New & Returning Player Experience

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to write out my reflections here in the hope tha somebody reads this and can offer some friendly words of advice.
I have played Eve for years but funnily enough never been any good at it. I dont stick around, I get bored but something brings me back, more about that shortly.
I returned recently and I thought I would do something that I enjoy, hauling. So I brought my ships, my freighter and I skilled up (cost me a small fortune around 100 pounds worth of ISK).

I started earning some ISK and completed some high sec and low sec/null sec contracts. Then, yesterday the inevitable happened. I got too confident and ISK hungry. I flew too close to a Warp Bubble that I should have been more cautious about and got blown up. then shortly after I lost just over 3 Billion ISK trying to play the gankers at their own game and thought I could align and warp out quicker than them and take their money outside of a well known ganking station. Do not worry guys, this is my fault and I paid the price with my own money. But this got me thinking…

Why do you play this game? What do you wish to achieve? Why do you come back, then leave, come back etc.

This is the only game that I know of where losing stuff hurts. It hurts more than other games that I have played, and I have been playing games for 35 years including Eve in the early days. The thing is, I need focus, not ISK. What I need to do is to set myself up, decide what I want to do, and enjoy the game and not concentrate on earning ISK all of the time. Small ships, with small reward is fine, learn the game and expect to be learning long term before starting to benefit from financial rewards eventually.

I return to EVE becasue even after 20 years its still as beautiful as it ever was, I return to EVE because the players run the game, prices fluctuate, things change, you make stuff somebody buys it, people talk to you, people help you, people betray you its all about the community. That is what brings me back to this game time and time again.

I just wanted to put my thoughts out there as I am going to be watching a lot of videos and trying to focus and not focusing on earning lots of ISK and certainly not on buying PLEX all the time from now on. If I cant earn it in game then change the way I play the game.


For me it’s the only game, where each play session keeps fresh and is unpredictable, whom do I meet? Whom I combat successfully, or fail, which fleet I join or just chill solo? Am I going to lowsec, or Pochven, or through a nice wormhole connection for content. GFs or easy ganks, surprising loot, sudden market opportunities, etc.

While this I try to reduce “duty” to the bar minimum, not farming for ISK if it’s not fun.

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@Royal_Ambassador i haven’t exactly figured out my why yet, but i if had to say it would be because of the community I’ve encounted and the fact that itxs run by the players. I love that aspect of the game. Everyday is a new day in EVE, unlike other MMO’s where you are grinding quests to get lvl 60 for the newest raid or what have you.

There is no rushing in EVE and that sits well with me. I have the time to sit and read an article about the game to learn what I’m searching for. While sitting docked figuring out my next move.

Last night I loaded up my favorite playlist on youtube and was jamming to music while doing the Blood Stained stars arc and man was it so much fun.

I’m learning to treat my ships as ammunition, and i don’t know how long it’ll stay there but the remains of my ship are floating where I died doing a mission and i forgot to go back and get my stuff. So if it’s still there and if any of you find it. Enjoy the loot!

I’m just over a week into playing this and have loved every minute of it. I love the complex simplicty of it, if that makes sense. You carve a path into EVE onlines history in how you see fit. The only game I’ve enjoyed this much im the past was Star Wars Galaxies because it semi operated the same way as EVE.

Fly safe and give em hell!

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I started playing Eve because my husband was playing and I missed playing games with him (I tried Eve 2x before but rage uninstalled). But I did something different when I started playing, I started streaming Eve at the same time as an experiment.

I found it kind of fun to let chat help me out and guide me. But then I started getting players newer than me in chat asking for help. IRL I’m a marking expert and instantly the lightbulb was flashing as “opportunity!” So my mission became making their start in Eve better than mine had been back in 2015.

I got into NPSI pvp, became a FC and started doing newbro roams. Then another streamer found my little stream and asked if I wanted to be part of a rookie friendly incursion project. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get it going. Public fleets thrive on the ability to schedule them and the big groups kept despawning the incursion focuses.

A year in I decided I hated the tutorials out in the world and started I also made some super short to the point youtube videos. Then at about 1.3 years in the big incursion groups came to an agreement to let the incursion focus live to maximize isk potential. People started asking me to try again on the incursion project. Eve Rookies Incursions was born.

That was 2.5 years ago. So if you want to know why at 3.5 years into Eve I’m playing and why I play, I get to experience “the first time” for nearly everything on a weekly basis. Someone’s first pvp kill, someone’s first incursion site, someone’s first FOB… you get the point.

At this point I don’t know what I want to achieve next. I mean, in 3.5 years I’m the CEO of a thriving 1700+ player community, have ran for CSM twice, get to present at fanfest, get to sit on a panel at fanfest, etc. I’m quite happy to sit back and see what the community decides for me next. Although, I am gunning for the community to run 50 fleets a month :rofl:

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the husband… he hauls the incursion stuff around from time to time these days. I beat his zkill (he’d been playing 6 years at that point) in my first 1.3 years of the game and he kind of threw his hands up in the air.

Space sandbox with market and production. It only works when many players are active, so I like my own contribution, which is also rewarded in ISK.
And Iif you feel bored, there’s a corp which gives impulses, joint adventures and always something new to learn.
And sometimes I’m just content for other players :wink:

Thanks for the link! Looks great.

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If you get bored, come out and fly with us. Most fleets will show up on but not all. You can check the incursion, pvp and pve ping channels on the Discord as well. :wink:

Buddy you could have just burned all that cash in the parking lot

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