I got ganked again


Eve is a great game, and today is my 40th days in the game. I’d like to share my story, and please forgive my english writing if it is not good.

There are many good guyz in the game. Erneste Ambraelle helped me on the negative balance problem, Mike Azariah the Operation Magic School Bus gave me my first fitted crusier - Vexor.

While training up my the ship skills and drone skills for the Vexor, I use my small cargo ship Nersus, and start trading electronic parts. Later, I upgraded my ship to Iteron and trade between several trade hubs. From the begining 2 millions balance, earned 600 millions in a few days. I’m a hard working guy and I play safe. I travel only in the highsec area. Until one day, I got ganked in Dodixie, lost 364 mil, that made me upset.

To cure my sadness, I have to earn my isk back. Today, I take a risk. I travel to Solitute and bought some low priced ship. When I go back to Jita, I met two cloaked assholes, and of course I got ganked again. This time I lost 523mil.

As an alpha clone, I felt like a goat among the wolfs.

Time to take a break.

Thank you for reading my story.


Sorry to hear that. Highsec is not as safe as it once was. I once lost about 2 bill of stuff in a hauler taking it to Jita to be sold (more money than I have now!).

But I learned my lesson.

As a new player I commend your ability to make isk on the markets. But I would keep your trips smaller / make them cheaper losses and stick with it.

You can make 2 mill SP a month with the right implants and remaps. Focus on skills for a while and you’ll enjoy the game a lot more.

Best wishes and see you out there

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Hey, well done! I’m a bit envious :wink:

But as EvE is a PvP game, you must not neglect the fact that this could happen. And as your cargo value is growing, the gankers love to kill and loot you. That’s a problem especially with Jita and Dodixie - everybody knows that (because of prices) many players want to sell stuff there and have to haul it. So you should have a closer look at counter measures or avoid Jita. A Iteron Mk5 is perfect prey for gankers, especially if it’s fitted for maximal cargo capacity.
Did you ever try to battlefit a Nereus and have some fun with gankers? Obviously they like you…
On the other hand it is quite thrilling to fly a Nereus through lowsec and a nice feeling If it worked out eventually. Some tips: Have a look at local and at all the gates you pass, don’t lose time in open space (no afk, no autopilot), jump asap, get yourself safe spots in Jita and Dodixie, have a look in Dotlan if there’s high killing activity in the tradehub you’re travelling to - there’s many small tricks to reduce the possibility to be ganked. But in the end you can’t avoid it to 100%.

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I can’t help feeling you are flying the wrong thing in the wrong place with the wrong fit and the wrong cargo amount. Something is wrong if this keeps happening to you.

Easiest fix is not to carry so much that you make yourself an attractive target. It is better to make 5 successful trips with 100 million in the hold each time than to make 1 trip that loses you 523 million.

Understand that carrying over 100m makes you an increasingly good target. An Iteron also makes you a good target.

This is the game, those guys are not doing anything wrong, and to insult them is to miss the point of what you are doing wrong in a PvP environment. You are essentially complaining that you jumped into a shark infested swimming pool and got your legs bitten off. Importantly, you didn’t just jump in. You jumped in with a couple of buckets of blood, emptied the contents into the water around you and then thrashed your arms about while shouting ‘hey, you, sharks! Over here!’


Highsec has never been safe.

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The high security systems in Solitude are an island - you cannot get there without crossing through either low or null security space, unless you take a wormhole. Those low and null sec borders to Solitude’s high security space are well known for being common spots for setting up a gate camp.

You seem to have the knack for trading, which is a great way to make ISK in this game. However, once you get to a certain size it will be easier to use hauling corporations to move your goods for you. They take the risk of being ganked, and you sit back and wait for your goods to arrive. Check those out while you’re on your break!


While do feel for you (we have all made dumb mistakes). I looked up your loss as Isd said it was a low sec system which means the killed you because they could, with minor repercussions. As for in high sec you value far exceeded the loss of their ship so it was purely for profit, reduceing the value in you hold or flying a small m3 in a tanky zhip can negate this.

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Do you often empty your back account and then walk around with more than half your asset value in town? Probably not.

If you know that anyone could possibly look at all the content of your wallet/purse/bags without you even noticing (ie passive targetter + cargo/ship scanner), would you walk around with half your asset value in town? Certainly not.

Well, that’s what you did in EVE, and you even picked some pretty rough parts of town to walk around in (low sec).

