Lots of newb questions

This seems risky. By posting in the “New Citizens Q&A” section with some super newb questions (that have probably been asked by hundreds of newbies in the past), I feel like I’m basically putting up a billboard begging every spammy Corp recruiter to hit me up with hundreds of invites to their Corp because they’re the best and they’ll do everything for me! Hopefully, I’m wrong, and my inbox isn’t about to die.

I understand that joining a Corp can be an integral part of this game, but I’m not interested in just joining any random Corp that happens to contact me and say “join us, we’re the best!” I’m hopeful that I can take some time to play the game solo for a while as I learn a bit about the players, Corps, and history, and then eventually choose the right Corp that fits my playstyle and goals.

Hopefully, the members and recruiters of quality Corps will recognize that the hard sell isn’t going to work here and that taking the time to converse about the game, and our experiences, will allow us both to determine if I’m actually a good fit for their Corp or not.

Having gotten that out of the way…

Yes, I’m a brand new player to EVE. I just downloaded the game 2 days ago. Prior to that, I wasn’t even aware of the game’s existence. I’ve played through all the NPC Agent Training Missions. I’m now trying to figure out where to go from here. I’ve got about a dozen questions or so at this point (I’m sure I’ll have higher quality questions once I understand things better). Am I better off creating a separate post for each question, or do I just list them all here in one huge post? I’ve done a bit of Google searching, but I feel like I’m so new that I don’t even know where to look.

At a high level, my questions mostly seem to fall into a couple of categories:

  1. What is this stuff, and what do I do with it (stuff I’ve got from salvage, or from Training missions, or just stuff I’ve seen in the game)?
  2. What do I need to know that the Training Missions didn’t teach me (I’ve got some battle tactics questions, some Corp questions, and some skills questions)?
  3. Do I have to make all the mistakes (with associated costs of time and ISK) that every newb makes, or are there simple things I can do to fast-track my development, learning from the mistakes of others?

If a corporation spams an invite to you, 9 times out of 10, they’re garbage corporations that only exist to leech tax income off unsuspecting new players.

As to your questions, they are too vague for me to provide any meaningful response.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m guessing you mean the items in game? They’re items and used for things. Can’t really do much without more specifics.

Don’t auto pilot.
Don’t mine in highsec.
Don’t fly more than you can afford to replace.

You’re going to whether you want to or not.


Those weren’t really questions. They were categories of questions.

Looks like you missed my key question:

I’ve got about a dozen questions or so at this point (I’m sure I’ll have higher quality questions once I understand things better). * *Am I better off creating a separate post for each question, or do I just list them all here in one huge post? **

I’m new here and not yet familiar with the general netiquette of this particular forum. I didn’t want to spam dozens of posts if it is preferred that I list them all in one post, but I also didn’t want to create a huge post that just ended up ignored because ;TL,DR.

Well up to you if you want to make a thread for each question or just keep it in 1 single big one.

Also, most NCQA regulars will not bother you with corp invites, we are here to help you, not recruit you.

As I’m on my phone, not easy to link stuff but important things are:

The Magic 14 - set of skills that will help you no matter what.
The Golden rules of EVE - Helpful tips and ‘rules’ to make your life safer and more enjoyable.

And the biggest thing the tutorial doesnt say, TALK to people.

See people in local, chat with them.
See people doing stuff you like, contact them
Many corps don’t mind if you hang in their public chat just to get to know them.
If you get killed (which will happen some day), contact the killer, ask politely for tips for the next time

EVE is a MMO, it is much more enjoyable with friends. Even if they are not in the same corp or even near you.

The best ship in EVE… Friendship


There are some quality corps that are legit and can help teach you the ins and outs of the game. A small few of course. Other corps you can into just a “cog” and really have no direction.

You can leave all questions in here and we can break them down one by one.

As far as items etc. Some are just for selling for isk, others when you have the right skills or abilities can be used to make other items. Starting out whatever you get you can sell or find someone willing to reprocess for you to possibly give you more isk making abilities.

Ok, it looks like “conversation” might be possible via forum posts, so I guess I’ll take that route until it doesn’t work, then I’ll create a new post if need be.

First question:

What do I do with “broken” stuff such as:

  • Metal Scraps
  • Burned Logic Circuit
  • Charred Micro Circuit
  • Contaminated Nanites
  • Fried Interface
  • Malfunctioning Shield
  • Tripped Power
  • Smashed Trigger Unit

Is there any good use for them?
Can they be repaired?
Can they be reprocessed into minerals?
Do I just sell them?
Why would anyone buy them if they are useless?

Those cannot be reprocessed. Better off just selling them. Some can be used to build but your better off just selling them.

People with the right skills can use them for building items

This category of items is called ‘Salvage’, and it is used to make equipment called rigs that apply benefits to your ship. Unlike modules, which you can add and remove from your ship freely, rigs are destroyed when removed in most cases, meaning there is an ongoing market for even low-tier rigs. Thus, there is an ongoing market for the salvage used to construct them.

