Top reasons why a new player should consider not playing EVE Online

Hi new player (or prospective new player)

Are you tyring EVE? Considering to give it a try? Well, let me introduce myself. My main character (the oldest and more developed one) is Ishtanchuk Fazmarai. She was active between 2008 and 2016, along with a series of “alts” or seperate accounts. By all accounts, I am a bittervet, and I am here to tell you some things you should consider to not play EVE Online. They’re in no particular order.

  1. Stalled development. EVE is a massive game and will keep you busy for long while you figure out the basics. And then once you like the game and find your niche, chances are that you will see no progression for years. EVE is massive and complex, and CCP (the developers) can only develop so much in a given time. So chances are that you will randomly end in a place left untouched by CCP for years, and that usually is a bad thing due to reasons past. Old EVE content can be terribly old. Also, once CCP devotes time to developing old content, it often ends wiping out the niches associated to it. To many players, EVE development is a mix of “when will they sort this out” and “oh my don’t let them change this”.

  2. Random encounters. More specifically, your chances to enjoy EVE are depending on meeting the right strangers. Many new players meet the wrong stangers and that causes them trouble and to leave the game. EVE is a game that relies heavily on social activities, meeting people and playing together with them or against them. As in real life and MMO genre, most people will no be worth the bother and will make your game experience worse.

  3. No land for the solo man. Tied to #2, the parts of EVE that a solo player can enjoy are lacking compared to the multiplayer elements. This doesn’t means that you can’t have a blast as a solo player; but chances are you won’t because EVE Online is not incepted to be a solo game and being so massive, you might take the wrong turn at any time and end up in boredom land.

  4. Inflation. Playing as an Alpha clone, you will never become a Omega player. You better pay upfront with your wallet and invest real money in a subscription. This is specially true since there’s been inflation in the game economy for the last year and chances that this reverts are slim. There’s massive income from certain niche activities and top players are exploiting them actively, making things more expensive to everyone. Your only real chance is to spend money… and do it wisely. A Omega subcription is mandatory for a new palyer.

  5. No pay no win, but also no pay to win. If you don’t pay money, you will never progress at the top rate or access the top content. And even if you spend a lot of monet, you can’t buy yourself into being a top player. EVE requires a mix of time, practice and money to succeed, no matter what you do. It’s a complex game and social aspects jsut make it even more complex. It’s an awesome game, but playing it for free is not really an option unless you know what you’re doing (and as a new player, you don’t) and buying yourself into the top stuff will end up in a hilariously catastrophic loss. Other players will beat you because they know the game, not because they fly expensive toys (often that’s not even the case). The only way to learn is to play and get lucky with your random encounters.

  6. Uberplayers. Some dudes have ben doing this sh*t for 14 years. Many for 8, 9 or 10 years. They are your best friends and your worst enemies, and you will never know who are your ingame buddies until it’s too late, as per point #2. Uberplayers are so influential that they have a voice in what the developer CCP does, both directly and indirectly. And their needs and interests rarely align with new players like you. They want you to become one of their pawns and that is likely to happen if you follow some paths. But outside of those paths, you’ll be in trouble even if you meet the right strangers to play together with.

  7. Complexity. EVE now is the easiest, more accessible it ever has been. Unfortunately, is a massively complex game, with endless mechanics and rules and equipment, and there’s never been a single source of information for all that complexity. The developers CCP have a basic repository of essentials, but many of the complex stuff can only be found in player-owned resources, and even those may be lacking information. The good news is that even uberplayers learn new things each now and then, but the bad thing is that most of the times you’ll learn of your ignorance the hard way.

  8. Uniqueness. Probably you’ve heard that EVE is a tough game. Well, it IS. Permanent loss is a difficult thing to get used to. Looting means that your loss will make somebody else’s profit. At any time, a single mistake can drag you back for weeks or even months if you lose your stuff. And on top of that, EVE is not everybody’s cup of tea. You may find out soon or later. EVE Online haves the lowest chance that you like it as other games because it is not like other games. But conversely if you like it, well, you will like it like no other games. Veteran players say EVE is that awkward quiet redhead in the party: She may be your half orange or one of the craziest nutjobs ever. Don’t try it unless you’re up for a ride, for good or for bad.


