Mining is high sec over Xmas?

Hi I’m from a group of anti-gankers and we are look for new ways to messup code activities.
If your planning a large mining op over the holidays and are worried about ganker attacks contact me to see if we can help.

I know trust is a big factor in Eve so look at my forum post and killboard to see the work we are doing and let us help you be gank aware.

Only contact me in game about your ops

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Good luck getting the fish to bite!


That sounds complicated. Better buy a permit instead.


What is your tactics? Gank gankers? Being on the killmail with condord don’t save victim.

Show evidences of avoided ganks when you refer to “work”. Killboard padding don’t messup gankers.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like idea of actually doing stuff actively against. But I’m against terrible and misleading propaganda.


Unfortunately we don’t get save mails but you can see by looking at say Uedama KB when we are online we stop ganks .If you can read the info that is and take a look at some of our recent kills, many are at 100% damage , we killed a small fleet today before concord even arrived .

And so what if concord are on our km if we stop a gank that’s what it’s about,
One of our tactics for stopping roaming gank fleets is to pull them out of fleet as they break gate cloak hold them why gate gun and concord kill them.

But it’s not really about kill boards and kill mails is it , it about keeping an area safe so pilots can mine and for us to give ample warning of income attack .

We are capable of stopping 30 ship gank fleets by some of the best ganker in eve and you don’t like our idea because concord are on our km.

If you don’t like our offer that’s fine but the more pilots that fly around high sec unaware of the dangers so they will keep dying, we have saved many by getting them to warp off just in time. We are always looking for more effective ways to stop ganking but to tell you the truth I’d sooner be kill them and leaving their fleets burning wrecks in space.

You completely missed my point and focused at most unimportant part of my reply. Anyway it’s not like I want to argue about it.

Keep up the good work

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Yes I have missed your point sorry, still have but thxs for your reply

This is wrong. Don’t confuse a gank failing while you are there with you making the gank fail. Ganks may and often do fail for a variety of reasons completely unrelated to any anti-ganking activity.

If you’re shooting a ganker and the kill ends up having CONCORD on it, that means you didn’t make the ganker die any sooner than he would have been disabled first and killed later by CONCORD if you hadn’t been there, and hence that you didn’t make any difference whatsoever to the outcome of the gank, regardless of whether the victim died or not.

Note that I’m talking about damage dealing kills here, nor e-war kills. That is, if you use some form of e-war to disable the ganker, then having CONCORD on the kill is normal and expected. Whether you made a difference to the outcome of the gank in that case would depend on whether you did really disable the ganker, not on the presence of CONCORD on the kill.

Note also that I’m not saying your group doesn’t make ganks fail, just that what you said above would seem to indicate you might be interpreting some results incorrectly…

That’s a good and effective AG tactic, indeed, but neither CONCORD nor gate guns would end up on the kill in that case, only faction police would.

CONCORD doesn’t care about security status, only about criminal flagging, and same for the gate guns. It’s faction police, not CONCORD, what helps kill outlaws tackled while trying to jump gates.


I understand what you mean, our latest successes have been with mixed fleets, we have our heavy hitters that can one shot maybe 2 cats , heavy neuts that can drain cats, that’s 3 or 4 disabled, our ew that can take 1 cat out maybe two,then our reps that allow the the target to live a bit longer , if we have a bumper with us that moves the target just a little bit from effective range , killing there gate gun bait work well too if we can do this very fast. All these add up to a failed gank that we have affected, after all our last save the freighter got out with 2%hull with all of the above at work , if we hadn’t killed or nuet just one of these cats as they landed at the speed we did then they would have got the kill, that’s why I say every little shot and rep helps and every person not forgetting our cloakers watching the fleets and scouts out looking for their scouts looking for targets .
So much more than being on a killmail don’t you think

The gankers on the gank before managed to pull us out of position and split us up and we failed.
Yes I do understand ganks can fail for other reasons, you see many abort as they land slightly out of effective range

If we had no effect they would not take any countermeasures against us , we would get no intell from our spies on there planning and chat, they would not switch up to T2 cats when we are about to increase there chances of success.

And lastly thxs for correcting me on gate gun faction police and concord and yes pulling out of fleet works ok especially if we get an FC or lead pilot of a multi boxer but really only works once , once ganker know what we are trying they don’t come our way,

I believe our biggest weapon is surprise and variation, we can’t be low sec gate campers we need to change constantly to make ourselves look weak when we are strong and strong when we are weak

Sorry that was a bit long but you I hope can see my enthusiasm for this type of game play and how I enjoy killing criminals

The whole “ag fail daily” and “gankers fail again” is just an ongoing thing that each side likes to throw at each other what ever the reason, all good fun.

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Looks like you’re doing things right, indeed. And have the right attitude too, not what I was used to when I was in the AG channels. Congrats. Good job. :+1: :wink:

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Make an alt and come back we have good fun these days , help us come up with aways of fighting the damn tornados gankers in very high sec who one shot targets, em burst work but you can’t do it all the time

And I wouldn’t say we are doing it right , just a bit better ,still room to improve

Come back? I never left. I was banned from AG channels, but kept doing AG just the same. I just happen to only operate in Gallente and Minmatar space, and you cannot really figure everything I do by looking at my KB, but I could invite you to my channel if you’re curious and would like to share info and experiences…

Yes please

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