Initial thoughts on New Guardian's Gala


A little summary on the new Guardian’s gala from someone who likes to do these seasonal events:

Drops can be overseer personal effects, various skins eg Glacial augment, and various boosters (even Agency lvl IV). Very happy with this since you can earn very good isk if you are able to farm these.

Thing that’s kinda cool is there are sometimes two levels of bosses. First a machariel then a bigger boss afterwards - the vindicator. The second boss has a fatter bounty and drops better rewards.

Incoming DPS doesn’t seem to be too high, especially if you got a lot of people. I demonstrate the site here in a Rattlesnake:


Not enough sites…


The last Gala I did was back in 18’ and it was pretty easy so I figured my HAM exploration Loki would work just fine, maybe even a little overkill. So I went in blind and very confident.

I was completely caught off guard by all points, nuets, dampeners, etc. I was under-tanked and struggled to manage my cap. There were quite a few brown alert moments where I thought I might lose my ship.

Luckily I had overwhelming firepower with over 800 dps HAMs that applied decently against everything and all the ships aside from the battleships went down very quickly.

It definitely seems that an all in one exploration build is not a good idea in these sites and a pure combat build with neut resistance is probably the way to go.

Overall, the loot seems kinda trash but the bounties pay out decently. If you can chain these sites and run them quickly, the isk per hour on the bounties alone will probably make it worth it.

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Is it possible to do it in a tanky Leshak? I’ve unfortunately had a bad run recently (not gala related) and lost my other battleships… Yikes…

Did I miss something or… are there no hacking sites in this Guardian’s Gala?

  • been flying around many systems in Astero scanning, but no?

Same here. Flying since downtime today in dozens of systems. I saw one Gala Data site and when i warped there it disappeared because someone else finished it. And yes i tried systems with very low jumps/24h in several regions. This event is a total joke and a complete waste of time aka timesink (eq. moneysink) I am almost better of in any other activity in the game.


ccp just replace neuts with moar neuts.
great gamedesign.

There are, but they seem to be very scarce. First two I found had clearly been cargo scanned and cherry picked even though the loot is meh (in HS anyways).

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Far too scarce, I enjoy doing the sites, done about 20-30, but it takes 10 jump at least to find one.


Could be removed generally. Personally I find these events annoying and lore breaking

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Enjoying the Gala event sites… but CCP should stop being stingy by design. The sites respawn rate is dismal. I don’t mind looking for the sites, but flying around for hours to find an available site is not fun.

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yeah ya can… you might need a web tho…



I am the lore…

Not enough sites, too many people running them.
Spending all day jumping to find one with ten people running it and five people ninja looting isn’t worthwhile to me.

I always head to Derelik to run events, it is pretty sparsely populated and the competition for sites isn’t too bad. I ran about 15 sites over 3 hours tonight and only ran into other peeps running sites 3 times.

That being said, your not missing much, the loot is pretty bad. (why no accelerators?)

Overall a pretty disappointing event.

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Shuuuusssshhhhh. Or everyone will head there.

There are accelerators - 3 different types as before.

The real loot is in the vip sites though. 100-700mil in one site.

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I wish I could get there before it’s over, and yah, I did get an accelerator which I accidently used instead of selling. I did do a few of these sites but got ganked so badly that I lost a hell of a lot more than I gained.
It would have been fun but there were so many people it was all I could do to target things before they died.

I would love it if there were a hell of a lot more of these sites, that there was a way of finding them other than spending all day jumping (especially right after CCP broke how jumping works) and that newer players could do them as well.
It would be very nice to be able to bring new players to these things so they could have some fun and maybe make a profit instead of dying before they knew they were in a fight.


I will keep this in mind for next time, I think it’s too late at this point, but seriously, thank you.

I’m curious, how does it break lore?
Lore believe it or not is why I play Eve, though I am far from an expert on the subject.
I get killed by NPC’s because I’m actually reading about who they are and what the stuff around them is on an absurdly regular basis… Not very smart on my part, but I’m fascinated by this stuff and can’t get enough of it.