Payout Table

I was wondering if anyone had put together a table of current isk making metas

lv missions

wh sites



Just a simple graph of the isk / hr incomes with various setups calssified by tech class, hull class, maybe cheapest to more expensive.

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Most likely someone did.
Most likely that person is also not sharing it.
Reason is that, most likely, sharing this information would change it.

Are you so isk-deprieved?

join corp, gain access to corp wallet, moonwalk away. best way to make isk hands down.

The reality here is that it is so much more complex than hull + activity = ISK. Some other things that add into this:

Travel Time
Secondary ISK sources (LP)
Risk of loss

There simply is no universal “do this for the most ISK” formula.

Besides, always remember that ISK is not the goal. Having a good time is.

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Ganking is the best, payouts in isk, plex, and self-dignity.

Best isk/hour is any part time job

For 1 billion ISK I am willing to share my spreadsheet. You will make it back in notime with the wisdom contained within. :smirk:

I will share my spreadsheet for only 9999999999.99 isk. You will make your isk back in less than no time with the wisdom contained therein.

It’s not just do this get that much isk ships fitting skills and player knowledge play a huge part in everything.
Also no one will tell you exactly what they do and how to do it because they are likely heavily involved in that activity and don’t want competition.
An example when I used to nyx rat most of my peers with same skills and fit would reach around 240-270 mil/h I’d reach 360/h all the time-knowledge of sites.
When I was at the peak of my trading experience everyone was baffled how I’d make 100bil a month
Stuff like this you never share with anyone except people you’d been close friends with for many years in EVE

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Two good reads come to mind:

This one


another one

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