Not a whine or cry so dont get your hopes up lol
Been away from the game for little while and i have noticed that CODE dont hassle miners in ice belts like they used to ?? Has a new group taken over the griefing ? Also where did the goonies go

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Depends how long you’ve been gone.

Well this is an obvious alt but gone for just over 2 years

Orcas have been changed so that they can mine quite well with drones. You’ll see lots of miners using them afk and they are very difficult to gank.

Freighters had a big ehp buff as well around 2 years ago-ish. People use them as ore haulers from belts more often now.

Ontop of that, high sec pvp in general is lower than it used to be. Players losing interest.

But you’ll still find gankers at choke points on trade routes. So it’s not completely dead yet.

Not sure. CODE. still killed 2.2T ISK worth of stuff last month and is dunking miners on the daily:

I’d say, it’s just a matter of time until they visit you at whatever ice belt you are hanging out at. Keep mining!


The goons got beat back into delve during WW-bee but are alive and very well and oh so busy so won’t bee long before they come buzzing out so just keep an eye on the economic reports because when there’s a drop in the amount of Indy in delve probably means they are massing.

That makes no sense. Why would indy in delve drop if we are massing? It would rise, because we would need to stock up on our dreads and supers and titans.

Because less freight would be arriving

What? What do you mean by freight. Freighting what? We make our own ships by mining our own ore, and we have Blueprints for everything. We are amazing at industry. Best in the game.

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Ok freight was too generic.

When pilots shift from indy to gank standby, a decrease in indy activity in delve will be noticeable.

Again, why? We dont gank with our indy alts. I can multibox 100 rorquals and still have an alt or two waiting to gank.

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Because you will be on gank standby.

You won’t be able to manage the indy alts as well with an additional gank alt you need to keep track of.

Mining isn’t accounted for in the # of indy jobs btw

Do you understand what the word “Standby” means? It means sitting in the station, doing nothing.

And then, do you know how long a gank takes? Do you know how long you have to wait in between ganks?

What else could possibly be more active and need more attention, than mining? What are you reffering to, when you speak about Indy?

I can queue up 10 blueprints to be completed in 2 days, in 10 minutes. I can process minerals in an instant. I can move a bunch of minerals in 5 minutes.

What other aspect of Indy are you reffering to, if not mining?


Number of jobs started statistics

Addition: basically any viewable statistic related to indy

By jobs started, are you reffering to using a blueprint to build modules/ships?

Yes @Solonius_Rex

That takes like 20 seconds for one alt to queue up 10 jobs. This is the least time-consuming aspect of building things.

And in case youve never built anything in your life, you dont need to actively do anything while a module/ship is being built.

@Solonius_Rex Maybe indy statistics aren’t the best indicator.

Here is another indicator: number of jumps in the:
1-SMEB system?

If the jumps spike - that indicates a massing?

Probably just means fleet is moving thru. Goons can easily field 2-3 256 man fleets with no effect on indy or mining.

Orcas are not difficult to gank, it just requires a lot of DPS. But if you can field that amount of DPS you can also kill freighters. And the loot drops from (properly scanned) freighters are a lot better.