Eve Player Experience "2"

Welcome back, It just never ends. I took a 3-4 month break and I know it’s been a while longer since my last post. I just feel Eve online is not something one just “quits.” This time my mistakes cost me a lot more then before perhaps reading this may be worthy of your time.

If your interested in this saga check out the previous post “Eve Player Experience”

Alrighty so things closed up with my previous Corp. I left on good terms it was nothing but a benefit for them “xel nagul” whatever and as far as I know they are still flying around in the space we tried to carve out for ourselves. My problem was the pace the Ceo was going was too slow and methodical I just couldn’t handle it. I have to burn bright before the end.

So I decided to start my own Corp realized it was hard to get started and quit the game for 3-4 months. For some reason I joined the Facebook group eve online. and low and behold someone posted looking to build something special in the game. So sure enough I messaged him and invited him into the Corp with full intentions of splitting everything 50/50.

I made the mistake of not securing power, of trusting another human to act rationally. This cost me the budding discord community. The Corp Iliad inc. and my paltry 5b investment all within 30 days. I’m already aware of the roadblocks being place before me and the attempts to kill any prospects I have to move on. This time I’ve summed up the damaged and spared you all the juicy drama, your welcome.

Going forward, if I was to try again, it would be my third attempt to build a Corp I’ve always heard that’s good luck. Another option would be to join a Corp and lay low for awhile. In that case I’d like to build some healthy relationships if a group will have me

Anyways thank you for your time.

PS. Hopefully there’s no slug fest in the comments this time

I definitely get the appeal of having your own corp, but it is exponentially harder to start and run your own rather than joining one. And honestly, after 20 years, no matter how specific your gameplay is, I guarantee you that there is a corp doing exactly that. Don’t be frustrated if takes you awhile to find that corp, but it does exist.

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Why run a corp leading other people if you don’t know what you’re doing? How do you think you’re helping, or at least be a positive benefit, to people if you’re “in charge” but have no clue? Your previous installment is pretty much the same: no clue while making bad mistake after bad mistake. This doesn’t help you and it certainly doesn’t help newer players caught in that trap, they will be held back by “leadership” that sucks.

Learn before doing, especially for stuff like this.

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You need a personal assistant, who can handle all the boring minutia of accounting and the busywork of day to day operations, while you focus on the big picture.

Nobody will read your previous experience without a link. (Of course, they may not read it with a link either…)

If you’re too lazy to link it, just imagine how many people will be too lazy to search for it.

I’d agree with @Wes_Wyhunnan - unless you’re planning to go all-in for years at a time, there’s little point in trying to run a corp on your own. Better to find someone doing similar things and put some effort into helping that one - then at least everything won’t collapse if you take a break.

Mostly agree with @Aisha_Katalen: sounds like you’re neither a good follower (“I can do it better”) nor a wise or experienced leader. And not sounding like a lot of commitment to what you’re doing either.

Dashing headlong into brick walls is certainly one way to learn where the walls are… but probably smarter to scout around a little and learn the lay of the land first.

An assistant to the regional corp ceo?

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I want to run a Corp because I believe it’s possible for a new Corp to make a mark on the game. With the help from players with years of experience I’m sure its achievable. My competency in eve is limited for sure but that will not hinder my attempts to improve myself. The new players I’ve been involved with were excited to have someone to chat and fly with. Sure they only learned how to fit a ship and a little about missions but that’s only the tip of a very deep iceberg.

Thanks, Co-operations is absolutely critical to success.

People who WANT to lead are almost by default the worst one TO lead.

If you lack even a base level of understanding (and logical reasoning) that’s not going to happen, to predict the future you’re best to look in the past and your past is filled with making the same mistakes over and over.

Were negatively impacted by you. That or they weren’t newbies at all and were just laughing their arses off trying to take advantage when they could. Stop, seriously. I don’t care if someone is clueless because it only affects himself, I DO start to care when that person pulls newbies into that trap of idiocy and pit of despair.

Your correct here is the link

Sorry for the delay.

The idea is to play for years. To build those relationships were people meet for BBQ’s wearing the same shirts. To have that community and enjoy Eve is the way forward. I’ve already failed twice and nobody likes failure but its a real part of this game and I’m not shy about sharing my failures. I hope one day I’m able to find success in Eve and my sporadic posting leads to a fascinating success story for all to enjoy as of now I’m the disappointment.

