EVE Online - company suicide?

So I tend to come back to EVE off and on to see the state of the game and enjoy high risk trade routes because that’s what I do in this Sandbox as a roll player or player in general.

Recently I find it impossible to trade at all, me buying goods from low sec or null sec players to drag at my own risk all the way back to high sec to sell at a much higher rate.

The implementation of this Triglavian Invasion on top of PvP players, and also from what I’ve seen a system wide coronal bubbles? I personally didn’t take the chance of undocking from the space station when i seen this and just logged back out.

Lets face, the player base will only drop with said frustrations. People can point and laugh calling everyone “Care Bears” or whatever insults you feel like throwing around but the truth is, the game dies when a majority of the player base leaves, that majority happens to be “Care Bears” with a smaller percentage being PvP based. That’s not to say carebears don’t enjoy some PvP at times but its not what they do most of the time.

Personally i think these invasions need to be far less aggressive and the difficulty of them lowered considerably based on high sec or low sec space. This is just my opinion because Its fine introducing new content but not to the point that it is self destructing.

I don’t believe i’m alone in these feelings as I have scrolled through a lot of forum and even fan sites vocalizing their frustrations with Triglavian Invasions.

Call me crazy but I actually now play EVE Echoes simply because it feels more like the original EVE Online with out all the BS. The only down side to their mobile platform is that it has bots and ISK traders that are running the show in very high volume.

Well I’ll be back in another year or 2 to see if things improve, I’m guessing not to be less then optimistic.


Yes yes, Eve is dying…go away.

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and nothing of value was lost.

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Maybe you just can’t cut it in the real EVE Online game and thus must resort to a cheap knock off mobile game version of it to feel relevant. If you like EVE Echoes more, go invest your time there instead of demanding changes be made here.


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Eve Echoes is like the old EVE where you can shoot anybody anywhere anytime?

Hot damn…

Here I was told no aggression is allowed in highsec in eve echoes. Because that is not like old eve at all.


Nevermind… ignore my post https://zkillboard.com/character/571313431/ he never actually played the old eve either so he does not know.

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Then why are you upset about CCP’s decision to make trade routes more dangerous?
Does not compute.

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Why carebears will love and flock to Eve Echoes.

Why carebears will get bored leave Eve Echoes shortly after and come back to Eve.

They will go there loving the idea of a safe and easy space yet soon wonder why no one will pay them for their efforts or why things feel so meaningless.

It’s the standard carebear hypocrisy of whining for more safety and less difficulty for themselves, but being totally cool with destruction for others so there is demand for people to buy their stuff. They don’t even understand their own motivations for playing.

Go to enjoy your simulacrum of Eve there OP. While you are there, reflect on the difference between Echoes and the real Eve, and try to articulate what you miss about the original version. If you do this exercise, I think when you do come back you will understand yourself better and not make such silly threads as this one.


Both Echoes and Online are pretty much the same thing.

Bots are rampant in both. In Online they are “hidden” in null tho. No invasions there, and space is pretty empty.

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can i have your isk ?

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IB4 :lock:


Because it’s done via NPCs instead of player agency. Once the NPC-focused initial flipping gimmick is over the NPCs should leave and let the players handle things.

I agree with you, players should be providing the danger.

The problem is that CCP have driven away a lot of the players that provided danger for others, so much so that they’ve had to replace them with NPCs.


What is the point of being a ganker (highsec or lowsec) if the Triglavians do it so much better? What player-driven corp could ever hope to amass a gate camp the size of the Triglavians? Nobody has firepower like those werposts.


This is exactly the problem.


I am still scratching my head over why CCP is bothering with the quantum cores, rather than just using their Triglavian hit men to clean up the citadel spam.


Choose one, not both.

Dang ol’ damn Trigs show up crossin’ da high-sec border illegal migrants dey dun took mah jorb. DEY TOOK AH JORBS!

The Amarr should make their slaves build a wall, and make the Trigs pay for it.