Incursion Fleet

How can i join incursion fleets without joining a corp?

join in game channel “warp to me incursions” - shield fit ships
" the ditanian fleet" - armor fit ships
" new galaxy age" - russian shield community

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Quick clarification, TDF’s in-game channel is “TDF-Official” (without quotes).

As @Searbhreathach said, we use an armour doctrine within our fleet, you can find our fits here. - To start off you would only need a Starter fit which you can use as either an Alpha (Free to Play) account or Omega account.

To make sure you are safe in our fleets and able to keep up you need to make sure you have the required skills. For more information pop into our in-game channel, and ask questions - someone will be more than happy to help you work out your next move.


Another option to try out incursions is Eve Rookies. We only do VGs and we have blaster and sniper Praxis that we can hand out for a refundable deposit of 250m. Just come over in a shuttle, trade the isk with the ship and when you hand the ship back in you get your isk back.

We run Tues/Fri/Sun at 18:00 (19:00 in winter) and are working on getting FCs in other TZs as well.

Our main goal on these fleets are fun. So if you’re looking at coming in and making bank, we’re not for you. However, if you’re looking at trying something new with fun people while adding a little isk to your wallet then you’ll enjoy yourself. Though these days we can pull over 100m/hr if we have the right ships and experience in the fleet! Even a full praxis fleet has been pulling over 80m!

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