High Sec Incursion Running

Hey there my name is princess abbie and im an FC within a few different NPSI communities, along with some friend I have now setup a public access incursion running community that is open to alphas and omega accounts with low skill entry requirements.

You can take part from any corp/alliance as long as you are not in active wars.
There is also room for players interested in learning to FC sites.

We are specialising on sites that are new player friendly so running Vanguard fleets for newer players and we are set out to start running Assaults in the next month or so allowing the players more experienced to incursions an option to earn a little higher as we also work in a slightly larger group.

The only ships that require some level of training is our Logi (healing ships) which is Basis that ideally have logistics cruisers level 5 but one level 4 generally can be accepted in fleets.

If you want to join in you can simply join our in-game channel over at: “Nova Prospects Incursions”, we have a full rookie guide on our website that will talk you through how to join in-game channels along with how to get the basic settings and changes done that will prepare you for running incursions in high-sec.


Once logged in on our website you will be able to view all the fittings we use aswell, some of our main doctrine fits are listed in-game aswell.

We use Mumble for communicating on fleet, a mic is not required but being able to join and listen to the FC is required.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to seing you in our fleets some time in the near future.


Its a hard sell starting up a new one a few have tryed and failed.

WTM/TDF/NGA more or less lock down incursions so starting a 4th is not going to work out well.

i am part of wtm fleets too but 6 hour que for dps isnt great they all focus on hqs too we have no interest in hqs

I want to see this succeed. I think a discord would help a lot.

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we have a discord with fleet pings and pings for incursion spawns etc

Wishing you the best, NPI.

Perhaps post something in new player’s Q&A section (suggest mentionioning logistics ships in EvE means repair ships) and general discussion also?


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yeh sounds like a plan thankyou

Why not an armor setup with 2 Nestors as DPS? You really want all the tracking mids for vanguards, right?

the majority of the initial pilots all flew shield and as we are doing this as a work me up towards people also going onto warp to me fleets then it made sense doing shields from what we tried in the praxis so far tracking hasnt been an issue with the basis and scimi offering RTC for the snipers and the blasters having there own script

thanks for the feedback though

That makes sense. Could you share some average sitetimes, if everything is working as intendet?

during the test run on NCO the best time we got to with the t1 praxis’s was 7 minutes worst time was 12 mins average was around 8m 30s but this is with t1 guns on every one

we need more people to start properly chaining sites as we had people needing to go afk or leave etc meaning we had to wait until more people came online to keep running if core roles left for example

this is why we are now promoting it out so we can run longer without breaks and actually start chaining the sites as we have them sussed out now

efficiency is what we are working on for the next spawn basically

It looks like you copied the Warp To Me rookie guide, almost word for word.

I mean atleast make it less blatantly obvious you took guides from other groups my good sir. They spent years formulating and testing those and you practically took everything they worked on and used it probably without their express permissions. I mean im pretty sure even your video guide was allowed in good faith for newbros and you still didnt blur out everyones names (i.e. your watchlist, locks, broadcasts) assuming that was you who posted the vids

Why? He is pretty open about being a WTM pilot and that he only created this fleet, cause WTM seems to have huge waitinglists right now. And WTM refuses to form a second fleet, even for smaller sites, to get more people into fleets (which is cool, if they dont wanna organise it).

i referenced the wtm and the eve uni one but i wrote it all out my self

i got permission for the videos and i actively fly with wtm we took a strong reference of there guides as we are acting as a midway to help new players start out on lower tier sites and then when prepared they move up to the bigger expensive ships to go into hqs with wtm

there is also only so many ways to same the same thing
in terms of the video i was told to cover fleet and remove comms that is all they wanted covering up i had way more opsec on my vod than was requested

we intentionally used the same motd layouts etc so that people transition over when they are ready dont have to change what they are used to thats the whole point of it

why change what already works

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i am getting advice from wtm fcs on how to run the fleets and various fcs have been actively helping us to set this up and optimise it, its much easier for wtm to operate efficiently if the pilots coming up already know what they are doing and how every thing works from doing lower tier sites where its a little bit easier for them to learn without there mistake costing others large amounts of isk

i appreciate the feedback though
we are not here to compete we are here as a stepping stone we are working with eve uni to bring more new players into incursions

wtm for what ever reason doesnt field second fleets or lower tier fleets along side there hq fleets so we are not hurting any one just offering people a chance to do some thing other than 6 hours of sitting in a waitlist not learning any thing


well i forgot to keep bumping this, we now have a few extra fcs and will be doing multiple fleets this coming week happy thanksgiving folks and see you in fleet soon.

There’s only one high sec incursion now, when there previously used to be 3. I doubt you’ll find enough sites with the other fleets out scooping them up.

we have been running for a few weeks already without an issue there are plenty of vanguard systems adn only about 3 groups running vanguards and maybe 4 multboxers that i know of, we work with well the others in system there is more than enough sites to be shared out and its not about efficiency its about giving people the experience