Where can I found content for newbie 2-5 player fleet?

I asked GMs the same question and got answered with

To find new content the best way to do is, to join a corp or alliance, there are a lot of things to do, like invading wormholes, capturing a sovereignty system, destroying structures, and big/small fun fleet fights even with cheap (less than 20 million) ships, fleet mining, and for solo or 1 - 3 person, content abyss can be interesting as well, faction warfare, ESS intrusions, and some other activities.

To which my answers were:

  1. I am already in my corps with friends. Corporation itself does not provide content
  2. Invading wormholes is contradicting to requested parameter “with semblance of safety”
  3. Capturing a sovereignty system is PvP content and not for 2-5 player newbies on T1 cruisers
  4. Destroying structures is either is, let’s say, not exciting (how long it will take Oracle to kill POCO?) or not safe and it’s not really can be called a content is it?
  5. Big/small fun fleet of gate campers in lowsec? Faction Warfare when all you get is escalation-or-run-away? Roaming PvP fleets in nullsec? Roaming PvP fleets in WH? Yeah, it’s super safe PvE activity for 2-5 player newbies
  6. I suppose fleet meming can be exciting in highsec(safety!) if you like to stare at rocks
  7. Abyss is restricted to frigates; time limiting; grindy; random; repetitive; max 3 players; not really safe (you’ll lose capsule if DC happens)
  8. Faction Warfare is PvP activity which is against safe and chilling and were answered above
  9. ESS intrusions is PvP activity. When I said null sec is empty, I’m not sure I’ll get zero reaction from null-elites if someone will try to rob their banks. And I understand them - there is no content for them too!
  • Incursions often require strict fit, skills, implants and it’s not for 2-5 player fleet
  • Event is fun(smuggler ones), but it’s more about hurry and wait content than combat content for small 2-5 players fleet

If by most content you mean PvP then yes, I dismissed it, because I’m asking for PvE content.

I don’t know if hurry and wait game is fun for you, but it’s not for me. I don’t know if killing three frigates as fleet of three cruisers after 15 min of flying around to get mission is exciting for you, but it’s not fun for me.

UPD2: Level 1-3 missions were designed for solo player, not fleets. Of course it would be boring and grindy! That’s half the reason I dismissed them. Also, lvl2 mission as battle ships is not really exciting even solo - missions were designed with frigate/destroyer class size in mind. I can’t find lvl2 mission which require, say, battleship size.

UPD1: To be strictly fair, PvP content is outside of this topic. IF you’re asking about my option. then for me PvP can be fun if it’s structured => can’t have outside interference. When you join 1v1 frigate abyss you do not expect it to be one-player-on-frigate versus one-fleet-of-hundred-carriers, yes?

Split into two teams, run 2 man dessie abyss to fund filament PvP adventures.

What’s hard about that?

When you’re staying with girl(man)friend, do you did it over discord in two different hotels or do it in the same bed?

It’s becoming if you’re homeless just buy a house meme. Asked for PvE content - suggested PvP activity. Asked about 5 man fleet - suggested to split it in two. Asked about battlecruisers - suggested to fly destroyers.

I am explained parameters not enough? Repeat after me: 2-5 players, PvE, for newbies, with limited outside interference, medium-sized ships, chilling(safe and not hurry up and wait type).

My post was created after I looked over eve-uni wiki, asked around in the game and even raised a GM ticket. Raised because I am both concerned about EVE Online and about what to do in the game. And if there really no content with, honestly, not so restricting parameters, then “yeah, only lvl4 missions inside asked parameters” will be enough to confirm this issue. And after it’s confirmed, question can be raised: it is bug or feature?

Bro it sounds like sandbox games are not for you :smiley:

I suggest Stardew :smiley:

There is no limited outside inference bub. You’re in an open world PvP sandbox game.

Go to low, fly lvl 5s together, probably get blapped :smiley:

Welcome to EVE :smiley:

If not, biomass bro :smiley:


Yeah, I’m basically going to say what Gix said, except with a little more tact. Eve is an always-on-PvP sandbox game with a full loot death mechanic. There is plenty of PvE in the game (and some of it doesn’t completely suck), but it’s also not the game’s strong suit. So, if you’re not looking for a hardcore PvP experience, then maybe you should move on. However, since you’re already here, why not try to have some fun before you go?

Anyway, abyssals and incursions are the two biggest group PvE activities in the game. Unfortunately, abyssals are limited to 3 players, and incursions will require that you join someone else’s fleets -which means you’ll have to deal with waitlists. On the plus side, you can also make some new friends in game, and eventually get all your peeps into fleet.