New and prospect players should consider not playing because:

  1. Old content is old and development of it is random and/or harmful
  2. Meeting the right people is difficult and chances are low, but the game requires meeting the right people
  3. Playing solo sucks unless the player is lucky and finds a niche
  4. Inflation has made inviable for new players to develop and compete without a paid subscription
  5. Paying is required but doesn’t grants victory, unlike many other games
  6. Veteran players rule the game and new players may suffer from it
  7. EVE is very complex and undocumented, learning is difficult and often comes from costly mistakes
  8. EVE is not everybody’s cup of tea. Should be the last choice for players just looking for a new MMO

Can I have your stuff ?


#1 - its a MMO
#2 - its a MMO
#3 … you get the idea yet?


#4 Is just nonsense

I made 30bil in a year as an alpha player and am now omega.


Its the only mmo that directly rewards interacting with others and because of that solo is quote hard.

Re the alpha to omega thing, the o.o is obviously both bitter and bad. An alpha can make their first billion within a week or less but they need to reach out to the right groups to do so.


This post is silly, give the game a try and decide for yourself :slightly_frowning_face:

It does not even cost to try anymore.


so much tinfoil hattery in the OP i could make a Tinsel Xmas tree this year


posting in a ‘It Was Her Turn, now I’m depressed because of Drumpf’, thread.


You’ve outdone r/Eve for feeling depressed after browsing.


I just recycled some thoughts I had to put together as someone in another place asked me abut EVE Online after learning (one year later) that it’s gone F2P. So I made a list of unbiased “threats and challenges” that a new player should overcome to not waste his time in EVE.

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Not my intent, I’m sorry if that happened.


Hard to refute some of these points. Weirdly enough, some of them seem to me to be more like pros than cons lol


I am also an old player, but I still got not a bitter-vet. The key to enjoy EVE is to always keep in mind that it is a GAME and that you can always loose your stuff. (Even in case you have done everthing right from a theoretical perspective.)
So never fly or deploy what you can‘t afford to loose and you will keep your fun. Furthermore, there are still enough possibilities for Solo-Fun and Solo-PVP, you just should not expect everthing being delivered on a silver plate.


And how much time did you spend on acquiring that? I don’t think that everyone can farm EVE 24/7 for several months just to avoid spending a few bucks on the subscription.
Do the conversion how much money you’d have made if you would have worked and how much money you ‘saved’ by spending all that time on grinding and which activity is more efficient.


I made 1b in 3 days as alpha, so even if you wanted to accuse me of not having a job, 3 days is still not long. I did that more than once too.


I agree. But that depends on your own perspective and expectations from a game, I guess.


Not that much actually. I definitely wasn’t grinding 24/7. I just went station trading. Lots of days I only logged in twice a day to check prices, when stuff was selling or buying I logged in a couple of times more to update orders.

And staying on top of sell orders when selling with high margins honestly doesn’t feel like grinding, it feels like winning.


#3 is the biggest one for me. Yes, it is an MMORPG, but being one doesn’t necessarily mean one need to be so disadvantaged and cut out of so much content if you don’t join a group. Such limited solo player content is not very sandboxy.

Also that the game is a griefers paradise.


I’m very busy writing Nintendo telling them everything I dislike about the NES game Super Mario Bros. Oh wait, I’m a gamer… Meaning I play games and I have zero input in the creation, updating or flow. I’m here to play the Game. If I like it and want to “save the princess” then by-golly the game is good. If I don’t want to “save the princess” then I just don’t play the game.

I’m SO sick of gamers thinking they know what is best or complaining about a loot box or a map, or content. Play the game, that’s it. We can report bugs, that’s pretty much all we can help with. This thread starts with someone that played the game for over 8 years… CCP Mission freaking accomplished!

I just want to thanks CCP, New Eden is vast and offers plenty of variety as long as its population can think outside the box. I have left and came back which in itself means New Eden left its mark in my Gaming life. Match Point and CCP is serving. Capsuleers are ready, and who is excited for this weeks Holiday venture???!!!


Very effective troll thread. :wink: