Total War Against the CODE Alliance

With all of the ganking that CODE has done in High Sec I think that all of corporations that have been affected should come together and War Dec Code and then systematically eliminate their Citadels from any High Sec system that they are located in.

Because of CODE’s constant -10 security status they would not be able to field any type of ship based defense but would have to call upon allies to war dec alliances such as Pandemic Legion, Test, Northern Coalition and the like which would be a very expensive war for their allies to have to fund in defense of CODE.

Since CODE scoops the loot of the wrecks after a gank and houses them in their Citadels losing the Citadel would cause the stolen loot to go into asset protection mode. The cost to move the assets out of asset protection would be quite extreme to say the least for CODE and would severely deplete their ISK.

Once CODE is war decced and begins moving their assets out of their High Sec Citadels their freighters and Orcas will become vulnerable to ganks and war decs.

CODE prides itself on being “Elite PvPers’” but have created a very vulnerable weak spot in their Citadels by being gankers and unable to defend their own Citadels…rather very loot heavy Pinatas that will benefit everyone in the Burn CODE event.

And by the way a Citadel under a war dec does not require large ships to take down either.

A single TII fit Talos can take down the shields of a Citadel within an hour and a half. So just imagine what a 100 Talos fleet can do to a High Sec CODE Citadel not protected by a Null system Sov Mechanic.

Sounds like you need some friends m8


Sounds like you need podded.

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No need for violence!

So I’ll just tether up and watch you get mad


Sorry, just trying to get rid of CODE so that High Sec can be the way it used to be, not full of CODE ganks along with getting rid of Kannibal Kane.

They burn everything in sight and just laugh. They need a really good burning to put them in check.

Burning CODE’s Citadels really isn’t a bad thing…look at is as a Asset Wrap function of ensuring CODES plentiful booty makes its way to the market safely without costing CODE alot of ISK in the process.

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I accept your apology.

But do you think fighting fire with fire is really the answer my friend? This can be solved with a positive mental attitude and some dialogue!

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a CODE Clone Aspirant? There is no such thing as a positive dialogue with CODE because every dialogue with CODE is just more prepositioning their gank fleet to gank you when you least expect it after you think positive dialogue has taken place.

You must have just met one or two of the bad apples. I have found many of the saviours of hisec to be quite intelligent, helpful individuals.

Now, if you want Citadels burnt, we better start talking ISK.

Message me ingame.

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Nice try Clone Aspirant…you need podded.

Back to this again?

Nothing is ever going to get done if we have you as a leader to look up to!

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I don’t involve myself with Capsuleers who think that CODE are:

  1. Saviors
  2. Intelligent

But you’re posting in C&P?

Arguably the one place where you will encounter that kind of capsuleer more than anywhere else?!

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No constructive comments, just like a cartoon.

If you want constructive comments, start posting constructively.

A war against CODE. is useless, it’s been tried by far better than you.

As for not being able to form defence fleets, I think you’ll find that you are mistaken; they’re an organisation of specialised alts, they might not be able to defend with their gank characters, but you can bet your arse they wouldn’t think twice about joining CODE. with other characters for the duration just to beat the snot out of you.

In addition, unlike you they DO have friends in nullsec and in low places, they’re generally on good terms with hisec mercs too.

Good Luck.


To put it bluntly, EVE does not work the way you think it works at all.

CODE does not have to use their own citadel. They can use any citadel that is open to the public. If you anchored one and opened it to the public, they could dock.

Therefore you would have to war Dec every corp that has a citadel open to all. And even if you eliminated them, it is easy to anchor another in hi sec with am alt corp of 1. Trying to destroy the Citadels truly would be am exercise in futility.

As for -10 status, it is very easy to remove this of needed. CODE could remove the -10 through the security tag system far cheaper than hiring a bunch of mercs. They also have neutral alts they could bring in corp. Assuming they could not fight is wishful thinking and does not match the reality of EVE.

Losing the assets… This again is not a hard thing to work around. You assume the loot isn’t quickly sold. It probably is. Even if it’s not, courier contract the loot to alts or Red Frog, they do the hauling, no gank. Well… Unless you plan to gank every hauler leaving every citadel but then you would be CODE.

As for citadel defense, a citadel could pop a talos quickly. And you can man a citadel even with a negative sec status. As for getting 100npeople in your fleet, good luck! Mind you all 100 would have to be at war with the citadel’s owner too. It really isn’t this simplistic logistic action you tho k it is.


How many more times are you going to paste the same old nonsense on a new thread, on yet another different forum ? Perhaps you should try writing to The Times instead, that’s supposed to be seen by influential people…

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It’s almost as if you have too much time sitting in stations and write forum posts lately. Is it wardec related?


Makes me wonder if you’re new. Dryson is well-known for spamming trash threads. We all stopped taking him serious a very long time ago.


It would not surprise me if he had already tried that.