Eve Rookies Incursions (alpha & rookie friendly)

Updated on 14 May 2023

Or, as alpha and rookie friendly as we can make them for our little public vanguard incursion group!

Ok, first thing’s first. If you’re relatively new to the game and are just now hearing about incursions, what are they? They’re end game PVE content that require a lot of skills, isk, and time but in return pay well in isk and LP.

Incursion sites aren’t static, they’ll run for several days then despawn. When they come back up, they’re in another location. As Eve Rookies runs High Sec incursions, this means they’re either around Amarr space (60% of the time) or end up closer to Jita/Dodixie.

So here’s the question we get a lot. How can Eve Rookies invite rookies and alpha’s to this high end content? Great question. As I said before, we’re a Vanguard group. This is the easiest of the incursion sites run with 10-13 people. So we’ve worked our doctrine down so that we have the most basic requirements that a 1-3 month old in the game could fly, or an alpha.

Alpha Friendly Blaster Praxis
Basic Blaster Praxis
Basic Laser Praxis

So far we’ve attracted a lot of vets who had heard about incursions, never tried them, rented a Praxis for a fleet then went out and bought their own Vindi, Nightmare or Vargur to come fly with us. Thanks to these guys we’re able to support quite a few Praxis in the fleet!

Now, here’s where we’re a little different. We have Praxis to hand out to those who aren’t sure if they’re going to like Incursions or want to invest in the time, skills, and ships to go into Headquarters (the top end). This means someone can show up in a pod and “rent” a Praxis for 250 million isk. At the end of the fleet as long as we get our praxis back, the pilot will leave with his 250m + whatever he earned in fleet!

So no need to invest in anything other than some missing skills up front!

Our AU fleets are typically going to be armor fit while the EU fleet is always going to be shield.

Training Fleets: Tues (18:00 summer 19:00 winter), Fri (18:00), Sat (02:00 and 22:00), Sun (18:00)
A-Fleets: Thurs (18:00)
XUP: Eve Rookies Incursions
Comms: Eve Rookies (give yourself the incursion role)
Doctrine: Eve Rookies Incursions Ship Doctrine - (armor coming this week!)
SRP: Pay 15m to Eve Rookies for SRP up to 6B on approved fits
Isk/hr: 60-100m depending on how many low skilled players there are
More info: Eve Rookies Incursions -

Eve Rookies Incursions considers itself the “taster” incursion fleet. We are not a hardcore group by any means and are more often than not running less efficiently due to the mix of low skills, new players, and beginner ships. If you want to maximize your isk per hour, we’re probably not the group for you. If you want maximum fun with a little more isk per hour that you could get doing level 4 missions? You’ll fit right in!

Eve Rookies Video Playlist

We hope to see some of you out there! Oh, and if you’re a new player that can’t fly a Praxis yet, consider coming out to scout for us. It pays 5m per site completed! Eve Rookies Incursion Scout

Incursions not your thing? We now offer different types of fleets. Mining, FOBs, missions, ratting… just check our discord PVE pings channels! More on the fleets here: The Ultimate Destination for Public Fleets -

:blue_heart: :blue_heart: Kshal Aideron


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