New players in eve. Concered About Game stuff

I see a lot of posts about the ganks. Get over it, Sorry new bro.,
Personal i fall a sleep Get up go afk grab some food, Go to a movie. come back later.
Dont do anything required . No scout no i dont , check local dont watch d scan .
Its A game Calm Down new Bro lol. holy crap.
Rellay just set your over view right.

Dont take aggressive actions . work on your sec standings. use to be if you had say 9 or higher they responded faster.

there are few new no skill mining ships. 1 fast 1 yield 1 drones/ This system is basical in palace throughout eve. running t1 boosts t2 drone rigs max skills near max say level4 in all , is about 200m3 diff the only thing your relay getting is picking up compression but in high sec mining you can just warp off and drop off. (Stabs ? What wonderfully mod, )

The reasons peplos set alarm clocks and timers over seas ? 1 sever. it makes harder to lock down sov. Also you can set your own timer window on defence . soo yea theres that hum yea think ill do 3am your time rather then 3am my time.

your current high sec ticks with small l risk are around 30m The Red on your your screen is a anomy site. You can unattached D scan. You can Belt rat for faction drops.
I even see free leech Fleets come get pay out only use this ship heres a fit.
Littelry bought my minning ship with it.

even in active war decs they still let you mine. Personally ill Reship and go pew pew them ( btw the i cant war dec with out this thing works both ways. ) So it protects you,.

I see a lot of posts about no new players ive found 50. in a month. Lot of these guys want to learn pvp just dont know So ill give you hint .
But you can still join a major null sec Rat in there space and mine they dont care./** but i cant move my stuff they do it for you. i cant pay for my ships yea they do that 2. I totaly suck at this game no matter what you teach me its fine fly cnyos will pay you. lol

(Red Vs blue) no loss no worries. its fine.

Lets talk about indy back in idk 2012 i put some bp in idy slots and forgot about them.
But since they fixed it . you cant lock down tie up Indy any more. Spaced forgot i had bpo in idy lol. ) once a get eve is a investment in time. Know im space rich kinda.
i fight with them forever. lol. Hey did you guys plan this. lol We both like content.

That said im not a ccp fan boy. (boy you guys messed some @#$#@#!##% &^ god #$%# _ #%#$ ) up. Hi lol., i feel better know.

Eve was fine before it was on Steam and Steam only accounts for like 40 % of all sales.
its why New world gave away so much free stuff to streamers. Other company’s cater to Streamers witch bloats sales.

Dust 514 had to be shut down. ( there was a massive unsee bug in that system with corp funds … witch lead to others - Bunny hop Space jump.

but they took a failed project and poof vanguard needs work tho, * Mabey the interaction they want will bridge the gap on fps vs space thus adding to the Great Chain and harmony of eve. Cuz were all happy carebears Right ?

totaly players helped new or newbro alts. 20
Total isk passed out 30.6 bill.

total losses this month. 1 tengu. Ransomed no kill mail Do you know why cuz i was ? 2 lazy to check a few basic things.

1 manticore Burner mission K boom. Mabey i should read the requirements.

I see a lot of posts about lack of events. and ccp not working with the council see ive also been a part of them.

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This is your brain on drugs.

Kids, just say no.


“By God, I’ve gone blind.”

I’m waiting…

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Must have been a very long time ago because not since I’ve been playing (2009).



In all seriousness here is some ganks from the last 12 hours. Telling them to suck it up is stupid

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Give them a chance, there is so much details there for reasoning

If you look closer at that first case…the guy is carrying 338m ISK worth of cargo in a 3bn ISK ship. His bulkheads alone are worth more than his cargo. The cost of 41 Catalysts was almost certainly more than that of the cargo…which makes it clear it was not simply the cargo they were after. The irony is that the bulk of the drop was those 424m worth of bulkheads and the Serpentis stabilisers.

Much of the cargo is low m3 stuff that could have been carried in a Praxis or something across several trips. I mean, they’re not going to gank a Praxis for 100m worth of Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal. The entire trip in the Charon was folly.

In a thread adressed to new players…well, new players, this is what not to do.

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Dont fit expensive modules on a freighter if using it in high sec? Or dont use a freighter to freight stuff at all in high sec? Please clarify

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Not going down the pipe with a freighter full of stuff through Uedama would be the first thing to learn.



The JF that was traveling empty and the Hulk that was just mining his own business. Both ganked just for the sake of ganking and it happens every day.


Have you tried not being AFK?

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It begs the question what is the solution to griefing and ganking?

Its really simple

Significantly lower the cost to make exhumers, freighters and what not. Then they will only be ganked if they are full of loot for the most part :slight_smile:

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Have you tried playing Minecraft on creative mode?

Everything is free, enjoy!


Your analogy would be the equivalent of opening a minecraft creative server and then letting people destroy each others creations. Its a stupid concept and analogy

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The solution to “griefing” is to not play a competitive multiplayer video game about politics, intrigue, and spaceships blowing up other spaceships, like an ineffectual, blubbering sourpuss with Chicken Little Syndrome.


There is nothing intriguing in the kills i listed, which happen every day btw. You dont have an idea what the problem is but also don’t seem interested in figuring it out. Come back when you do?


There is no problem.

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No, no. I’m not saying EvE is like a minecraft creative server - I’m saying you’d be happier there. Have fun playing by yourself!

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