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Hello one and all. Just curious if Code still ganks or are they all bark and no bite now. If so who is the new ganking overlords ?
I ask as after last patch i see so many hulks mining in ice fields. Its like someone has handed them out for free lol.
Also is there a 3rd party tool or something that i can use to copy and paste a ships fit and it will tell me what dps i need to kill it before i get concord raping my butt ?


could you have not asked this in one of the other 1,000 ganking threads?


Gankers still exist in the game and are doing quite well, despite the various changes taking place in EVE Online. As for CODE, following the retirement of James 315 this creation has somewhat split into smaller entities, with Aiko Danuja becoming the main heir. Gankers mainly operate in Caldari space, as the flow of goods and ISK is greatest there, but of course you’ll find them pretty much everywhere in high-sec.

After the last patch you see more exhumers, as their EHP has been slightly increased. You probably also noticed an increase in Retrievers and Covetors and a decrease in Procurers. Miners have adapted to the changes in mining ships, probably gankers are calculating which ships it makes sense to destroy with profit now.

As for the question about external software, I think that so far the most versatile tool for calculating various statistics is still PYFA.

Also, this thread should be posted in Crime & Punishment subforum. FYI.


The Hulks (and other mining ships) are out because of the latest set of mining changes, which has significantly increased EHP for the ‘weaker’ miners as well as increased ore amounts and yields.

CODE. is still active as are many others but ganking freighters is much more profitable. You can always check how much ganking is going on and who’s doing it where by heading to Zkillboard and checking Advanced Search, Highsec, Ganked options:
Zkillboard - Highsec ganks


Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

I am mostly asking as after seeing like 11 hulks an orca and a freighter mining ice i assumed ganking had been nerfed or something. I mean why would you risk ore mining mods etc on a once highly targeted exhumer.


I still wouldn’t risk ore mining mods on an exhumer, but if you stick with simple T2 modules it’s not profitable to kill exhumers these days I think.

It takes at least 4 Catalysts now to kill a decently tanked Hulk, which I think is more expensive than anything a T2 Hulk will drop.

That needs to be done very carefully, especially for mining ships for 2 reasons.

Firstly, overall zkillboard only receives about 40% of the kills occurring in game (actually less, see below explanation). Below for example is a plot of the percent of kills recorded by zkillboard each hour versus the kills recorded by the ESI.

The trend line (red) is a 6 hourly rolling average and helps smooth out the batch processing peaks that zkill does:

So it averages out around 40% of the ESI kills, but in truth is lower, because zkillboard includes jspace and the abyss, while the ESI only presents data for kspace.

So likely less than 40% of kills end up on zkillboard.

For some ships (eg. freighters), the data accuracy is high (>95%), but unless you have validated the data you are looking at, it is not a great assumption to make that zkillboard gives you a useful indication (it is really useful for some analysis, but not all).

Not all gankers post to zkill or not all post immediately (eg. for the rare periods that I gank with friends, the kills aren’t posted until 30 days after the gank).

Secondly, the zkillboard ganked list was introduced for the last burn Jita, but it doesn’t pull all mining vessel ganks. The approach that squizz uses has changed and he does show more mining vessels ganks now, but there are still a number of ganks that he doesn’t mark as ganks. More ganks can be identified using different approaches.

So zkillbord is a great intel tool, but only where you know the data is valid; and it may not be for miner ganking (it’s been a long time since I’ve worried about using zkill for miner ganking information, so I don’t know how accurate the data is and whether it aligns with the overall percent of ESI kills, or if there is a higher percent of miner ganking showing).

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This is a good example of why you are now such a waste of time on the forum.

Ganking is just part of the game. You can describe it as wanking all you like, but it’s no less valid (and no more valid) than any other playstyle.


Merry Christmas salty one. Tell me about hunting with bookmarks again, seriously how can anyone take you seriously.


That was your stupidity, not mine.

EDIT: This was a long time ago and Drac seems to still be butthurt for being wrong. Here’s the context for anyone reading this and not knowing what this is about:


Lovely, you are not an Eve guru mate, simple fact. If you get that wrong how much else do you get wrong. :lollipop:

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I get stuff wrong all the time. Happy to admit it. My self worth isn’t built on pretending I’m right all the time (or that even anything I really say is all that important). Just another nerd on the forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But you were wrong on that particular issue and you don’t have it in you to hold your hands up and say so. Still this:

Is at least an admission.

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Nah. I edited my post above to include your original post where you claimed two ships with the same warp speed create bookmarks at the exact same location.

Was wrong then. Was wrong before then and is still wrong.

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