Lost about what to do next (newbro frustration?)

Hello all. First post here.

I’m writing here because I’m honestly at a loss for what I could be/should be doing next.

At the moment, I’ve been just huffing gas in order to afford some nicer ships for combat, as well as injecting skills in order to start getting involved in some more fun combat situations such as low sec combat sites. However it seems my efforts are in vain as I’ve lost tons of ships from gankers in low sec whenever I decide to try my hand at combat sites.

The responses I’ve gotten from rookie chat seem to say that I shouldn’t even bother doing combat sites in low sec solo.

Someone in a corp I’m in gave me ship and fit recommendations to join in on some PVP, which have skills that would take months to grind, to which they respond “sorry, can’t help you then”.

And a final recommendation I received is just stick to security missions and/or abyssals.

It’s honestly feeling like a game that seems cool from the outside looking in from my perspective, but everytime it feels like I have enough skills/gear to join in on the fun, I get told I need to stick to PVE stuff.

Not having fun atm.


Assuming the skills that take “months” are the magic 14? Skills that make it essential to fly ships. Yes they are important, but what is more important is getting into easily skilled ships.

What are your goals, what do you wanna do in eve? You might be better suited joing a corp for new players like karmafleet or eve uni or brave newbies.


Have a look at this thread and download the chart.

There’s so much more to this game than what you have discovered so far.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You probably got bad advice, and probably not in the right group. That’s ok, doesn’t say anything bad about you nor the corp.

I mentored a rookie on PvP fundamentals for a few days in our new Alpha accounts, spent about 650k of the 1M free SP on them in a few key places, then did a frigate roam together in FW. We died a few times but had fun. Our first kill together was a quarter billion ISK blingy punisher. He got to keep the loot drop. It was surreal moment for him and for me (a „I couldn’t have made this up“ moment).

I’m not mentoring at the moment, and that’s not really the point, the point is that you can do crazy cool things even with low SP. I recommend finding the right group with the right people.


Solo PvP (or PvE) in low sec is just about the highest-risk activity you can undertake, IMO. You’re bound to get constantly dunked by people who’ve got 2 or more years on you in the same environment.

As for “doing next”, it needs more info. However it seems like mostly you want to PvP and not constantly lose.

In order to do that, one thing you’ll need is a source of income. So you should decide which ISK-earning activity you prefer, and how much of a PvP budget you want to fund, and get your funding in place.

Second, you need to learn PvP tactics in an environment somewhat more helpful than low sec’s “I want to learn how to swim, cut me and dump me in the shark tank!”. Your best options are probably to join a PvP corp that’s willing to bring on newbies, or try solo in a place more conducive to it like Faction Warfare. Or do both and join a decent FW corp.

Use this to get an idea on solo tactics and fits, it’s basically your “Frigate PvP Bible”:

Solo PvP (or getting PvP’d while trying to PvE) is a tough starting point, basically because you’ll frequently be up against people with more SP, more ISK, more experience, more friends and more knowledge of the environment you’re in than you. So you might give some consideration to fitting out 30 cheap ships and tossing them in a meatgrinder just to get some physical practice, then using that knowledge to direct your next steps.


looking at your corp killboard, i’m going to suggest you find a better corp with some players that can actually help you.

that one looks, decidedly underwhelming.


Just mine, sell all you get for isk so you have some cash in the bank.

Ignore all the ones trying to tell you what pvp skills to get etc, they just want you out in space to shoot you in the back :wink:

Mining is the way forward, without minerals there’s no ships .

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Not every player into PvP is into socially engineered treachery. How else do NPSI fleets exist. Spreading these stereotypes is actively harmful for retention.

On that note, OP feel free to join NPSI fleets and hang out with a bunch of folks and perhaps make some friends along the way.

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Sheesh…give up on them and join Absolute Order. Loads of helpful people to give advice. Free T1 doctrine ships…though you’ve been in Eve almost a year so should be capable of a lot of T2as well . Lots of battles lately…which even relative noobs are joining. And a good ship replacement policy.

Or at least find some other good corp. But don’t waste time on a corp that really isn’t helping you get what you want out of Eve.

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Thanks all for your replies. It’s very helpful.

At the moment, it’s hard to say. However that chart that @Mr_Epeen posted is super helpful. There is still a lot of PvE activities I want to try. Particularly running combat zones for decent isk atm. There are some other activities like hacking and such that I’d like to get into, but I just keep getting my ass kicked.

I’m going to apply for all three of those corps.

That all sounds fun as hell. How do I find more people to network with? I’m guessing here is one place.

Thanks for the advice. Yeah it’s really sounding like I need to spread my network a bit and look for some other groups to get involved with.

Ouch. Duly noted…

Also duly noted. I’ve started to suspect some advice on the rookie chat is to get some targets out into low sec/null sec.

I’ve actually never heard of NPSI fleets until now. I’ll look into it.

I’ll look into joining Absolute Order as well then.

Actually I’ve had an Eve account for a year, but I’ve only been active for maybe 2 or 3 months.

So it looks like the general consensus is I need to up my network game and shop around for a helpful corp. I’ll do some research into that right away, but at the risk of sounding like a newb in this territory, is finding corps as simple as just applying for a bunch of them in-game? Should I look on the forums or elsewhere for corp information as well?

Thanks all.

