Ganked in Sec 1.0 - is this normal

Hi. I was killed in a 1.0 sec area one jum away from Jita. Is this nomal? I thought at 1.0 I’m safe. So lesson learned but what a coward.


Yep. This is normal gameplay. Also for the future, don’t move so much isk at one time in a not heavily tanked ship. The less you carry, the better your chances of surviving.


Cue all the ‘I thought I was safe in 1.0’ memes. Too lazy to post them myself.


About a decade ago, Eve was about honour and glorious combat, now it’s just about picking on the weak and helpless cos they can.
Hence why Fan Fest is no longer “Inundated” Bwahahahahaha


High-Sec doesn’t mean safe, it means CONCORD will blow up criminals for things like, say, an illegal attack on a freighter.

This particular crime requires that someone scan your cargo and ship and determines there’s loot to be had. Then another player shoots it with a much cheaper glass cannon (his Tornado goes for less than 60m) while the scanner or a third player tries to immediately loot the wreck.

More tank helps to some extent - they will have to start adding ships to the attack if it looks like they can’t blow you up before CONCORD arrives and vaporizes their ship. And less ISK value in a ship, as said, because ofc they want to not only make enough to replace their ship but also profit a bit. Autopiloting is also to be avoided - if you’re there and jumping straight on gate there’s much less time to do the scans and the attack. And you might notice the scanner, head for a station and dock for a while.

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This might be a good opportunity to just not play this game. The mechanics are pretty archaic, and the game is still plagued by the same core problems it had a decade ago.


How did you even amass so much wealth in the game without learning the basics of high/low/null sec?

Did you AFK mine for a year straight?

Yes, elite pvp is possible in any area of space.


There are no risk free areas of space. Im unsure how you would have arrived at that idea.

I dont understand the cowardly comment either. It looks like the fellow simply performed a profitable financial transaction. Certainly you already factored such risk and losses into your operating costs?


Just missing the giant “Shoot Me” sign with that fit and cargo…learn, don’t give up, and do better next time. Good luck.

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a decade ago hulkageddon was hitting its peak of popularity. it was also the heyday of can flipping.
high-sec ganking is absolutely nothing new.


Welcome to Eve OP :}

i wouldnt call it elite pvp

What would you call it?

@ OP

A 1.0 is the “safest” space, it is not completely safe.

A ganker’s task is to kill someone within the Concord response timer and make a profit.

A hauler’s task is to live longer than the timer, or not be a profitable target.

The success of either usually depends on a combination of the fit of the hauler and potential loot value; in your case the potential drop was 300M+ and your fit sealed the deal as an easy and profitable target, cargo expanded t1 haulers always being an easy kill.

If you want to shift that much isk at zero risk to yourself in future, use a 3rd party like Redfrog and set the collateral to cover the Jita market value (+ a little leeway); it gets delivered you get your stuff, it explodes you get the value of your stuff.

Win Win


Concord will blow up anyone who attacks you, so a high sec pirate has to balance two things:

  • The cost of blowing you up, vs
  • The expected loot value

In your case the cost of blowing you up was about 60m (a single tornado) while the expected loot value is half your cargo, about 400m. A clear win for the ganker.

You can counter this either by:

  • Increasing the cost of blowing you up. If you tank your ship enough, it may take two tornados to kill you before the concord response. In that case his costs double.
  • Decreasing the expected loot value. Split your cargo into multiple smaller packages and haul them one at a time.

The core problem being pilots who don’t fly safe while carrying high Isk cargo?

It has nothing to do with being archaic and everything to do with the first rule of Eve: don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.



  1. Head to station
  2. Unload cargo and all modules
  3. Proceed like nothing happened
  4. Have a good laugh at ganker losing his ship and having 15 minutes timeout while killing wortless empty t1 industrial.
  5. Return with new ship and continue your way to market

Win Win


Indeed this was the point where this thread could have been closed. But we leave it open, because we got to have that fresh Forum drama.

Plot twist: OP is the ganker’s alt. :slightly_smiling_face:

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