Returning Player(s) - Fleet PVE

So myself and few of my old corp mates have returned to EVE. We’re mostly looking to relax as we enjoy each others company.

We’re high SP players who don’t give a fly about ISK. What Fleet PVE can we do with 4 to 10 players? Is there an incursion or invasion thing aimed at a group that size? Again we don’t care about ISK (per hour) at all. We just want the content.

Pretty sure you’ll be able to run either Incursion Vanguard or Invasion Major Conduit sites with that many people, assuming you’ve got some logi pilots in the mix. Pirate FOBs could also be an option.


Arent Vanguards super contested, Im not looking to speed run these things to beat other players to it.

Not as much anymore.
You’ll be pushed to the system with the longest warps to avoid contests if you’re looking to run really laid back, but generally it’ll be 2-3 fleets in the best system (smallest), then 2 in the next smallest, then next to none in the 3rd (guaranteed) and 4th (only in large constellations) VG systems.

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Did they make it less profitable? It used to be printing free ISK basically. But still good to know. Im fine with long warps. Love warp implants. When your Mach outruns an Interceptor you know you’re having a good time.

Sort of. The On-grid booster change, along with the collapse of several of the public/semi-public communities in the VG space has lead to lower profits.

It’s now in the 90-110m/hr range before LP, which means many HQ fleets will consistently outperform it with less thought from line pilots.

Ahhh cool, dont care about ISK so that works for us

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