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NPSI, or Not Purple, Shoot It. basically if they aren’t in your fleet whoever you are with, you shoot anything you see.

look through the recruitment channels here on the forums. corp search in game is not that great honestly.

the 3 i mentioned are some of the best that focus on new players… i think brave and karma operate in null… eve uni in hi and maybe low…

not sure about the others mentioned.

There’s also corps that offer services like hauling, or the one i’m in which is solely pve, we raise standings grinding missions… so if you are into doing services for others, you can look up stuff like that… there are merc corps, gank corps like Safety. there is just so much to get into being in a better corp makes all the difference. and can even make “friends” on here as well with the forums.


whos kicking your ass hacking?
i recommend exploring in null, its the most isk/h activity a new guy can do. not dangerous either since most of nullsec is dead anyway. just make sure to stay away from stain, people usually stealth camp relic sites with tackle bombers there.

I tried to do some hacking in J-space, but got my ass handed to me by NPCs.

I actually tried to do that yesterday. I tried to make my way to null sec, but I ran into a group of at least 15 terrible standing pilots waiting outside of a wormhole. They took both my ship and my capsule out as soon as I decloaked. Lost my 2nd drake of the day. Super annoying.

Anyways, I applied for KarmaFleet for now. Hopefully stuff starts to become more fun.

j space is a terrible place to explore, here is why; you can only get pirate faction sites in wormhole classes 1-3 they do not spawn in c4-c6 systems (incase you dont know yet, there are wormhole classes from 1-6, also referred to as c1, c2 etc.) ONLY pirate faction sites like guristas, serpentis etc. have no NPC’s in them. you encountered sleeper data/relic sites, which arent possible with a frigatte and dont even contain good cans. the primary loot in those comes from killing the sleeper, which you prob dont have the skills for atm.

here is a neat trick to get into nullsec, use a “signal” or “noise” filament. a noise filament will teleport you at random into a system with “low player traffic” (most of the times pandemic horde space for me, atleast in my timezone) a “signal” filament tp’s you into “higher traffic”

to get safely out of null, you need so called “pochven” filaments. you need one thats called pochven “home” which gets you into pochven, a different part outside of the regular system, and when you are in pochven you can use an “extraction” filament to get back into highsec.

incase you dont know it yet, when you dont have the ability to cloak up, you have to work with “safespots” its a bookmark you can creat on your own in any location, even mid warp, to create a spot only you can warp to in space. however, people can use combat probes to scan you down.

if you use a filament, you have a 15 minute timer before you can use another one, therefore if you have a safespot in pochven you should ping (warping to a different location) alot IF you see combat probes on your d-scan

ps.: even if you are in a c1-c3 system, the odds of finding pirate faction data/relic sites are generally low, because you can also find sleeper sites there.


Sounds like you are getting some good advice here, but speaking from an experience with ALL games alike in general. You can get “burnout” very fast in PvP compared to PvE portions of these games. One HUGE difference with Eve Online I have noticed is the PvP aspect is day one and without any real introductions. They toss you into the deep end of the pool here and expect you to learn to swim.

One reason I guess I spend more of my time on Black Desert. While both games are open world PvP, they don’t allow you to engage targets inside “city limits” or under level 50. Anyone can get up to level 50 very fast however they won’t do it until they played the game for sometime. You still get burnout from doing both PvE and PvP in these games. Basically I pace myself, Rome wasn’t built in a day after all, I think it took at least a week.

I started doing some career missions and gradually moved into low security mining. I don’t do the wormholes like some of my friends. As with the pool analogy above, I am still - after 6 months - sitting on the side with my feet dangling in the water. If or when things get too overwhelming I will go back to the beginning. As the wise man said, “When you feel life is out of focus, always return to the basic of life. Breathing. No breath, no life.”.

Well that is my two cents, have fun!

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You’ve been given a lot of good directions here already. I just want to point out that skill points, ISK, various types of gameplay , none of this matters if you don’t have friends , the right group to play with.
Once you find that group it will be a lot easier for you as a new player, you will be more effective in a group than alone and the game will be more fun. While finding that group for you might take time and can bring a lot of frustrations along the way, you shouldn’t get discouraged by that. Some of us here are happy as lone wolves, but the majority need to have a connection with others.
In the right circumstances fun will come. Even a new player can render a marauder useless with a Crucifier/Maulus , or any other DPS and support ships. You can do that from day one.

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Using filaments is something I haven’t tried before. I’ll give it a try once I decide to leave dock again.

Yeah I think I’ve decided for now just to park at a station and just search for people to play with for now. I’m still waiting to get approved by KarmaFleet, so I may even play something else while I wait. Thanks so much for all of your responses.

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if you like doing missions, you can head over to our discord for USIA and speak with our boss and see if we’ll hire you. we pay you to run missions to raise standings for other people… L3 is required though.

you can still be in karmafleet and work for us btw.
last i checked we had some goons on our payroll lol.

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There we go. A perfect summary of EVE in the year of our lord 2024.


Sheesh…there’s any number of places where you can just wander right into nullsec without all the filament in and filament out malarkey. See, one of the big advantages of having a real-time scout ( and hence multiboxing ) is you can send a scout in a shuttle or cheap frigate ahead of you and even create bookmarks and safe spots. All without risking your more expensive ship or getting killboard losses on it…or randomly ending up in the middle of nowhere on some filament.