Stupid Person Posting This to Help Out New Players

Took my Imicus into a WH and struck gold! Tons of data and relic sites, nobody else there. Kept on hitting site after site, hacking away. Ended up with over 100 million in my cargo hold after about 30 minutes. Got complacent and stopped hitting D-scan (anyone see where this is going?) and stopped retreating back to my safe spot after finishing each site.

Here’s my advice. Don’t get complacent, don’t stop hitting d-scan. Don’t let 100 million worth of loot accumulate–get out and stick it in a station and come back into the WH and finish up. I hated seeing my podded body floating in space. Oh, and don’t get ticked off because you were stupid and got podded–it’s a game, and only a 3 million ISK hardware loss, and it was my own dang fault anyway. The only bright side? I woke up in my home station and didn’t have to travel 9 jumps back, and I didn’t have any implants to lose.

My wise mother always said “Experience is what you obtain from making stupid mistakes”.


Liking the post feels wrong, but it’s the only option I have, there should be an applaud option. I sympathise for the loss but commend your reaction to it. You learn and you are willing to share.

You are absolutely right - you only have the money when you get the items out. And it is really easy to become so fixated on the prize that you loose situational awareness. Been there done that;
but I did it in Abyssal Space with a HAC and a head full of training implants (lots of skill and a fair bit of stupid).

Not a lot I can add. As you say, Eve is only a game, but it can feel so much more than that. You also now know that big days - the 100m+ ISK days - are out there. I wish you good luck.

Came expecting stupid; was disappointed.

Bravo, sir.

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The problem with that is… Sometimes you don’t even see some ships on DSCAN. Beware of Combat Recon ships… they don’t show on DSCAN.

Good point…he scrammed me so I couldn’t move, but it still took him a bunch of shots to kill me, and my Imicus was pretty fragile. I need to review the kill report. If he was Combat Recon, I’d feel a bit better.

One other mistake…I had superimposed my Probe and D-scan windows, so D-scan was hidden. Fine and dandy in hi-sec, but not a great idea in null/wh space. Had I had them separate, I might have caught the blip in time and warped out to my safe spot. Oh well, at least I could afford the loss. He won, I lost…deal with it. I’ll go mine with my corp for 15 minutes and recover my ship cost!

Yeah, you’ll want to position your windows so that

  • d-scan
  • probe scanner
  • overview
  • local

are all visible outside of your hacking window. It gets a bit crowded, but each can give valuable warning.

Man, it happens. Of course, in a wormhole there’s never a way to KNOW there’s no one else there, which is why they’re so dangerous. Although you made some mistakes, it’s also entirely possible you died to a cloaked site camper. So far as I’m aware, there’s no way to be sure there’s no one sitting cloaked; you can only use your gut and the information available to you (i.e., does that particular WH have a resident corp, is zkillboard full of dead explorers, etc.).

Depending on what I’m flying and what’s in cargo, I tend to be extra careful, but sometimes someone is just going to get you no matter what you do. But yeah, all the other advice here is good stuff.

There’s always boogeymen in dark and lonely wh :grin: so maybe train yourself on a daily basis in any sec to check dscan, and prep for pvp. learn and be unafraid to die as much as you can, so that when you get new chances to make big iskies, you won’t panic or freeze when the boogeyman comes for you. Rather you might have the tact to do the right thing; run or fight back. As a side note make a couple of safe bookmarks next time. Btw ‘boogeymen’ are simple people alike you, me and everyone else here, we all have started newbie and worked our way up. Who knows, some day maybe you will be the cloaky guy feasting on another prey. :grin:

I reviewed my kill mail…sadly, I got taken down by a freakin lousy Heron using 2 Tech 1 drones. Talk about adding insult to injury, eh? I had several Hob 2 drones on board and probably could have killed him first had I not realized I was being attacked until half my shield was gone. Probably had Combat Probes out…I would have had tons of time to GTFO. Live and learn I guess.

If you’d had your drones launched already in ‘agressive’ mode they’d have attacked him as soon as the first of his drones hit you, that’s if he decided to attack at all. Drones on board are just cargo in that respect.

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