Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019

i see threads being shutdown so this is being watched, CCP, lootboxes need to GTFO and a response would be nice thanks.


all ppl complaining can contract me all their goods, assets and isks!

no more problems! :slight_smile:

CCP, honest question here - How much more feedback could you possibly need?

Have we even had an acknowledgement from a dev yet?


You can bet your bottom dollar that this event is a “test the waters” for lootboxes, they will be in the NES next if enough people seem fine with them in this event, and that is the concerning part. I wasn’t really too worried when CCP got bought out because I told myself the Dev team knows better than to try anything dodgy like this in Eve. Just look at the huge backlash when AURUM was introduced. But with this adition to the event, I can see lootboxes in the NES being a feature very soon. Gone will be the days of just forking over your 30$ worth of plex for a skin, instead you’ll have to spend thousands gambling for it instead. I honestly don’t understand why they thought getting into lootbox gambling which is rapidly being legislated against all over the world (not to mention the massive consumer backlash against it that has caused companies like EA to shed multi billions in value as their share price plummets down from 160$ to 40$ per share).


once there was a game that cared about the players and didnt see them merely as an income

but then the company was sold cause of greedy people and it became just one more shyte game where u had to p2w in order to succeed.

thx a lot hilmar
enjoy ur korean BBQ


This is the second thread with a fairly quick response that I have seen.

Come on, we been giving feedback for days. Sure now it’s becoming a thread of compliments for good reason. Not only is the event not fun for most, but clear evidence of bugs have been linked many times.

Hello… Anyone… At least say you understand the event has issues. Or that you need to run more tests please be patient kinda thing.


The good: a meta boosted shield tanked praxis with 3 smartbombs with high alpha skills can make the bs and the carrier spawn, and tank them both.
The bad: respawn rate. I haven’t seen a respawn in any system in my constellation.
The ugly: not worth doing, the ticket redemption is a scam and there’re no bounties on the rats.



Anybody home ? Any CSMs ? Any ISDs ? Everyone went home and turned off the lights ?


Hello All,

This is the begining of the end.
This is how this wonderfull game will end.
We have grown with it, but its time to let it die.
Rage againt the machine, rage againt the greed !
We are players, we make it live, bit for them, we are nothing…let it die.

Than you!


Event timers are still broken, 2 days with blinking “0s”, too low yields from the asteroids and the lottery just gives trash. I usually like events but this one is dissapointing.


I found a way to pop the carrier triple boxing my 3 toons. That alone made the event fun for me. But by wed, I could not find any more vip sites. And today, I could not even find any event sites at all. So now, its not even an event anymore. Crap loot or not…


Let’s examine this.

#1. No. Out of principle, no. I am not touching these loot boxes. Also, notice no cool down timer.
#2. Sure! Just spawn a few and I’ll have another go. I guess.
#3. See #2. Of course, at this point complaining about spawn rates for this is a bit like saying “The food is terrible- and the portions are so SMALL!”
#4. See #1.

So, two of the 4 missions are pushing the loot boxes.



Roamed lowsec multiple times looking for site runners - found loads of empty sites. No one running them.

Seems to suggest its all NULL and Hisec.

Seems poor for content creation.

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I don’t expect this event to change now, and I am worried about the future of EVE.
Attentive players will find that since the acquisition of CCP, his activities have become less simple and interesting, and it has become more and more difficult to complete activities with the need for high-skilled players. It is getting harder and harder for players who have just joined. The activities in November added the mining elements, making the mine the biggest winner. The hard-earned gains of the combat players were also exploited by the mine to get the brain accelerator they wanted.
Also, you have not felt that PLEX has not been greatly discounted since it was acquired. (After writing this reply, I found out that PLEX is now 10% off)
PLEX also began to soar in the Garden of Eden.
I am really worried, is it that South Korea has begun to intervene in EVE’s operating plan. What I saw in the news that EVE is still operating independently under the CCP, I now keep this view.


You could not have possibly read the previous event’s feedback and surveys then release this over the top bad event. I would tell you what I don’t like and like but, I know you won’t read it.

Sorry mate, I have been playing since late 2004, there was never a time they really cared or listened to players reservations. I think what you meant to say “once there was a game that was fun for players”.

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Players: OMGWTF!

CCP: Mission accomplished…we’re done here…


I can’t quite understand why this event ore Amethystic Crystallite has HALF the reprocessed Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls than the previous event ore Cthonic Attar.

If I remember correctly there were dozens of Attar asteroids in of the sites. In this one there are what six? seven?

Seems backwards to me.


You’re right, but the change is clearly intentional, by the new rock’s description. I think CCP wants to “inspire” more cooperation (or conflict for scarce resources) among players, and usage of the market. Many of the complaints are from players (including myself) that want to “do it all” by themselves. EVE is multi-player.

The skyrocketing price of Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls is proof that they miscalculated this part. It has gone from 300k before this event to almost 2m right now. That’s just absurd.