This is a learning experience. Count yourself lucky you didn’t make that mistake in real life! Now take your experience, your probably much more sensible real life habits, and apply them to EVE to make a profit and not give it away to muggers. You were able to make a lot of money, now you are learning how not to lose a lot of money, once you have both, you’ll be in business to become space rich!


Go omega, train cloaking devices, learn microwarpdrive + cloak trick, then train covert ops cloaking devices snd blockade runner ships.

and stop hauling around so much at one time

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You can’t be flying a “cheap ship” if your cargo is worth 500 million, that’s not a cheap ship, that’s a loot piñata.

People have cargo scanners, see? Ship scanners. They can see your cargo as you fly by. They can decide that your cargo is worth more than their ship, so they’ll shoot, sacrifice their ship to Concord, and loot your cargo, and come up ahead. They’re not jerks for doing so, they’re businessmen.

In real life, you go to some bad neighborhood and roll down your car window and start flashing some stacks of money, or a bunch of gold chains, see what happens, no?

Common sense. Don’t be the “hard working guy”, this is a game, not a job. Be the smart guy. Be the guy that separates fools from their money, no?

You worked hard for 40 days, made 600 million. Guy worked hard for 30 seconds, made 300 million, then again 30 seconds, 500 million. If he posts his story here, it’s more impressive than yours.


Sorry Torr you got hit so many times. I haven’t been seeing that much pirate activity in Dodixie but it dose happen. Carrying too much makes you too good of a target.

You have your ship rigged for max cargo and that takes a LOT of defensive strenght out of your ship. Your ship fixed as it was could only take 8.6k damage from that kind guns and ammo. That ship first strike hits between 9k and 10k.

Just changing out you cargo rigs to 3 Field Extenders lls raises your ehp from 8.4k to 14k. Easily survive a alpha strike from that tornado that hit you.

But I would never take a slow iteron V through Null sec without a scout. Sorry but that gank was on you. And nothing you could have done to save yourself. Might have risked a miasoas(Iteron 1), much quicker that the V, and much less to lose.

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About my last death, it was a suicide run, I admit it. People told me not to goto low/null sec unless I got the cloak ability. Anyway, Im recovered, and back to the game. 8)

Plesuvius, I didn’t know about the implants that help reduce the skill training time, thanks for the info.

Boldly Gone, I got a tanky Nereus, all dmg resistant up to 80% when overheat, and 50k ehp, I think it is pretty safe for highsec hauling.

To the others, thanks for the advice and usefull info here.

I will upgrade to Omega once I found out the interesting part in the game.

Yarrrrr! I will revenge and kill the pirates.


good you take it this way - there is always a idiot out in new eden trying to kill you … or me or anyone
cloack ability is a good thing … there is a MDW/Cloack-trick you can use then … make it a bit safer …

a good tank on a hauler is a good thing - never use cargo expanders - fly 2 times its better - sometimes Warp Core Stabilizer can help you to get away http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/item.php?type_id=10998

and its really cool to hear that you are a good trader!! enjoy the game … find a corp … have fun … and sometimes go and hunt pirates in a fleet


That’s the spirit!

It dose sting to get hit like that, but I’m glad your coming a way with a good a lesson and new understanding of the game.

I remember my first gank. I lost my Mackinaw to the Hulkagedden. I 300 million isk, it was every isk I had to buy it, but it more than paid for itself before I lost it, but felt like a major kick in the balls, and had a sinking feeling when I played for the next month.

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That was not a gank but a normal EVE PVP encounter in lowsec. Stuff is often listed under Jita value in Solitude because there is no highsec way out to any bigger tradehub.

I don’t know if you guys in EVE have redefined the word to mean something else, but in my MMO experience being ganked has always meant the same as this definition of the word I found as soon as I googled it:

It is a word commonly used in online video games, usualy used in an MMORPG. Ganking is the process in which a group of charecters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves

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For most EVE players “to gank” is to blow someone up in highsec without an active killright or wardec and thus losing the ship to CONCORD in the process.

“a group of charcters gang up on one or more players”

is “Blobing” in EVE… when using Black Opps it becomes “Blopsing” and using a cyno to jump in some (super)carriers is a Hot-Drop…

Joining a corp or alliance and killing corp- and alliance members and any “blue on blue” kills in general is “to awox”.

I am quite sure I forgott something or mixed it up, but that is what I remember right know.


Thanks for the definitions. Interesting to see how different gaming communities develop their own terminologies and adapt existing ones to fit their universe. Cool stuff. :sunglasses:

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In EvE the word “gank” specifically means suicide gank.