30 Account Multibox Miner

That has been ganking upon my corpies. We declare shennanigains. Officially. Hilarity and other events will ensue.

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Thanks for the heads-up, David.

I dug around on EVE-Who then zKillboard and saw a minor conflagration today in Highsec. Is that what you’re referring to?

Well, not being quick to embrace the gankalysts of change, we must learn and prove the mechanics :slight_smile:

Well clearly multiple accounts as miners are like wildebeast, you not gonna see one miner help another.

If you need anti-gank tips I’m happy to help , although not sure I’m reading it right , so feel free to correct me

If you need ganking tips I’m happy to help, don’t you dare correct me.

I’m not clear what your Ospreys in Uedama hope to achieve. Repping ganked ships ? Well…good luck with them all actually being awake ( must be boring as hell circling the gate for hours ) and noticing anyone is being ganked, and all locking in time, etc. Repping each other ? Why ? Without some heavy DPS there, they are all ineffective anyway.

Having two shield repair ships can often prevent a ship from being ganked, unlike relying solely on two DPS ships

While gankers may wait for hours for an opportune target the presence of repair ships adds a layer of defense. Additionally, when facing three ships, gankers might resort to using heavier gank ships or incorporating bombers into their strategy.

I was Observing ganks with and without logistic support at the gate provides valuable insight into gankers’ tactics and responses to different scenarios. Yes a bit boring but shows they get effected by us being there , maybe it makes ganking less boring. Understand gankers responses or any enemy will always help.

So did you really think about the points you wrote or was it a weak effort to … Well you know

( Btw who circled the gate for hours)

One minute later…

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