If your new to Eve - Dont

Dont watch youtube videos, learn how to do PI over a 2 months period ob 5 characters and then load your shielded epithal up with 550m of P4 items to take to sell at Jita.

What happens is a Russian bloke with a 1 day old account blows you up and steals all your effort.

This then saps your will to live in Eve majorly and the 2 months lef of omega becomes a waste of your money and the skill extractors you boght on offer.

Basically if you are new dont think you can sell the stuff you make or farm, unless you take it in tiny pieces into Jita

Ive read lots of forum posts after this as it seemed impossible a 1 day old account can do this, but greifing people for fun and isk is the eve way, loads of people suggest it doesn’t put new players off Eve…lol to that.

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This thread should be interesting.

On topic: Before dreaming of an operation, you need friends who will watch your back. That means joining a corp.
Once in a corp, you can participate in mining and ganking fleets, learn a lot then have your mates protect you when you haul your treasure.


joining a corp sounds great, but if your wife hates you gaming and you game occasionally solo aint so bad, just dont PI as you cant sell your effort, its a complete waste of time and ruins the game when the russian gank guy kills you

I cant talk for everyone, maybe lots of players get ganked in hig sec and carry on loving eve, just isn’t the case for me

It is expensive and would take several times more to reach a goal than with a corp but the miss and kids come first.

Will be hard to create a resources operation without help. I wouldn’t even try it. Even a mining/manufacture op solo would be bitter tear-inducing.
Best I’ve figured right now is Exploration and Missions until I get the urge to join a corp and see a bit more of the universe.
Small steps…

Agreed now I know Eve a bit more I agree with what you say, sadly I spent 3 months building PI on 2 chars as I never read anywhere = Dont do this as youll be lucky to see the reward, in fact Olga will see it, not you, so without a time machine my efforts were a complete waste fo time it seems ;(

Not quite. You learned a very good lesson at least.


You made yourself a profitable target. Simple as that. Don’t carry 500 million ISK worth of products in a cheap T1 hauler. Lesson learned.

EVE is an open-world, PVP 24/7 game. Always has been, always will be. The quicker you come to terms with that, the better. Plan ahead next time…

Why Russian?

yeh your right, but as this is a new player post, aimed for someone who doesnt understand what you just wrote, like I didn’t myself before feeding a Russian kids dream of fun, I thought it may be ok to post what a waste of time it is if your new ot Eve and don’t know this is how it works

He spoke Russian when I asked why he targeted me

Welcome to EVE!

Here you will build or buy spaceships and fly them around until they disappear in pretty explosions!

The best thing to do is to have a plan in case your ship explodes (backup ship, spare ISK) and to learn something every time you die. Even years into the game I keep learning!

Sounds to me like you may have learned the wrong lesson from your ship’s explosion.

Or maybe you learned the right thing, that a full loot PvP game is not your kind of fun.


Not sure with my gaming I want to learn a lesson after 2 months of daily effort, id prefer the game seller would give me a heads up, its pointless to do this part of the hame alone for example…

I disagree Gerard I really enjoyed the pvp aspect and the progression of skills etc, it was alot of fun, just the lesson you cant make things and sell them bit wouldvbe been useful to know, then i couldve focussed on missions or areas that wouldnt have made the waste of time I experirnced

Thanks. It wasn’t clear to me that this was an account of a personal encounter with a random capsuleer, who happened to speak Russian.

I think PvP is a good heads up! How long have you been playing games and what other PvP games have you played?

Played games since 1992, played quite a few, generally you are aware in Games of what not to do as the game seller gives you an idea, here I had no clue peoples entire game is sitting at a gate and blowing up Haulers, doesnt appeal to me as a fun experience personally, like i said above I learnt alot in 2 months, spending hours figuring ship fits etc sadly I didnt learn this bit until I was bitten and now I read up on it I understand its a thing, just ruined my last 2 months of playing this and been a major put off

What do you mean, ‘cannot make things and sell them’?

You can do that. You just can get attacked and lose all you are flying at any time in this game, so you should take precautions when flying valuable cargo, like splitting the cargo in two and taking two trips for half the risk, using cloaks, asking a friend to scout ahead, etc.

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I said that above Gerard ^^ split into tiny bits and make 50 trips, but cmon what a waste of time, much safer to have a sticky and en email to new players saying - DONT do pi alone, go mission running…

You’ll need to find a balance beween risk and reward.

Yes, multiple trips lowers the reward, but it also lowers the risk, so if you don’t wish to risk losing it all at once, maybe do take a little more time for multiple hauling trips?

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