Hi ! I’m coming back to High sex since 1year ago, and i’m wondering how profitable incursions are in high sec ?
do i get better ticks running any anom (i don’t think so, but i still ask, ikr) or L4’s (but standings are a pain in the ass to raise).

I haven’t run Incursions lately. But I know that when I was doing them, you could make 10 mil every 5 minutes.

Which is why a lot of the fleets become very Elitist. They were quickly able to afford super bling fits, which helped maximize run times and profits. And pretty soon they expected every member to already be a Billionaire and able to afford an equally shiny fit. If you didn’t have a Faction BS with Officer mods, you were holding them back from those fast profits.

Not sure if they are still that snobby. But if you can get in, it’s very fast and (relatively) easy money. =)

Thats why i’ve read… but no actual data, everything is at least one year old
I’m coming from null, i’ve got isk from “Dank ticks”, but was wondering about high sec…

There is a wide variation within the small Incursion community, ranging from very elitist to “wow, they even accepted me into the fleet”. I would start with one of the more open incursion communities to learn the ropes, since some of the higher skilled communities may blacklist you if you happen to make an inexperienced error and cause ship loss. Remember to do your homework and be familiar in fleet protocol/communication, as well as module use/abilities and NPC abilities/behavior. Good luck!

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burner missions are 20-30mil every 6 mins or so at high efficiency and 10-12 mins or so with a poor layout where you have to go ~5 jumps for each mission. Takes some grinding for standings, but once you have it it’s easy to maintain. Also if you do the data center agents for the main and allied faction you probably have pretty decent standings to start with.

For anoms I think you will do better with carrier or super ratting. A carrier is probably the similar cost to a nice incursion ship, and I’ve seen super cheaper than super bling’d incursion ships. Subcap ratting I don’t think you will be able to beat incursions unless you mulitbox.

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