Feedback on Guardians Gala 2022

I started running the Guardians Gala event back in 2017 when it first debuted. That was the first time we saw Spirit SKINs in the universe. I’ve been playing EVE for 11 years and I’ve been part of Live Events since 2013 and Agency events since 2017, so I am drawing comparison between this present event and previous challenges such as other Guardians Galas, Operation: Permafrost, Winter Hexus, Crimson Harvest, and the latest Dr. Who event.

The following assessment and opinions are my own.

Day 9 Update:

New information provided by our pilots in the Events chat has led me to discover that the sites are revealed on the directional scanner and are revealed on the Overview only when a pilot warps to them first, much like the Dr. Who event. Likewise, the Agency Combat Anomalies tracker identifies Guardians Gala sites that are on the directional scanner as well as the Overview, and likewise detects combat sites that are several jumps away. I was unaware of both of these facts until late last night, and upon my usage of this knowledge, I was able to finish the event in 3 days of active participation in searching for and completing sites.

I will be amending my review as such.

My first attempt of this event on Day 1 resulted in my proceeding over 30 jumps without detecting a site on the Overview due to my lack of knowledge that the event was structured similarly to Dr. Who. Beacon sites are first revealed on the directional scanner, and the Agency Combat Anomalies feature revealing Guardians Gala sites helped immensely, saving me time, energy, and actually sparing me several headaches.

Once these facts were understood, I was able to better participate in this event. To my surprise on Day 9, the frequency of sites in high-sec was manageable and actually enjoyable. I was able to stay close to my main base and salvage the sites without needing to go 30 jumps away as I did on Day 1.

I proceeded to do all events in high-sec, with the recognition that the rewards are better in low-sec, null-sec, and wormhole space.

I can now provide a more fair assessment of the event:

-bounties per target
-SKIN prizes for a wide variety of ships; repeat SKINs from previous events
-decently pretty sites with low graphics intensity (saving frames) and a camo pattern on the Astrahus leaves me wondering if we’ll get structure SKINs
-no gambling issues from 2019
-functioning challenges that reload upon completion (although they could stand to be automatically redeemed)
-challenging combat sites validate the time and ISK invested in the ships fielded
-site frequency in high-sec was manageable; I hope to finish these events in 3-4 days, which was accomplished
-excellent AIR booster drops, which are likewise useful for Incursions

-significant infrequency of high-sec sites (which is the point, I know, but this is just obscene), even when compared to Dr. Who
-lots of targets, waves, time, and ammunition required to clear a combat site
-effort required to clear combat sites is high compared to the value of the rewards (many of which are novelty items that have no monetary value)
-too many novelty items
-not as many scandown sites as I’d have hoped to encounter (although systems with many anomalies can sometimes yield a Data Site, or even 2 in my case in a particular system)

Too Many Waves

4 waves seems to be pushing it when it comes to combat sites. The 4th wave is almost entirely unnecessary given that it takes 2 waves to earn 10 kills and complete one of the challenges. It gives you a workout, sure, no denying that, although to survive the webs that reduce you to near-zero and the neutralizers that will cap you out, you’ll definitely need something heavy and powerful, and keep and eye on your capacitor and drones. I lost alot of drones in this event, which I suppose was the point.

Other than the issue with waves, now that I have a solid understanding of how to find sites and refine my technique over time, I can say that for this evening spent to close the event, I did enjoy it and I do appreciate CCP giving us this opportunity. :slight_smile:

-Keep the Agency Combat Anomalies tracker functioning as-is (although expanding it to track all neighboring systems 1 jump away would be appreciated).
-Decrease the ratio of novelty rewards
-Decrease the number of waves (i.e., no more than 3)
-Offer drops that are useful, like the Frostline hacking/analyzing module from Operation: Permafrost 2018

Agree. I found the hecate skin I wanted and peaced out.

Day 1 Site 1 i got an Erebus Spirit skin =)
The combat sites and data sites are Rampant in Wormhole space,

VIP Gala Combat sites will net you 180 - 500 M isk per site

VIP Gala Data Sites will net you 50+ M isk per site.

I get you live in HS but this wasn’t really a HS event, the sites in HS were just a taste, if you wanted the full event experience you’d be hunting the VIP sites in J-Space.

Not agreeing with this at all. I bagged 900 event points in the first day and only left high sec once or twice during that time. The sites are everywhere. I haven’t had to go any further than 8 jumps out from our corp HQ as there have always been respawn on my path. Ive just been going back and forth and haven’t been idle for long. Ill add that Ive only been doing the data sites.

The criticism i would give the event is what appears to be a fairly hefty nerf to loot in the VIP data sites in wh space. The first weekend these were giving me around 150-190 Ore research things which is in the region of 75-95mill per site (with skins and other loot on top of that). Which was great. Now they appear to be dropping around 15-20 per site with only 2-5 dropping in high sec. Which is kinda sucky.

Other than that I’ve been happy with the event and glad i made bank before they nerfed the data site loot

Plenty of hacking sites in lowsec as well, uncontested. However I was solely focused on the VIP hacking sites, after I did my math. Until the drop nerf I got 250M from each (including the outer ring tour, and book trade on the market). The only problem was finding them, cause respawn mechanics are unfavorable in wormholes.

The PvP part was ok, got a bunch of solo kills, but not that chaotic like with lowsec focused events. The 900 were easy in two days hacking, and the scanning boosters from previous event were helpful for my Hecate.

Finally another good event, helped with filling the war chest (more Hecates to lose) and it even brought me back to Pochven for a week at least.

Review has been amended now that I have new information in-hand as to the fact that sites show up on the directional scan and are revealed on the Overview only after a pilot warps to them, just like the Dr. Who event.

Also, the Agency Combat Anomalies tracker reveals Guardians Gala sites as well, even those not yet on the Overview.

A more fair assessment of the event has been provided.

Not sure if you mistake the two or not aware of it but Gala sites have always shown up on your probe scan window along other anomalies (and cosmic signatures).


Btw not sure if every one of them over the years but several gala events’ sites were like that that they shown up in the scan probe window and once anyone warped to them an overview beacon was created.

This was a good way to know if someone is at the site (or at least activated it then warped off as then you could d-scan the site to see if someone is there but if no beacon you could know from a glance it was not yet triggered), which is handy for gankers, baiters and loot thieves. :wink:

Note: The d-scan window is this one…


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