Thanks for your positive input.

Er… That’s people who want to be “in charge” are generally the worst ones to lead.

As for the OP:

JOIN a corp and learn how it’s done.

When ready, make your own.
Or in proper EvE fashion… take over the existing corp.

I’m not going to dissuade you from trying again and again until you get it right, but can you even explain to yourself what you are doing wrong?

–Gadget believes in Education and Training


I can fully understand the allure of wanting to run your own corp, have your own little logo, and not be just a minion in someone else’s massive corp. But really it is not an either/or thing. I am in a large corp, but I also own two tiny corps as well. It’s nice being able to fly around under MY banner…with no pre-assigned allegiances to anyone like you get in large corps. I don’t expect my little corps to ever grow huge…though they will own stations and will declare war at some point. And I’ll be massacred. All of which will be fun…and good content for others.


Thanks, I’m very aware of how I’ve failed and it’s been reinforced here on the fourms. The latter option appears to be the correct one at present.

Are you hiring?

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Being a CEO is a full-time job. (This is not a lie) Literally if you are not dedicated to EVE 110% and what you do then you can’t be a CEO.

  • HS corps are insanely hard to maintain and get the ball going.

  • We need more entrepreneurs in EVE who want to take up the mantle and try their hand to be a CEO.

  • A corp takes a unique brand, specific mission/vision statements, and most importantly funding! (aka citidels/moons) Something beyond a generic NPC station. Funding can also be a steady supply of ships/gear etc.

  • Infrastructure goes beyond a simple citadel and moon. Marketing needs to be considered often with a website/videos.

  • A CEO needs to know the specific niches/people in the region of space. “How can I exploit my Indepth knowledge of my home region to generate content?”

I just whipped up some common points any future CEO in EVE needs to consider. (So much more analysis that can be done.) For some years now I have funded/advised small corps. (5-40 active players) I have observed some bigger alliances with regards to how leadership interacts with the rank-and-file members. EVE has led me to study topics in business, operations, and leadership because it’s so much fun to get everyone under one shared vision.

Like all business it’s all trial and error. Really get to meet cool people along the way. Best of luck.

(Ironic a person named Anthony Fat Tony Amico would be giving some pointers on lessons in organizational leadership. :laughing:)


Awesome thank you for the post.

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It’s always a little sad to see people learning life lessons in their fifties that they should have learned in their early twenties. Kind of like seeing the fat tourist in the Hawaiian shirt get off the cruise ship at port and approach the three-card Monte table with a “hold my beer” attitude. But I guess it’s better late than never.

If you want to create a corporation (i.e. a community), you have to give people what they want. There are countless 15-man high-sec corporations with pretty much the same exact copy-pasted corporate description, about how they have “experienced leadership” (the CEO has only been playing for 15 months), how they have a mineral buy-back program (no one wants to sell you their stuff for 80% of market value when they can travel 5 jumps to fill a buy order), and how they have “weekly PvP roams” (they never do, it’s just something they put in there because they see everyone else putting it in there). Lots of promises about programs and goals being worked on “in the future.” Pointless, dead-end organizations that will never grow.

You need some kind of angle, or hook, to get people in the door. It can be access to easy money, or access to targets to kill, or prestige from being a member of an already-desirable organization. It can even be as simple as offering all new recruits a free 50 million ISK (just don’t expect the quality of your membership base to be even remotely decent). And on top of that, you have to actually know how to lead.

Do you remember the “pen” scene from Wolf of Wall Street? Sell me your corporation. Tell me why I should join it, instead of going somewhere else. That’s the kind of thought experiment you should be performing.


I made my corp way back in the heady days of mid 2011 for the specific purpose of letting the forum tough guys dec me instead of jacking each other off over who would kill me first if I wasn’t in an NPC corp.

I’m still waiting…

The point is, what you hear and the reality are often two entirely different things when it’s one of these forum NPCs saying it. Just join a corp for now to get the feel of things. See how things are set up and the like. Then go for number three when you know enough not to get instantly burned by some rando who talks you in to being his “partner”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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