Yeah, no. New T2 Dessies, new T2 logi frigs, new Capital logi, expedition frigates. Lets ignore those for no reason, though, cause they cost more than 10 million isk and are therefore too expensive to lose.

Just because you bought the components new, doesnt mean the components are up to date. I have a decent computer and EVE runs perfectly fine. Graphics are also way better than they used to be.

But im glad you have a perfect recall of how long it took to load EVE online 5 years ago. Someone with eidetic memory such as yourself, must be a doctor or something.

At the cost of damage application to other capital ships, yes. They also removed the ability to re-equip modules during combat using mobile depots. Most dreadnought ratters dual box either way, because they need the extra cap and repair.

But i wanna break down the next few sentences one at a time.

…And you can also purchase a really beefy character straight from the bazaar, too. People to this day, sell 120, 150 million skillpoint characters. Ive been playing nearly non-stop since 2013, but even i dont have over 100 mill yet, and i have near-perfect Minmattar carrier/dreadnought skills.

Again, character bazaar.

Youre talking as if there was a previous hard-limit to the number of skillpoints that a character could have before being unable to be sold on the bazaar. ANY character, no matter how old and how many skillpoints, could be sold on the character bazaar.

Before, we used to laugh at someone who used his daddys credit card to buy a 10 year old toon, a titan, and tried to dock it or use a stargate to try to enter Hisec. How is today any different? If a guy uses his Daddys credit card to purchase 100 skill injectors, a titan, and try to enter hisec, we would still laugh, because nothing has changed in that respect. Purchasing a toon with very good skills has never been an issue with EVE Online. Noobs have always had a problem grasping the game, and it didnt matter if they purchased their character or purchased skill injectors.

Look at this thread, for example. She skill-injected, but failed miserably.

Whats the difference here exactly?