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So, for a long while I have been a highsec carebear. And while I make a decent amount of isk running incursions, I am insanely bored with high sec. Any suggestions on what I could do in low or null sec to make similar isk, while having a better PvP experience? ( this char can fly every subcapital t1 ship, and all t2 and t3 of the Amarr ships, so if you have fits or ideas please feel free to let me know)

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Carrier and super carrier ratting is pretty common. Also VNI, smartbomb, and other subcap ratting but to make good isk you will need to multibox

Can buy 10/10 escalations and run those. Should make a bit more than ratting as long as you have sites to run.

null burner missions, I’ve heard some very good isk/hr figures here.

rorqual mining, decent isk, scales well with multiboxing.

For lowsec, Lv5 blitzing, or FW mission blitzing are pretty good from what I’ve heard.

If you go the mining route, i have 70 mil ticks dualboxing a porpoise and a procurer with R64 moon mining.

Dense source of isk during semi-afk stuff like netflix so that I can fund my pew.

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Making isk and doing pvp don’t really work hand by hand. The most “pvp” type of missions you will find are FW missions because of the environment but at heart you are the prey : you can’t hardly win a pvp fight while having a pve fit.

In Faction Warfare, we make money running plexes in pvp fits. As a base, it gives 10 000 loyalty points in 10 minutes ( roughly 10M isk once traded) for an offensive novice plex. But even if it’s good money, i guess it’s not an incursion level of money making.

As said before, null has a lot of pve opportunities. And in null sec alliances, you will be called to arms regularly to be part of pvp fleets of 100+.

If you want solo or small gang pvp, either go Faction Warfare ( but it has its consequences : permanent war, standing and so on) either pirate ( also consequences like security standing).

PvP at an individual level don’t make you isk, it makes you loose money ( with a few exceptions like FW or ganking). Most PvPers have sources of isk besides their PvP activities to finance their PvP.

while having a better PvP experience?

All depends of what you are looking for ? What do you call PvP experience ?

Try wormholes.
Insanes ISK/h, good pvp, mainly subcap form small gang to medium fleet depending your corp and WH class

So, fairly new to moon mining, an R64 moon would be in null sec correct?

What WH class would you recommend? I’ve heard C5s are ludicrous and can make unsafe amounts of isk

I was considering being a carrier or dread pilot for a large alliance, it is just strange how limited serious (100mil plus) careers are for sub capitals, personally I think it might be better if I wait until I have a dread or carrier to rat

Correct, I dont believe that there is any R64 in lowsec.

Anything you do in null will net your more ISK than what you’ve been doing in HS

yes C5 are very good isk but if you don’t know WH yet, you would better get into a nice Low Class WH corp (from C1 to C4) to learn the ropes. If your aim is Isk, have a C3 as static is very good, a little less isk than C5 but much safer

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