Event: Guardians Gala 2022 - Finished in the first day

Greetings capsuleers,

Today we got the February event – The Guardians Gala for 2022, with a Thursday launch.

My first impressions are that it is very similar to last year’s event. The sites look the same, so do the NPC’s, altough I feel like there are more waves and a little bit more numerous rats now. O like the new skins, but I would have liked new and superios modules, like there were in events of past years.
Here is a short video of my forst run.

Later edit - I already finished the event in the first day. Impressions after this:
I like the skins, I would have liked one-time issued modules and/ or implants.
The entire 900 point marathon took roughly 25 sites, including contested ones and I’ve managed all in roughly two game sessions of about 4 hours each.
Vireo of the completeion:

What are your impresions with this year’s event?

Adrian Vexier – „Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


It is an annual event, site/rats/rewards are always going to be very similar if not the same. What is different this year is the new ORE stuff they added which from the lore is in preparation for the upcoming compression changes.

Why would they waste dev time redrawing an event that is already just fine as it is, where they can just reuse everything. Especially since it is a once a year event.

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My impressions? Why are the heartsurge skins packed together? I only want the zealot and perhaps the vagabond too. Also the suit from the combo sale should be individually sold too.

What’s new this time? Same old same old recycled events?

Ive never really done events before but want to start diving in when they come up. Would something like a RLML Cerb work in these? Ive noticed theres alot of frigates from the few posts Ive seen about it.

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Looks good, I’ve never participated in this one. Seems like a web would help immensely. Do you know what all the resists look like yet? I’m thinking a Gila would work well?

There are many battleships also, and the boss is in tanky battleship. RLML doesnt sound like enough dps.

combat sites extremely rare in high sec. In which systems in high sec they are ?

They’re not, just roam around. And by that I mean “don’t stay within 3 jumps from jita”.


The final boss easily does 300 to 400 dps alone too. So if you don’t have good resists and a high boost/rep rate it’ll eat you considering so many things scram and disrupt. Friends makes it a lot easier though.

DPS is not what you really need to worry about, it is the neut pressure you can come under if you are not careful.

This was not the case last night. I went from Jita to Amarr and ran across one GG site. That’s 46 jumps with “secure route” selected.

I roamed around 30odd systems in high sec, ran into quite a few of them. 5 or 6.

It’s both really. If you’re using drones they will attack them very quickly once they engage as well.

Edit: though it’s good to carry drones even if one doesn’t use them because if you’re tackled you can send them on the tacklers and there’s a good chance the tacklers will tackle your drones which may provide an opportunity for escape if one sees their ship dying.

Locals be doing them as they pop up. I have landed at many gila sites and about half the time someone, or a fleet, had them started. If it’s in your overview someone has at least initiated a warp to it so there’s like a 90% chance someone is there but the times no one is there is because I imagine they had to warp out.

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The one I found last night had a guy sitting in a pod next to his wreck. Pretty sad.


Prob just use me praxis I used for the winter event.

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It was almost too easy with my Kronos. Thermal and Explosive damage plus an MTU make quick work of it,


I read that somewhere, but the ships are Mach’s and Mega’s. I thought Explosive and Thermal was the way to go. It’s my first time running these so any help/advice is appreciated.