Since my topic was rudely closed before I had the time to answer CSM

To you, Mike:

Not at alll. This game is just for me.
I’m not gonna spend my time mining or doing sh- but buying skill injectors each month with my subscription price. I’ll log on each day just get the extra xp. I figure this time next year I’ll be in tech 3 ship with modules worth a f-.
I don’t mind buying PLEX twice a month til next year if it means I’ll be able to gatecamp, harass miners and generally blow sh- up. If I catch a few of my kind on the way so much the better.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the only fun and beneficial career in New Eden is Piracy. Just kick the other guy’s sandcastle for giggles. That sounds just like me in my youth. This time it’s with spaceships,too cool.
Until I’m able to have that fun, in a year or two, there’s a slew good games I’ll be playing.
So long. Be well.

It’s like Whack-A-Mole…



They lock threads that put EVE and CCP in a bad light. As if new players don’t realise that they’ll have to wait 2 years to even match up with someone who’s been PvPing for 5 years and has 50 million points, lol.
Anyway. I’ll have my EVE fun in a couple of dozen months when I can exchange my leaking rowboat for a Battlecruiser and a pilot worth a damn :rofl:

Of which 90% are useless in any of the smaller ships (BC and lower). Catching up can be fairly quick by specialising with your skill choices and also doing the core stuff; where a new player loses out is experience and knowledge, one of which comes from the other. They can’t hope to match that without losing fights and learning from it, and that takes time.

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In doesn’t take new players 2 years to catch up with some afk highsec mining zombie. Set your PvP sights lower.


good luck
try to be fine
dont hate
its only a game
your situation is repeating a lot on this forum
it makes me kinda sad
i dont like to see people angry
i imagine you felt being wronged here
but eve is a game that simulate a anarchic and BAD future
people like to roleplay captain hook
the same way people like to be a soldier in FPS games
no one likes war , war is terrible , cause death and suffering
but in a roleplaying scenario is fun and give us some escapism and excitement
eve is the same way
no one here is a thief , a murderer , or a swindler
they just have fun pretending to be in fantasy land
all the best S3

t2 cat is how many days?

In terms of general catch up a omega new player can hit BC in 3 months and have many of the core skills to 3 or better, another 3 months and they can be using the stuff an older player using the same ship class is using if they start to spec up their core and module related skills to tech 2 stuff after hitting cruiser or BC.

Obviously an alpha takes double the time to achieve that and their choice of skills are more limited; if they want to catch up quicker or access higher tier skills they have to go omega, working as intended.

I’ll have practice in t2 ships and fully expect to lose but learning about tactics and trickery meanwhile.

That’ll be training time.

It’s cool. My escapism was PvP while having a vest, a weapon worth a damn and accessories that actually did things, like night vision and other things to match the opponent within a few weeks.
EVE is a game that boils down to Have Ship Will Destroy. It’s okay but just saying “PvP” and chose your career to new players isn’t going make them stay. The game is based on PvP ships blowing up so why not call it EVE: Pirate Galaxy. I think it would make new players stay because, hell, who don’t want to be a pirate?
Oh but, they also have to tell new players that if you want to match up and actually survive an engagement, you need either be in a fleet, a gang or have 2 years’ worth of skills before you can just dream of doing any harm to your opponent, often players who’ve been there 300 times with tech eons ahead of them.
Oh well, more time for other games :smiley:

You can kill a venture right now - no training - no BS. Just fit up a T1 catalyst and go fly around 0.5 space. Dunk!

you can have a lot of fun in pvp with small ships and very little training
btw im a solo player and like the 900ish dude that most lost ships in eve according to zkill rank

Captura de Tela 2021-03-19 às 23.29.54

i was just trying to give you some love because the new player complain, have topics locked , blow up is becoming a trend here and i find kinda sad for everyone


It’s hard to learn this game even with friends. It’s extra hard without. Add to that it’s hard to find a corp you can trust.


T2 cat is instant. Create an account with the Refer a Friend link and you get 1m SP free. You can train into an almost perfect thrasher and cat instantly.

Well, as you have several months… Maybe spend some time on trying to learn how to properly fit ships.

If you keep doing it the way you are doing it now, all the skill points in the world won´t make a difference.

Goes without saying.

Only if they’re whiny perma-victims like you. Smart newbies know how to organize and make up for their lack of individual SP with better skill and superior numbers.

I got my 1st pvp kill inside 30 days. Friends and experience help, not sp.

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