Top reasons why a new player should consider not playing EVE Online

You’d normally have a point, but that argument is dimished somewhat in impact when applied to EVE Online. Given that CCP have a Features & Ideas section on their flagship game’s official forums, and have for years maintained a system of electing player representatives to communicate with under NDA, occasionally set up town halls and focus groups,…there is a precedent for CCP taking player feedback into consideration.


Well, the list is not aimed at you because unlike a new player, you know how to do it.


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Been playing EVE for over 10 years. I am enjoying it now more than I ever have due to the people I play with and the playstyle we’ve chosen. Those things are key, but when you’re new to the game you need to explore playstyles and groups a bit to find where you have the most fun and fit the best.

The OP may make some points that are personally valid for them, but EVE is a different game for each player. That’s just the nature of a sandbox. So if you’re thinking of starting the game, why not dive in? Sure, EVE is not a perfect game. CCP is not a perfect company. So? What games/companies are, really?

EVE IS unique and is a beautiful, deep, and complex game with plenty of fun, challenging, and interesting stuff to do and to learn at all levels of experience. Usually it just takes a little creative thinking and connecting with a good group to find it, especially when you are new. In any case, the game will either grab you or it won’t, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try.


Omg he’s right I’m biomassing!


It’s not a single player sandbox and it’s not marketed as such either.

That is who CCP targeted before they shifted to the lowest common denominator and dumbed the game down to accommodate all those stupid people. So you might as well complain about My Little Ponies being about Ponies instead of turtles.

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Fair point.

Jeez Yiole. I have known you for a while but never seen you this bitter.


Top reasons why a new player should consider playing and subscribing to EVE:

  1. We are all different. Bitter vets like the OP don’t represent most of the community. They only represent themselves (just as we all do). He is just a random stranger on the internet and his advice is no better than anyone else’s. So try to game for yourself and see what you think personally.

  2. Ongoing development, supported by multidisciplinary teams of designers, artists and developers. The release cycle has increased in the last 3 years and details are published at Don’t take the OP’s word for it. Check it out and see for yourself.

  3. No land for the solo man, though solo play is both viable and perfectly fine. As an MMO, it often suits group play, but there are many players (including some of the developers) that enjoy the solo style of play. It’s totally possible to login, do what you want to do and then end your gaming session happy. The one constant though, whether solo or group play, is we each find our own fun. Just because the OP is bitter, doesn’t mean you will be and many of us aren’t

  4. Inflation has never really been an issue at all in the game. CCP even publish the monthly economic summary for the in game economy. Here’s the latest one: . As this graph shows, CPI in the game has declined (blue line):

Some styles of play have seen increased costs, but if you login, play your game and don’t base all your ISK on manufacturing, things are overall cheaper now than just a couple of years ao.

Aside from that, if you enjoy the game and believe CCP provide you value, subscribing is a great way to enjoy even more of the game.

  1. No pay, no win and no pay to win - the first aspect of that was a major complaint of new players just a couple of years ago. There was no way for new players to accelerate their training and many felt they couldn’t catch up to veterans after such a long history of the game. CCP changed that. You can (not compulsory) buy skillpoints in the form of skill injectors, in game for ISK and add skills to your character. Young character gain more benefit from doing so than older characters do (ie. low skillpoint characters gain more skills than high skillpoint characters do, for the same injector use). CCP have been very focused in the last 2 years, on finding ways to make it easier for new players to get into the game. The best way to find out is to see for yourself. Don’t believe me, and certainly don’t believe the OP.

In addition to that, the game has not had an increase in price since it came out in 2003. If you are subscribed, that’s it. 100% access to the game and all updates. No season passes, no additional downloadable content that you pay for. One subscription fee that on an annual subscription is just over $10 per month and you have access to ongoing development content and releases for no additional cost.

  1. Uberplayers generally won’t bother you as a new player. They are too busy fighting other uberplayers in nullsec for you to even see them early on, but in my experience, most of the uberplayers are exactly the type of people worth associating with. They tend to be some of the most new player friendly and charitable players in the game. They’ve invested so much into the game themselves, that they enjoy continued success of the game. But in general, you never have to worry about uberplayers at all.

  2. Complex isn’t bad. It’s challenging. If you like a challenge and gain satisfaction from working things out, welcome to EVE.

