Incursions with 1 Percent

Join channel 1 Percent for elite Incursions!
Experienced Fleet and Logistics commanders!
Ship Replacement Fund!

English Speaking North America TZ

up to 100 MILL per hour…not that money is what we want after all…

̿̿̿̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿=((•̪●))=/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ You Feel Lucky Punk?

Oh yea, and Ts3 server also…

Armour or Shield.
Hq or Vg or Assault?
Hs or Ls?

it just doesnt worth ur time, since u can do l4 when u want and how u like, and main thing that theres no need to wait other pilots.

Shield Gang…
and as for sites? well, a good bunny takes em all!
Of course, with 20 good pilots, AS sites.
But, rolling VG fleets are nice.

Your correct, lvl 3-5 are always there when you want. Even belt chain ratting.
It does not hurt to jazz things up once in a while.

As any EVE bitter vet as myself knows and empathizes with, the mish grind can really
take away from your EVE experience. As a matter of fact, just this afternoon I ran Angels
Extravaganza…and all I could think of was…if I spend a month of this to get one plex…
when in half a week, i can get a month of Omega game time and best of all? Have some laughs,
kick a@@ in the sites, win contests, make friends and of coz ISK ISK BABY

Incursions Baby!
Come fire up the ISK printer right MEOW!

nothing is in the channel at all, its empty, no info, no people

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