A Salty Snowflake's Carebear Tale

Hey pipo, I’m a pretty new player already leaving the game after being exhaustively discouraged by griefers. I thought I would share my recent Steam review and see how the EVE community reacts:

TL;DR – It’s a “sandbox” game. If you build a sand castle, be prepared for a group of little bastards to come jump all over it

“CRY MORE, CARE BEAR” – immediate reaction of most EVE players reading this. That should give you a good sense of the community in a nutshell.


Been playing nonstop for a few weeks now. I was instantly hooked: beautiful graphics, complex game mechanics. Lots of really cool spaceships. The whole premise of the game is staked on the idea that there’s this huge, gorgeous universe with all kinds of possibilities, and you can go out and do whatever you want.

Since I couldn’t really find a helpful, friendly Corp to join, I decided what I wanted to do was start a Corp for other new players. I did it, and recruited 20+ members pretty quickly. We formed a solid little community and were learning the game together, slowly building up towards better ships… We even built our own space station base. It was awesome, for about a week.

Then the “griefers” noticed us.

Suddenly we had one, two, three, four and five war declarations on our corp. War declarations enable other Corps to attack your Corp freely with absolutely no repercussions, even in “high security” space, where attacking other players is normally prohibited. There is no way to prevent or defend against this. Suddenly, our core group of 8 new players was at war with over 100 established players. They started camping our base 24/7, killing off our members as they mined asteroids or traveled around in their starter ships.

I quickly realised that the “whatever you want” thing is intrinsically limited by other people doing whatever THEY want - as apparently, all many other people want to do is stop you from doing what you want to do.

I guess it’s just a reflection of human nature. Or, the nature of some of these cretins who play the game, anyway. I think it’s geared toward an older player base, but you still get plenty of kids with plenty of personal issues who don’t fit into anything constructive and avoid dealing with their shortcomings by going around demonstrating their superiority over new players who have literally just finished the in-game tutorial.

Would love to be able to recommend this game but honestly, at this point it’s just a sad reminder that people kind of suck.


Attacking players is not and has never been prohibited in high sec, or anywhere else for that matter.

There are several ways to prevent or defend against this.

As a side note, having played for the first time only for three weeks and jumping right into owning your own corp and citadel isn’t exactly the smartest move…


Not much to say. Either EVE isn’t your game or you aren’t its player. It’s a niche MMO for a reason.

Here’s hoping you soon find something that better suits your tastes.


Wars are a reality that every corp in eve has had to deal with.
they are trivial to avoid and even easier to drop.

had you gotten any amount of guidance you would have been told you were going to become a punching bag.
theres more information contained in this link than you will ever need to run rings around any of the highsec lads,
believe me iv been at war with all of them at some point or another.


If you are sure you want to have your own corp and wardecks keeps happening create other corp and jump to with your corp mates. If it also gets decked jump to npc corp for a week or so.
It is a fact that wardecking is to cheap and pirate/mercenary corporstions just yolo deck everyone(weaker than them).


Was the 2600% increase in wardec fees not enough?

It is a fact that they’ve been forced into blanket wardecs and hub humping, mewling carebears and null bears put paid to targeted wardecs.


Just a quick comment- I’m sorry that your initial enthusiasm was squelched so quickly. Yes, there are a lot of jerks in the game, but there are also some really wonderful people as well. Of course, it’s a matter of finding them, which is not always easy.

I would be happy to offer some advice and guidance (as a not-so-noob noob) if you or the other players decide to come back.

Two observations I would constructively offer though.

First, it sounds like you might have overextended a bit as you were just starting out. I get it- there’s a ton of stuff to do and once you catch that bug, building bigger and better things as quickly as possible is really fun to do. Unfortunately, it also raises your risk and exposure. Building a station is painting a big target if you are in the wrong place, and it’s important to have the resources and skills to back that up and defend it. I know the mechanics in your situation seem one-sided and unfair, but they really aren’t because doing things like building a station take more than ISK. That’s a lot of what EVE is, for better or worse. My advice would have been to get some corp offices in NPC stations while your corp built up their skills and relationships to defend such a massive investment.

The second point is related to the first. ISK and SP will only go so far. Experience (including loss), relationships, and a deeper understanding of the terrain can often count for more that ISK and SP. I would encourage you to take what you’ve learned and keep going with the game-being wiser and richer for it.

