My suggestion to new eve online players

Stop playing, go do something else. Eve online is a game for people who have played for years. CCP develops only content for old-timers, new players are effectively ignored.

There’s only one way for a new player to enter the game - buy someone else’s character, or get a donation of a few billion ISK. Or plex. For new players eve is “pay to have fun”, and the fun for novice players starts at around 2 plex a month.

Do not bother with mining. Do not run missions. Don’t even think about Abyss or Worm Holes or Nulsec. It’s a waste of your time. There are other more fun games. This is not a fun game for you.


I suppose you are correct in this. It’s sad but CCP made the game in to an old boy’s club. In some ways literally, the average age here feels like over 40.

That is a little presumptuous. How do you know what everyone else likes?

This post is in the wrong place, but best of luck finding a game that suits you better. Everyone has different tastes, and I guess Eve isn’t for you, or at least you were unable to find your place in New Eden.

I hope you gave it a fair shake, but if you did there is nothing wrong with deciding Eve isn’t for you. I’m still not sure how you can decide for the rest of the world, but have fun wherever you end up.

Fly safe!


I am a new player. I still have two months of my 1 + 12 months omega subs to go.

I mine. And trade. My primary activities. At the weekend I sold 6 B of mixed ore and ice. I am currently on track, at the end of my 13 months, to be able to PLEX another full year and leave me 2-3 B in isk. If I want.

Yes, I did use injectors but these were mostly paid for by in-game isk. Yes, I have far too much RL time on my hands to be able to do this. But I still utterly reject your generalizationsa as patently untrue.



your char is from 2007
you bought it or play since then?

anyways … i think you are wrong
there are a lot of new guys arround
some didnt found the place they want have but moste enjoy and do small steps in a direction
some joined a corp … some didnt
ccp didnt plan that you make a char and a week later you are one of the top players … eve takes time … a lot of time … small steps but do it with fun

find a corp … enjoy the game and get help


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Or stick around and play, Eve offers an experience I haven’t gotten from any other game. PVP makes you feel something, having your assets and reputation on the line, winning or losing means something. Pvp in some other game well so what? You win or lose you just queue up and do it all again, nothing interesting long term there. Sure it can be fun for a while, but I feel lucky if it stays fun for more than a year.

Eve is a slow burn, it takes a while to get going but these days there are some very big groups doing a lot to help new players get going. Sure when I started players already had titans and carriers, null was mostly settled with big groups. But I stuck around and now I have more isk, sp, assets, and whatever else than many other players. Also null has shifted multiple times, empires have fallen. If you have the personal will to make a plan and see things through you can be in the elite ranks.

Sure if you want to play 40 hours and grind to max level then do “end game” you are going to have a bad time. But I think it says something that so many players have stuck with eve for over a decade. In another game some players were complaining about the lack of end game content and a dev suggested that the players focus on the friend game, but in eve the friend game is real, The reason many of these big groups exist and stick around is because some people became friends with each other either in game or at a player meetup.

So play, see the sites, screw around a bit, decide on your own if you like the game or not.


This is an “Eve is dying” rant disguised as newbie advice, and is entirely unconstructive for NC Q&A. Please take this garbage to General Discussion. Seriously, this is no better than a “go back to WoW” post or other crap.


This is probably the only thing in your post I agree with.

It’s a slow paced game, do not expect to be able to do everything in game in your first year. This, to me, is one of the main pro’s of the game and one of the points that’s kept me playing all these years.

If you like a game, you put your money where your mouth is and pay for a subscription. Don’t mess with plex, just get a several month sub and do fun stuff.

Or you start from zero like I did back in the day, and slowly work your way up. If you work at it, read up on the game, etc… you’ll be killing years older players within a few months.

I was exploring wormholes when I was two weeks old, dying a lot but having a grand time.

I have yet to find them.

It is for me, it clearly is not for you, but everyone is different in this way… How about you let people figure this stuff out for themselves?


How about you stop playing and take your cancer with you while we welcome in the newbros.


Ccp revamped the new player experience and added alpha clones. You sir are factually wrong.

Not true. The fact that you couldnt find anything fun without spending a billion isk, just shows how spoiled you are. I bet youre the type of guy that cant go out to the cabins in the woods without bringing along a laptop and a tv.

Since all youve done was lose a pod and impairor back in 2016, i agree, this is not a fun game for you, because you dont do anything.

The rest of us are having fun. Lots of it.


Bye Felicia



This seems to be a rant telling people to not play the game. As such, I’m going to close it. Good luck in whatever future game you end up playing.