Looking for an incursion community


I am a 33 million SP main that is currently involved in a corp that is taking a short break from activity, so I am wanting to run incursions for fun/isk to keep the account plexed and keep myself in the game.

I have heard of incursion communities that are cool, invite you into fleets, but dont require them to join their corp.

If anyone is a part of these, I would love to run incursions with you all.

Also, I have both armor and shield skills maxed out. I dont/have ever flown logistics, but I am very good with battleships, and I have the money to pay for expensive ships. T2 lasers, T2 missiles, T2 blasters, and leshak skills.



Google isn’t working?

Try looking for “Warp To Me” and “The Valhalla Project”, or join the “Incursions” channel (maybe no “s”) in game.

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Damn 13 hours later and not a single invite, seems to me that this “interacting” people say they want in eve is not holding water.

This pal might have found someone in game by EVE Mails, or simply meeting a community willing to take him in.

Maybe, it’s like the Tootsie Pop, the world may never know how many licks.

Hi Zander,

I’m an FC with TDF we’re happy to take on newbro. We fly an armor doctrine, come join our chat channel TDF-Official.

In the MOTD you’ll see a list of mailing lists. Join those to see what fits you need to join our fleets. The general rule of thumb is you need 9850 raw armor + 55% min resists to run Vanguards. To run Assault or HQ sites you need 17k raw armor + 65% min resists.

If you have any questions ask in the ingame chat channel TDF-Official. Or here and when i can i’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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