Late to the Gala

I’ve heard there’s good money to be made on the Gala combat sites. But, I have no idea what ship runs them the fastest. I’m not sure of the damage to inflict or resist against. I’ll give a billion ISK for the fastest ship and fitting. You have to post a YouTube video showing the run. The fastest run gets the ISK. I’ll give the ISK upfront to a trusted 3rd-party of the community’s choosing.

Please post 3rd-party candidates here.

The fitting can stay hidden if the winner wants to email it to me.


Golem does it in less than 10 minutes, but I’m WAY too lazy to make a vid for a billion isk.

Get a battleship and get resists up to approx 50%. Push your active rep over 250hp/s and work on the cap because they neut there. Use only short range guns and bring webs. I use three. The grapplers and two regular webs. This will help you hit the drams and others that orbit under 5km. If you can fit buffer, do so since gankers have been having a ball with this event. If possible, also increase your tracking.

Each site will net you solo about 13 to 15 million isk in bounties and loot varies wildly. Sometimes it could be like 8 million and another time you find a faction drop which pumps loot to above 100 million.

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So, an Omni-Tank? What happened to Kinetic and Explosive?

Any Marauder will do, same for Rattle. Have at least 400 dps tank vs Serpentis and Angels. You don’t need a prop mod but you do get neuted so if you run an active tank make sure to fit a large battery and a heavy nos just to be sure. Fit to be able to hit small targets and don’t rely on your drones much unless they’re heavily tanked (Gila/Rattle).

Ideally you’ll have upwards of 800 dps (so as said, any marauder) and preferably kinetic damage, or explosive. Fit for short range and damage application.

Also you get rewards upon completion, there’s a cycle of “enter gala site”, “kill 10 npc”, “kill the main target(s)”. So enter gala site: open agency, complete task. Kill 10 NPC: open agency, complete task. Kill main target(s), open agency and complete task. If you forget to do that each and every time it’ll take ages. Note that the first two tasks are easy but the last one is a dps race if there are more players in there, so have the extra ammo to be able to hit a BS HARD at short ranges (void, hail, rage).


Poster below you and also you don’t have to kill all the frigates for the next wave to spawn. So if there’s something small that you keep missing, I tend to miss the hyenas, you don’t have to waste the ammo on them but they do add potential dps to be applied to your ship in the chance of a gank. Though they sometimes switch targets as soon as people land but sometimes takes several tens of seconds.

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Is there still a tool that breaks down damage by “types”.

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