Low sec earnings?

Im from null i get how players make regular earnings there, ie ratting and relentless mining etc.

But how do peeps make isk in low sec???
Whats the best way of making isk and what like of isk per hour is it.

I’m amazed at the lack of response, but at the same time not even remotely surprised.

Lowsec, basically, you can run DED sites ranging from 100-200mil per hr tops depending on drops.

You can also join faction warfare and do plexes and missions for faction LP, depending on how you do it, it can be very profitable. Most people mutlibox their missions to run them faster.
Around 200mil per hour if you know what you’re doing.

Exploration 30-40mil per hour tops.

Ratting and Hunting clone soldiers in belts, (0.2 or 0.1 system and below for better chance at getting Clone Soldier Transporter or Negotiator tags) 40-50mil per hour.

Hunting Mordus Legion ships for blueprints.

Ninja Loot/Blue Salvage from FW space, look for Elite Wrecks where fights happen. Back when I did it I could rack in a good 30-50mil per hours, sometimes more with the loot I found.
It’s a shame shipwrecks can’t be scanned down …

Piracy/Gatecamping/Looting, the isk per hour varies a lot.

Planetary interaction and Reactions, but you need a good corp for that.

Off my head, thats about all I can think of.


Also level 5 missions, mining and incursions. All of which are risky, but, as a result, fun, in low sec.

I’m so bitter about people making isk in low sec
the lack of true warriors
no one wants to fight , everyone wants to farm
that said a person in low sec can easily earn …

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You don’t really. You can do FW and that’s about it. Any kind of PvE is just bait for hungry hungry hippos.

Unless you can establish yourself in a quiet spot and make sure you’re left alone. Which isn’t something most solo players can manage.

Low sec is the part of space most desperate to kill you.

ok let me tell you the secret
pick your uncatchable jackdaw or your 3 multiboxed dramiels and go make a lot of money
please NEVER involve yourself in a fight , it may affect your isk/h

Sadly not anymore.

I mean you still gotta make a living in low too. You actually want more ISK opportunities in low so more people will come :smiley:

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Sorry I dont know how to quote.

I haven’t been in low sec much since I took a 3 year break, but when I last played, FW space was great for getting into scraps. I was planning on getting back in there with frigs and destroyers once i get my bearings again (takes 2 weeks just to get my overview where i need it)

Yeah when i started playing around 2 year ago i sorta lived in dysa (derelik) i was part of a hs newbro indy corp.
I quite liked ls at the time i just farmed the clone soldier tags to make isk.
But i always wondered how big lowsec groups really made big isk.
Like how do snuffed out afford to play there play style etc.
Like iv herd of lv5 missions but never herd of any 1 doing it.

Me and my friends we do c5 ratting and pochven for raw isk now, fook chasing clone soldiers lol

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