You will generally get the best prices for items by selling them at trade hubs, rather than out-of-the-way systems. Each faction has at least one major trade hub, and even among the trade hubs, there are better and worse locations to sell items. the most popular trade hub is Jita 4-4 (planet 4, moon 4, Caldari Navy) in the region The Forge, and usually has the best prices for selling to buy orders (instant sales) on most new-player-accessible loot.

Additional information on trade hubs: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Trade_hubs

Skimming through EVE University in general can be a great resource; while some information is out of date, it is a great starting point, and you can always post questions/request clarifications here on the forums if you find something unclear or missing.

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Ok, beyond those broken things, I’ve acquired a bunch of “stuff” from salvaging any ships destroyed during NPC Agent missions (including all the Training missions) or as rewards from those missions.

I’ve got:

  • A bunch of different Frequency Crystals that I have no idea what they are used for.
  • 7 different types of ammo for my 125mm Gatling.
  • 2 different types of Missile
  • A DataCore
  • Frozen Plant Seeds???
  • Armor Plates
  • Alloyed Tritanium
  • A Small Armor Repairer?
  • Something called Type-E Enduring?
  • Multiple Data Analyzers
  • Multiply Relic Analyzers
  • A Gremlin Neutralizer?
  • A Ghoul Nosferatu?
  • Multiple Gatlings, Masers, and Lasers
  • Multiple Expanded Cargoholds
  • Multiple Miner I and Particle Bore Mining Lasers
  • Multiple Overdrive Injectors
  • Multiple Afterburners
  • A half dozen Stasis Webifiers of various types
  • Several Shield boosters, enhancers, and augmentors
  • Various Disrupters
  • 10 Units of Water???

As a newb with very little skills trained yet, how do I know what’s worth keeping and using on my ships (now or in the future) or what should I just sell or reprocess?

Those are the mods or ammo that can be placed on ships. Those can be reprocessed further down into minerals or be sold on market as @Mkikaden_Tiragen explained up above

There are ship fit guides than can help you understand the mods that goes on ships, depending on race of ship etc.

Water is just a commodity to sell, same as slaves or militants, unless called for in missions.

And it really boils down to what you are starting out as, mission runner or explorer etc.

Hold onto it for the moment. Give this thd 24 to 48 hrs and you will have more info/links on how to proceed. Were just trying to help till more ppl get to post. I’ll try and find some of the links.

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Geo Eclipse Oksaras, thanks, I’ll look for the ship fit guides. I assume I can just Google “Eve Ship Fit Guide”?

That’s probably going to get me a long way towards the answer to that question which was more of a “how do I know?” rather than a “what should I do?”.

Look up fits here on the forums, there are some fittings here. As well you can go to https://zkillboard.com to see fits, that lost, but you can see how people fit the ships

This was the next question on my list, but I suspect that the Ship Fit Guides that were mentioned will answer this question…

So far, I’m just barely getting by on Level 1 Agent missions with a Slasher and the following:

  • 125mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon I
  • 125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
  • 125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
  • Depleted Uranium S ammo
  • EMP S ammo
  • Phased Plasma S ammo
  • Small Clarity Ward Enduring Shield Booster
  • Compact Explosive Shield Hardener
  • 1MN Afterburner 1
  • Overdrive Injector 1

What weapons and/or ammo should I be thinking about upgrading to next?

If you are doing well with that fit, you can look up fits to be more productive, while raising skills on what you are using

So far, I’ve managed with 0 ship loss to get through all the Level 1 Agent missions I’ve played. However, it’s a struggle sometimes. I end up warping out of battle, repairing, and then returning to fight some more, multiple times.

Is this most likely due to insufficient defensive augmentation, inadequate combat techniques, or is this just a typical battle tactic and I should expect to spend a lot of time jumping in and out multiple times in a battle like that.?

He learns fast! Concentrate on frig skills. As an alpha, you will train up more slowly.

Edit; Frig skills are fast to train

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frig skills?

Sorry, https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Frigates

Edit; and https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/The_Magic_14

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Don’t worry about being a rookie in this part of the forum. They got rules and stuff.

  1. We call it loot! If it feels sentimental - keep it. Otherwise figure out where your local trade hub is and get used to selling off what you don’t need. Maybe some of it you can use for fitting ships or building stuff or whatever it is that interests you.

  2. Ask for fits often. Ask why they did it the way they did. I think that was my biggest learning hurdle wasn’t just learning the game but getting used to the different ideas and logics behind all the different PVP and PVE fits out there. It’s a whole game in a game. Save yourself from flying around a dump truck fit gankers laugh at!

  3. We’ve all made them. I think asking these questions is good to help mitigate your own but experience is the best teacher.