  3. EVE is unique. It’s lasted nearly 15 years now while other MMOs have come and gone. It’s because it’s unique, offers play on many different levels and supports many different styles of play. New players can stay away from the harsh part of EVE initially if they choose, but unique and tough is hardly a negative. Much better than cookie cutter and easy. What’s going to give you more fun in the long run?


Don’t listen to the bitter OP. Don’t listen to me or anyone else. Login and find out for yourself.

The game has so much depth, that there’s something in it for everyone.

Lastly, while it’s never great to use this term about anyone, the OP is a proven liar on the forums over the last couple of years. He has misrepresented statistics and quotes from developers to push his own agenda. He’s the Derek Smart of the EVE community (reference to Starcitizen community). Don’t believe any of us, because we all bring our biases and they won’t necessarily match yours. Seeing for yourself is the only way.


What about the fact it’s kind of old? Or old/new? I am a new player, semi new now, and whenever I play, I feel like my computer is… dusty, even though I clean it regularly.

I guess that would be a super minority though…


Old refers to the code, that which ties it to when it was first made.

Probably not, depending on which part of ‘old’ you mean.

If you mean old in terms of technology, then lots of the code base on the server side is old. Some of it is original from the early 2000’s. However on the client side, the graphics engine has been upgraded several times in the last few years (e.g. physically based rendering, etc.) and the organisation of code on the server has also changed in several significant ways.

If you mean in terms of gameplay. +1 Lots still the same and for an old player returning, probably not much different. For a completely new player though, if they never experienced it before, it’s still new I guess.

Yes, the code it’s made of, I should have specified.

  1. If you didnt suck, youd enjoy the game more.

Did you just run noobie epic arcs?

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Adapt or die has been a saying in eve since the start. old content gets changed up and new content hits all the time, Incomes are probably the highest they’ve ever been, and that opens up a lot more niches to make money.

I think it’s easier than ever to meet the right people. There are some corps in some very big alliances that welcome new players Karma Fleet and Pandemic Horde are the two that come to mind. There are also a ton of chat channels bringing solo back is great for pvp resources. Signal cartel has a ton of exploration resources if you want to get into that. The eve forums are super helpful if you want to get into missions. Sure if you want to trade or highsec mine there is a decent chance you won’t find a good group, but there are still good resources on the forums for those activities.

I strongly disagree, solo play is pretty decent there are some great income streams for solo players, and solo pvp is some of the best fun you can have in eve. I’ve largely played solo the last few years. It’s an mmo why should playing solo be a primary goal anyways? And like I said elsewhere the big groups are in their niches it leaves a lot of area for the solo players to excel.

For almost the whole history of eve the economy has seen deflation, it’s great for new player. beginner ships are cheap to fly, and there are some players that give them away for free. Sure getting into the area where you can pay your sub with plex sucks but with the expanded alpha clone it should be easier than ever to get there eventually. years ago plex was cheaper but you were limited to 14 or 21 day trial accounts

My perception is that pay to win is largely disliked by the gaming community. free to play games are a somewhat new thing, for years almost all mmos had a sub fee. I expect to pay for games, eve is one of the few where you can trade in game currency for game time which is very nifty, but something of a luxury. With the expanded alpha set paying isn’t even a mandatory thing. And alpha injectors allow you to train up as you go so you don’t need to drop a massive amount of isk on subbing.

people have complained about veteran players forever, then this brand new group showed up and kicked butt in cheap stuff, I think they may have been called goonswarm or something like that, you might have heard of them. Sure at a high level alliance play there are a lot of entrenched connections and many top people know each other from going to fanfest or being in corp for years. Personally I think that’s awesome that the game can bring people together. And even with those long lasting relationships new alliances form and old alliances die over time.

Sure a lot of things are undocumented, but the player base works hard and does a good job getting most things documented. There are places to ask questions and honestly most info is good. The eve-uni wiki is great.

Agree completely that eve isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. but no idea how you came to the conclusion that it should be the last choice. With the expanded alpha’s it’s free to try and I think most players should be able to figure out if they want to stick around within a month. That uniqueness you mention is the top reason I think people should try Eve, and the reason big battles make headlines. Tension builds up and shakes the game world much in the same way a fault line causes an earthquake irl. For a lot of people that’s too slow to want to be a part of, or they get upset when they lose assets, or they just don’t like the game play. If you like twitch games then the pace of eve combat is pretty slow.

