I'm new to the game and I like it a lot

I played EVE for about 1 month back in 2019 and had to stop due to life. Fortunately I did queue up a month worth of skills before my sub ran out.

I came back a few days ago and after getting reacquainted with it and some help from the Rookie Help channel and my corp, I’ve begun doing exploration (data + relic sites) in nullspace with a crappy ship.

Done a few runs now and I am really enjoying the game, despite being poor.

I think the biggest issue was simply the learning curve. It’s incredibly hard to know what to do, and the game is so open it can be confusing. The career agent missions really helped though.

My dream is to one day take part in a large PvP battle with a ship that costs more than 1 mil just because I think that would be fun.

That’s it, that’s the post. I’ve seen a lot of negativity about the game especially from players who are actually good at it, unlike me, so maybe this is something a little different!


Welcome to the game.

Keep positive

Dont let anyone tell you what to do

Hold on to the idea that any ship over a million is expensive no matter what happens

Make your own rules

Please note this list includes contradictory instructions. Not to be taken orally. If ingested, please seek medical and psychological advice. McCandless Clan is a subsiduary of McCandless Industrial Pharamcuticals Inc.


Thanks for sharing! Good luck out there, space cowgirl!


They’re so cute when they’re young.


Nice, EVE is a great game!

Usually people who complain about EVE are very ISK farming oriented and super rich, don’t worry about them and they are doing a disservice for EVE and the community for trashing it (specially on Reddit).

Join Spectre Fleet public fleets for some PVP, you can come in something really cheap, can do gate camps and loot the small stuff, sometimes scoop for yourself and scoop some loot left behind that nobody cares. I know it sounds as if it’s worthless, but it’s not! Sometimes people run away and leave the loot behind because they want to make sure they will save their ships, someone with a fast ship always shows up and steal the stuff anyway it’s fine!

You dont have the join any corp, just join the fleet and Discord:


Welcome to New Eden, glas to hear you are enjoying it. Exploration is a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out and go for it.

Eve is a long relationship - your engagement with the game will vary over time, there are times enthusiasm will fade and times when she’ll stun you and make you realise again why you fell in love with here. Make friends with people. It is the people you meet and what you do together that make Eve worthwhile.

I think there are many players that don’t realise that everything, including themselves, changes. They just say “if it was all like when i first met here it would be wonderful” without realise they have aged and changed as well.

You and Eve will both change.
She’ll be a loyal mistress.
Always there for you.
Accept her and love her.
And grow old together…
Enjoy life as a capsuleer.


Thanks for all the replies!

I’d say “see you out there” but honestly I hope I don’t because I have no weapons on my ship and you’ll probably destroy me.


No, it would not be fun. You sit there in tidi, wait for your ship to do something or stop doing something, while you get yelled at or wait in silence because nothing is happening thanks to tidi. Or you just sit on a structure titan, waiting for a bridge, that may never come because both sides mexican stand-off each other. Big fights are really not fun, and they are nothing like what CCP shows you in their clips and trailers.

Do small fleets with few people where there’s real, hair-raising, direct, skin-to-the-teeth action and where every decision can cost you your ship in an instant.


Oh okay, good to know.

How do I find the smaller fleets to fly with for PvP?

Spectre Fleet could be a good starting point to get into fleets (although even they can get pretty big). It can even give you inspirations which alliances or corps to check out more closely, too, when you see them in their fleets.
Other than that established low sec power houses like Ushra Khan, Templis CALSF, Local is Primary or others get you these smaller, more impactful fleets.

Start slow and find what niche you like.

Expo can bring a lot of cash in to bankroll things.

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I’m the very bittervet but … thank you for sharing.
Enjoy your stay. :sunglasses:


Welcome back to New Eden. :slight_smile:


Too bad you caught wind if the game and started playing it just as it is about to be shut down.

LOL, please cry moar tho.

It’s delicious :smiley:

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You needed an edit for just those few words? I guess it’s hard for you to write properly…

Mm it self edit’s cause I always try to copy paste the post right above me but it doesn’t let you so it counts as a edit for reason.

It’s ok tho bruv :smiley:

Be salty :smiley:

Welcome to EvE!

Glad you like it!


Welcome to Eve, may you have a long and successful career here in New Eden…


Yes, but the thing is that is a completely temporary situation, one that you’ll soon rectify before you know it. Just remember, in an MMO like EVE the multiplayer part is really important, make friends and play with them because that’s your real wealth in this game IMHO. I am far from rich when it comes to isk, but knowing the people I fly with have my back, that’s worth more than any pimped out ship.