New player friendly Public High Sec Incursion Running

Hey there my name is princess abbie and im an FC within a few different NPSI communities, along with some friend I have now setup a public access incursion running community that is open to alphas and omega accounts with low skill entry requirements.

You can take part from any corp/alliance as long as you are not in active wars.
There is also room for players interested in learning to FC sites.

We are specialising on sites that are new player friendly so running Vanguard fleets for newer players and we are set out to start running Assaults in the next month or so allowing the players more experienced to incursions an option to earn a little higher as we also work in a slightly larger group.

The only ships that require some level of training is our Logi (healing ships) which is Basis that ideally have logistics cruisers level 5 but one level 4 generally can be accepted in fleets.

If you want to join in you can simply join our in-game channel over at: “Nova Prospects Incursions”, we have a full rookie guide on our website that will talk you through how to join in-game channels along with how to get the basic settings and changes done that will prepare you for running incursions in high-sec.

Once logged in on our website you will be able to view all the fittings we use aswell, some of our main doctrine fits are listed in-game aswell.

We use Mumble for communicating on fleet, a mic is not required but being able to join and listen to the FC is required.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to seing you in our fleets some time in the near future.

You can also join our public Discord.

We look forward to flying with you in the next spawn pilot!

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