Eve’s uniqueness is why people should try it, and alpha clones allow pretty much a risk free trial period. Eve also has an amazing community, we like shooting each other as they say killing is just a means of communication. Come to fanfest or a player meeting and drink some beer, and laugh about past explosions, and maybe even make some future plans.


This really seems like a “Why I Do not believe New Players should Play EVE Online and why YOU need to agree with me!” Post.

As you mentioned, and then subsequently insulted CCP Over, is that EVE Online is an incredibly complex and vast game. To Rush out New Features without spending the time making, testing, planning, producing, reworking, more testing and making sure it works, takes a lot of time. And even then, EVE is played on so many different types of platforms on such a massive scale, you cannot account for everything.

Is not a majority of MMO’s, even RPG’s have Random encounters? You’ve never been ambushed in another game? You’ve never been approached by a Bandit on the roads of Skyrim, Threatening with a dagger if you do not give him your coin? You’ve never been interdicted in Elite: Dangerous, Ordering you to drop your cargo or run the risk of losing it all? Have you never been playing a turn or card based game, and suddenly an ally has declared war upon you?

Every game has there niche. Majority of them focus on the " Little man " So to speak, the one misshapen gear that is unique and stands out from the rest. Like real life, the oddly shaped rarely gets the worm.

Skill and experience always beats inexperience. This is a Lesson in everything of life, including games. All Games. Never should you expect you to instantly pick up the controller of a game and expect to beat the best. The moment you do, you have lost the drive, you’ve lost the will to better yourself, and perhaps your friends around you.

As one of these “UberPlayers” That you seem to consider an bad mark, I have been with EVE for more then 11 years. More then 4 of that with ISD. I have the greatest of pleasures to work alongside ISD and CCP as teams, and as individuals. There is so much experience, knowledge, skill, and that overwhelming drive to continue pushing EVE towards the pinnacle of Online Internet Spaceships. We all know that the continued life of EVE is dependent on new blood, but it has to be the right type. You cannot place any Joe Schmidt within EVE. You need the hunters, the warriors and the fighters. If you roll over and submit at the face of danger… This is not the game for you.

So, Re reading all of this, it got way longer then i was expecting it too. It’s a shame EVE Is not YOUR Game, That it is not made JUST for you, but that’s fine. As you said… EVE is not everybody’s cup of tea.

There’s the door.


So you end up with classy - “if you don’t like it, gtfo”…
and its fine in most of the cases.

But CCP is a business company oriented on profit, profit comes from playerbase, playerbase comes from content and attitudes which company build for playerbase, so circle has locked up. And you know what? For the 15 years of the project life CCP did fail too many times to give a credits over and over again

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When I started playing long ago these were the same things you describe in opening post (well there was only trial without alpha clones tho), but they did not detract me from playing at all.

I would say it was even harder then as you had to buy subscription to play and earn money to PLEX account, now you can do it for free.

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Top reasons why a new player should consider not playing EVE Online

It’s a MMORPG game. It’s always the same: first you are amazed by “such deep and various and charming world with tons of possibilities”, then several years pass, and you understand you’ve trashed enormous amount of your invaluable time playing some mediocre, extremely limited game designed to keep you attached no more than those couple of years. It may be less true for Eve, but it’s still an ultimate truth of games of this kind. Don’t play MMORPGs kids, literally any other recreational activity you can think about is better than this.


Not a single time

No, the door was a couple of years ago. The point is, I had to think about what challenges and threats would face my forum buddy, and once made the effort, just wrote it here.

With a retention rate well below 10%, it’s obvious that EVE is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you notice, most of the threats & challenges have been the same since day 1, and some are common to the MMO genre.

I don’t mention why did I quit EVE. I am aware that avatars and PvE are my pet peeves so I didn’t mention them.

As for new blood, we could discuss long and senselessly about it. CCP’s approach is to optimize access to the top of the bell curve (the 1% who become long term players) and I think it would be better to widen the viable top of the bell (ensure that 2% of the players became long term players).

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