As I say, we’re not all jerks, and I’m not going to give you grief for being frustrated. It’s part of the learning curve- which includes both how the game is played as well as knowing what are reasonable risk exposure limits for you.

I hope you keep going, and I offer any guidance or support that I can.

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Thanks for your response Jenne

I realise that building a citadel was probably a misstep but hiding in an NPC corp/station wouldn’t help us. They are still using locator agents to find us and grief us wherever we are.

To those taking issue with “There is no way to prevent or defend against this.” – sorry let me include “as a new player” – maybe that makes more sense now?


Then you simply drop corp for the duration of the war dec and make them continue paying to engage exactly zero targets. Keep one unused alt in the corp just to keep it alive.


Am I missing something? Attacking other ships that are not suspect/criminal/war targets is expressly prohibited in high-sec. That’s why Concord immediately kills you if you do so, and is the entire point of “high sec” …


Prohibited means that you can’t do it under any circumstances. Nothing prohibits any player from killing any other player anywhere in the entire game universe, including high sec. Sure, the ganker will lose his/her ship to Concord, but that’s still not prohibiting them from nuking yours. And Concord doesn’t immediately kill your attacker(s), it takes time for them to respond according to the system security level. If they bring enough ships, they can gank whatever you are flying long before Concord even shows up. Long story short, there are no “safe spaces” in EVE…

Sorry, but no. Prohibited just means it’s against the rules, not that you “can’t.” Concord agrees: attacking other players is normally prohibited in high-sec.

You’re just arguing semantics, and wrongly anyway.

I didn’t say I’m looking for a “safe space”, you alt-right flunky. Just pointing out that the game is brimming with bored children who delight in their prowess by blowing up noobs all day.


LOL, no, attacking players in high sec is NOT AGAINST THE RULES. It happens a few thousand times a day. There is absolutely nothing preventing anyone from blowing you up anywhere. Anyway, you’ll never learn how to deal with such things if you just up and quit after a couple of weeks. EVE isn’t an instant gratification game, and it has a reputation for a steep learning curve for a reason…

aaaand this is why it’s a niche game. hey do you play quake live? gladly stomp you in a campgrounds duel if you’re up for it

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No, because I’m not 8 years old. I got this username from being pretty damn good at Quake 3 Arena circa 1999, not some free to play phone app version of it…LOL


QL same engine, not free to play, and not for phone

obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about

“quake god”

Greetings Krystl! I apologise that you have had a challenging introduction to this harsh universe. It is cold, uncaring, and indifferent to the struggles of the people within it. I will provide a hint of insight, if you will permit it.

Sorry, but no. Prohibited just means it’s against the rules, not that you “can’t.” Concord agrees: attacking other players is normally prohibited in high-sec.

In this instance QuakeGod is actually correct; nothing expressly prohibits one player from attacking another, even in high security space. There are, however, consequences for taking aggressive actions in a manner deemed… undesirable by CONCORD. Those consequences will result in the destruction of the aggressor’s vessel, assuming said actions took place outside of an active war or certain other conditions like suspect flags or kill rights.

The act of “ganking” is not “illegal” by the rules of this universe, it is permitted, any may, depending on your location, have the consequence of CONCORD arriving and delivering a slap on the wrist to the “naughty pirate.”


To the OP, welcome to Eve, where all the sociopaths in the gaming world find a home.
That being said, I would suggest that you disband the corp, and take your 8 core players to Eve University, one of the long-standing player run newbie training corps.

They can, and will, teach you the ins and outs of the game, and while you will be non-stop war-decced, being in a corp with 2000 other players, many of them with a ton of experience, makes that issue much easier to bear.

I have many good memories of being in the UNI.


in this instance please refrain from calling him QuakeGod because he really ought to be called SomeGuyWhoPlayedQuakeABitWhenHeWasEightAndProbablyCouldntBeatALowSkillBot

QL is still active, not to mention the new game Quake Champions, and there are real life gods on there who have seriously superhuman reflexes, accuracy and intuition honed over 17 years of play. I take serious offense to this filthy plebian going by that moniker.

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Thanks, I dig. Maybe I will try joining EVE Uni.