A Proposal to CODE

CODE. delegates itself to being the Savior’s of High Sec. But what about Low and Null Sec where their masters reside and call the shots from?

There is much more potential to increase the destructive power of CODE. with CODE. using the same mechanics in it employs in High Sec. Much more wealth and much more valuable kills such as Force Aux., Dreds, Carriers and above all else Titans. The last four ships are greatest number of ship types that you will come across in Null space in Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition territory.

A thirty Cat gank fleet should make short work of a Carrier and Dred and really short work of a Force Aux.

Like I stated CODE. delegates itself as being the Savior’s of High Sec. But if CODE. smashes the Null space alliances of Goonswarm, Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition like they smash High Sec, CODE. will be able to open new territory to High Sec pilots that would create new alliances in the back yard of CODE.s masters.

The Masters of CODE. can only keep the dog chained to the stake for so long. Because eventually the dog will break free and consume its master to become the master himself.

All of that status, luxury and wealth that CODE. enjoys in High Sec can be greatly expanded on if only James315 would see his true potential, his only potential that has set him on the path to his enlightenment. A path that destroyed a great many assets in High Sec but can lead to cutting down the forest of Low and Null so that the High Sec Carebear can enjoy the new era of content that would be created by CODE.

It’s so easy to gank CODE. In Low and Null there isn’t any response from the local navies or Concord.

They will run.

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You miss the point. In fact the ship has sailed and you’re stuck on the island by yourself wondering when the next one will come by.

Ask yourself why people suicide gank. You should turn up with a few simple answers. Expand on that and you should come to some answers on why this thread is dumb and you’re a joke.


How many T2 Cats does it take to gank a Titan?

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The only point that is miss is that you think in your universe. The word of .CODE is compleately another. This so called code is written by an very limited mind who tries to judge his actions and even think he is a men of honor, like all the other lowlives who follow him. There is no honor under thiefs and gankers, even if they speak so.

You would do this and turn your power against these in NullSec, but again, this is your experience. .CODE Lowlifes are people they are bored and frustrated in real life and need this to push there ego, to “be” someone. To face a real enemy, you need honor, you need balls… not with these wannabe scum. Lowlifes they are, and you cannot win a war with lowlifes.


What people fail to realize is that, if CODE. and other gankers didn’t exist, CCP would need to create NPC’s to do the same job. A certain amount of destruction is required to balance the economy and, since since 70% of players live in highsec, that’s where a lot of the destruction needs to take place.


Dryson, how about you become CODE’s dark master and purchase 100b in code bonds.


How much do I owe you for your guidance and insight as my therapist?

So many misconceptions and delusions. Had I not read other posts by your hand I would be surprised to find someone so willfully blind.

James 315 was democratically elected as Savior of HighSec, so it is only natural that he focuses his efforts there. He knows his flock shelters many a wayward sheep, so he has directed the CODE. agents to gently direct these towards compliance.

Also, the CODE. is already widely embraced by the denizens of LowSec and NullSec. Docking up when going AFK, not sending freighters on auto-pilot, paying proper attention to local are just a few of the rules that are followed with verve.
Not only that, when a rule-breaker is detected many a pilot does not hesitate to take immediate corrective action, which is often followed by a hearty gf in local rather than a whine post on the EVE forums.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time reading http://www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html and the excellent blog there to reduce your ignorance on these matters.


Dryson, Don’t listen to the Ganktards, you keep on keeping on. Proud to call myself a Carebear n help the AG cause when required.

Firing up the old Kitsune, coming in from the cold of LowSec to help Empire, only 23 jumps from Uedrama. Eta 2 days ( maybe waylaid by a bad girl in Tama ). Will pick up Nitsche n the boys along the way.

…rally round the family, wit a pocket full of shells.


I hear its been done with a single bomber

On the economy balance point, if code wasnt around, more wardecs would be in place, wardec’ers would get more jump frieghters because they would be more lax, and overall more “consented” pvp would take place.

Are you still in an NPC corp Dryson?

That’s not true. Like at all. In fact it’s the exact opposite of what you’ve stated. Haulers drop to NPC to avoid wardecs.

But nullsec doesnt need saving. Hisec does. People dont afk mine in nullsec and survive for very long. People have been mining afk in hisec for the past 10 years.

But nice try on trying to shift Code to nullsec and away from hisec. Not going to happen though.


Please. Stop.


You are a fellow carebear, cant just say “stop”. Typical political type of answer to avoid providing a solution.

So I am posting your ganking platform from when you were on the CSM hustings.

" Ganker: I would like at least a 50% chance of walking away from a gank. At the moment this is not the case. On my blog, in the past, I mentioned some changes to Concord that I would like to see. I would also like to see some changes to Ice Spawning (maybe in random systems?) that would mean that the gankers would have to move around to gank ice miners! Local chat could also be changed to provide less free “intel” to people. No need to announce to everyone who is in local… just the number of pilots.
I would like to clarify, I am not in favour of stopping ganking completely. I am not in favour of just AFK mining the whole day. EVE is what it is, and the game developers have been quite clear over the years where they stand on this issue.
Please read my last threads before posting questions… we really do not need to cover the points that have been discussed before… high sec is worth fighting for!"

Get an AG ship an get to Uedram Lorelei, you are apart of Empire.


You almost type (and read as) an alt of Dryson.
Say it is not so?

I certainly can say “stop”.
Especially since this is the most ridiculous thread that I have ever read in the EVE forums.
(and that is saying something).

And running for the CSM has nothing to do with “political”. But that just shows what you know. Why not take further discussion to my CSM campaign thread (with your “main”) and lets not clog up this… thread.

I am still on CSM hustings… and I have said quite a lot about ganking there over the last 4 years. Read it and see (or go to my blog).

I have done that, but if you had actually bothered reading my CSM campaign threads, you would know that.

Threads such as these do permanent, and irreparable damage to everything “care bear”.
There is just so much … ridiculous… that… the mind boggles.

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Thx for providing more than ‘stop’. Was not so hard.
( there are more deferential ways of reaching Dryson )

I look forward to seeing you again in an AG ship.:grinning:
( plenty of content in Uedrama to go around )

Noone has to do anything “deferential” to “reach” Dryson. Dryson should “STOP”.

Dryson is busy doing more harm than good to carebears everywhere… at least when they come into contact with ganking. Nothing new there.

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When all the Ganktards are here dogpiling Dryson, are they INgame ganking?

I think you are taking Drysons efforts the wrong way. Enough said.

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