Anything More Profitable Than Incursions?

Title says it all, looking for consistency over anything else really.

Carrier, supercarrier and smartbomb machariel ratting in sov null sec. Level 5 missions in low sec, although I am not entirely sure about that.

Have any links for information about level 5’s? I can’t seem to find lp/hour, isk/hour, or solo / group guides. I just see people talk about soloing them and using alts to grind out more desirable ones.

Don’t bother with L5 they’re a pile of rancid dog ■■■■ compared to incursions. With 6 L5 mission pullers (characters) i managed to pull 9 carrier missions in the space of 5/6 hours just a couple of days ago. I’ve been getting constantly the same sort of results or worse over the last month. The LP store are also shite as they’ve been farmed to death (when they can) over the years by local pirates and share a lot of items that are in common with Faction warfare. So unless you want to sit on your LP for months you’re looking at 500/750 isk/LP at most.

Unless you can mine in a rorqual and do ice mining or find a nice moon lowsec in general is crap. Belt ratting for clone tags will get you 50/60 mill an hour if your lucky. Exploration you’ll maybe get 100 mill an hour IF you get a nice drop every now and again.

Blitzing L4 burner mission could be very profitable in lowsec for the right corp. However you may get a better payout in lowsec but you will want to run in a t2 fit as it’s a pvp area. So you may as well be blitzing burners in highsec and use a shiny fit in complete safety. As you will probably average the same amount of isk as you can run them faster.

Neutron i’m in the same boat as you i’m looking for a replacement to high sec HQ Incursions and i just don’t know were to go from here.

Relic hunting in nullsec (on par or better, if you invest ~4h at least), manufacturing (knowledge based, much better, “AFK”), trading (probably the best income in game), …

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you can find stations with several agents for L4 burners in LS. you SHOULD use several accounts, thus making it viable to fly T2 fit. With two accounts you can do most burners agents/team ; with three you can do all.
As I already explained in another post, the reward (LP/isk) from LS can be as high as 5 times what you can get in lanngisi. people tell you they do 200M/h in lanngisi ? that becomes 1B/h in ns. with cheaper fits.

Mate i’ve been doing exactly that for federal freight in Jovinnan were there are 4 lvl 4 agents. Here’s the thing though, i’ve tested it with T2 fits and i’ve tested it with a full rack of CN BCU on team burners. A full rack of CN BCU give you so much more applied dps you just melt ■■■■. So instead of taking 3/4 minutes a team burner you’re doing them in 1.5 minutes. That’s the thing you might be only getting an extra say 50 dps but you lose so much dps from the logi reps and the resist most of your dps doesn’t count. So your actual applied dps ends up near doubling even though it only goes up a small amount.

Forget Lanngisi i was running mission out of there 8 years ago before burners were even a thing. There are clusters though of L4 agent, not all the same corp, in clumps all over highsec, within a couple of jumps of one another with great LP stores. That if you blitz with multiple pullers and shiny fits you’ll make as much or more than you could in lowsec.

That’s exactly why I said you need two toons.
with two characters you don’t even need to kill the logis. you more than double your applied DPS

Also if you have a corpo with bad isk/LP, no wonder you don’t make money. I was talking about corps in NS for 5*lanngisi reward, not corps in LS.

not really

Yes really

Your link is not related to the discussion.

But sure, SOE lp store is worth 3.6k.

Dual Proteus FW farming is pretty good, I think that was sitting around 1.2 bil/hr.

Farming Burners in null-sec makes around 700-800 mil/hr with a three-ship alt setup, and more than that with multiple solo runner setups. It is very difficult to make it Continuous though.

aka why I cba to run burners anymore.

also how much are you pulling in with incursions? I always liked missions as I never had to fly around to get to the next incursion site, and burners just made missions that much better. It seemed like I pretty much always matched whatever people were claiming they were making on incursions with missions, and never had to bother with moving about, or waiting for a slot.

The only things that look better imo would be super ratting, rorqual multiboxing, or FW mission farming.

I make about 1.5 to 1.7 billion every 5 hours depending on dps in fleet and how many blueprints worth of LP i can squeeze out. But that is only when I am in a fleet, there is downtime currently it used to be 24/7 daily.

AKA I need to find something that pays around 200 mill/hour when fleets are down.

that’s what people claim for burners in Lanngisi.

For me it’s the sideline aspect, when not PvP roaming I’m sitting in Perimeter fooling around and occasionally update my orders and fill the slots of my manufacturing lanes once a day, if there is an opportunity. I do not need to actually “work” for the ISK or pay attention that way.

200m/hr is the conservative claim with low LP values. I’d estimate it around 240-250m/hr right now. Some groups have done some ganks down there and I think it has spooked a bunch of runners and recently LP values have popped up. Don’t fly what you cant afford to lose and all that. And like I always said the 3x cn bcu polarized garmur is pure gank bait. Sure you get the kill a bit faster, but you’re a 400mil pinata. If you play off peak hours or are in a different area you can probably get away with it if you want to risk it.

and yea that’s always nice. Log in update orders and I can forget them for some time, sometimes it’s good to be logged in and playing the 0.01 game, other times it’s good to just let the orders ride. And on the build side, log in build stuff, log out and log in the next character. Took me ~20mins to swap between 6 characters.

it’s stupid easy money, and tbh I got bored of making money just to make money.

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You can scan down wormholes and find some c3, cr and c5 holes with sleeper anoms in them.
Its alot of work to sometimes find the good holes and run them .
With dual marauders or nestors or 2 remote rep cruisers and a higg dps bs anything is possible.
Its your own imagination and drive and luck that sets the limit on how much you can make.

Thanks for the helpful info. Just FYI, I think you made a typo in your first post that is confusing people.

Excerpt from your first post:

"… As I already explained in another post, the reward (LP/isk) from LS can be as high as 5 times what you can get in lanngisi… "

Excerpt from your later post:

“… . I was talking about corps in NS for 5*lanngisi reward, not corps in LS. …”

Did you mean to use ‘NS’ instead of ‘LS’ in your earlier post? Not trying to antagonize - just looking to root out sources of confusion.