Incursion Communities

PvP Communities


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Give in to the dark side :smiley:

Look at his responses haha.

Although this does prove you are an upstanding mate.

Can’t remember what other thread it was but people were trynna claim you were toxic and I LOLed my pants off right into Poch poch I tell you.

P.S. Next time you’re in Poch poch, call it Poch Poch in local. The natives love it :smiley:

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That’s why I started this thread, but getting “lol kek get rekt” response was sadly not surprising, no hard feelings.

Thank you for answer on topic and provided links.

As PvE fleet activities I can also recommend Vulfpeck, but that’s also sadly outside of asked parameters.

Course it isn’t surprising. You threw a tantrum for every response LOL.

Uh so now you’re recommending activities to yourself but vetoing them too?

You got issues bruv :smiley:

Head in down to nullsec. Learn to PvP.

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looks like Mr ex-President is into spaceship spreadsheet game. what timezone r u in? are you into pvp?

if you like pvp, consider faction war. I suggest you join the corp United Caldari Space Command, which is a very organised caldari FW corp.

If I understand correctly, you categorize all group content in EVE as:

  • low challenge = ‘a joke’
  • high challenge = ‘not for newbies’
  • any risk of PvP = ‘not safe enough’

Too bad, there is no group content in this PvP game that has no risk of PvP and also isn’t either ‘a joke’ or ‘too hard’ for you.

Maybe try some of the possibilities anyway, before vetoing them.

Personally I love the group PvP content and can recommend it: encounters are with other players so they never get really predictable or boring.

If you had a good corporation there would be members willing to create content by organizing events, making fleets, setting objectives and reaching those together as corporation.

This is a sandbox game and you’re sitting in the sandbox staring at all the sand complaining that there is nothing to do.

Use your imagination and create your own content using the tools the game supplies to you.

The benefit of joining a good corporation is that you are not the only one to create all content for yourself, but you can also join other corporation members who organize events or create fleets.

In empire space, though probably quite repetitive if you do it 5 times in a row, I found the epic arcs to be more interesting then regular missions.

For fleets with true 5 players (5 persons using 1 account each rather then 1 person using 5 accounts) I’d recommend you to do C3 / C4 / C5 space stuff. Ewar and remote repair are very powerful when you’re not buzzled about which client you just alt-tabbed into and neglect the others all the time.

Escalations might be a thing, too. They are randomly rewarded for completing combat signatures but most people who get them don’t run them. Instead, they are often “sold”, allowing you to buy an escalation you want to run, rather then grinding cosmic signatures in hope to get one and it to be one that you like. I don’t know where they’re traded in highsec, however all larger low and nullsec alliances trade them all the time, so I assume there to be a chat channel for escallation trade, or something like that, in highsec, too.

We’re running C3 now, it’s fun; not so time consuming to find in comparison to event sites; allow to think about what fit to use to maximize wormhole effect if you have taste for math

Will run through my friends that idea. Last I checked(years ago?) they were on par with current event sites. I am correct in that assumption?

  1. Even flying through high-sec is a risk to suicide gankers, so no, not “any risk of PvP” is vetoed out, but “low effort ganking”
  2. Between “low” and “high” there is supposed to be “middle”, no? Jumping from career agents straight to Incursions is a high toll for newbies. And it’s not only about skill points or ISK, it’s also about skills as a player; paranoia level and how stressful gameplay for newbie is: losing your ship because your own mistake is one thing, losing fleet because of your mistake as logistic is another level of stress

That’s what I’m asking here - PvE content that I missed. I didn’t looking for PvP content because there is a lot of it already: from roleplaying space pirates to wardecing to ganks to FW to evictions.

Undock in Eve and one has to go out of their way to not find content.

Eve perhaps needs more themeparks, though getting there and back is still not safe, nor should it be.

Which has more content? ED or Eve? Probably Eve, but ED is much much larger. ED has expanded somewhat with planet stuff. So, hard to say which has the most content, it’s different content.

I will say that again, that’s not about learn or not learn PvP. To me, your answer is like when you come to get bike driver license but official throw you away with words: go get truck drive license instead!

You have bugged sorting function in your brain. “get rekt” is the first comment to this topic.

That’s calling “show an example”.

We considered joining FW as alts, but that’s offtopic :slight_smile:
P.S. What’s current status of FW now? I hear FW degraded to spinning plex and run away on the first sight of the enemy to be back with x2 size of your fleet.

Fanfest 2022 it was a big thing wasn’t it? A Coming Soon kind of big thing.

You want content, this is the most common, easily findable content in the game.

You’re a starving man, turning up your nose at all the food being offered to you.