High sec pvp and (REAL-PVP) piracy

OK, i have been just looking at eve and right now everyone has mixed feelings about the war decs system (i don like it in its current state), my opinions aside on that gremlin. For all of those who live in high sec. CODE, pirate/war-mercs/wardeck pirates any of the other groups who do aggressive pvp tatics, or Force their will on otherwise non-pvp players.

we all know highsec is not suppose to be a carefree place where you can sit and afk mine all day and night with no risk.

basically, Pirate players regardless where you are located have not been embraced by eve and almost in all cases in handed the short straw. Being a pirate in highsec is almost always Stealing from wrecks, bait cans, can flipping, or suicide ganking or the current issue pirate war decs.

all experience players know concord is not a anti ganking system it is a retribution system.
for the sake of Code( I HATE code with a passion) BUT! i do understand what they do. and they help eve very much so in highsec and it pains me to say it. people who build Freighters and mining barges benefit from code, dispite them getting ganked by the same group.

that makes me think Code they try and get peopel to buy their “permits” in other words extortion why not add it to the game as a system

Let me explain
for example : generic kinda new player decides “i wanna be a pirate” if there was a way a person would enlist in for one of the pirate factions kinda like FW the will gain the ability to attempt extortion on another player they have to get within 3-4 km of the person [basiclly scram range] and a window will pop up saying "pirate fleet/pilot has stopped you and is attempting extort you for X ammount of isk (isk is based on a % of the ship cost raised by skill 1% per level, high sec only .5 systems ) a timer start that counts down from 35 secs if timers runs out [pirate player enter limited combat and aggressor will go red/yellow based on the person getting extorted get 3 choices Pay - fight - call bluff(call bluff meaning attacker has choice go ahead and attack or back off paying is not on the table)

these actions will trigger concord in .6 and higher but in .5 only state police show up meaning you have to hope other pilots will help you or escape
(this will not replace just getting ganked, if they wanna gank you they going to gank you)
low sec will require you to to to fully tackle that person and bring them under 50 m/s(just tossing numbers)

all the extortion menus would be able to be customized on a corporation level if you pay up we will not bother you for x-hrs, x-mins low sec you can set the price for low sec to any amount

maybe you want a military corporation in a system with you or hire some mercs to live in your area lol

let me hear your opinions


in .6 and .5 systems INCREASE Concords Time to kill on criminals their response speed don’t touch it but soon as they show up they warp disrupt like they already do but they do not auto blap your ship there is a pretty decent pause 5-10 secs whatever lets talk about it,

this will encourage people to play together more and promote interactions among players. people using bots in to mine(breaking rules) can be dealt with in a swifter manor

this is all Post war dec system with the whole no structures means you can’t be war deced though it will be VERY helpfully for new players but for people who will benefit from this by exploiting it, that hide themselves and play solo( you will find no pity from me)

i hate to say it but not seeing any dreams getting wrecked lol

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Then you are not looking close enough. Also, the following might be the reason:


lol i was there that DOES not count that was a self inflicted wound long over due

and thats not high,

sec null sec is fineeee there are some kinks in all regions but everything is fineeee

untill someone does a yo momo joke and someone gets butt hurt for no reason and then everyone is at war again

No it won’t.

People don’t choose to play alone because they feel CONCORD response times are ok. They play alone because they want to, or don’t know how to find good groups to play with.

The only thing changing CONCORD response times will do is cause more whining about gankers.


the people who want to play alone will always want to i am referring to the people who live together who sorta do this half way. for example the ice miners and any number of mining groups that live basiclly next to each other but too afraid to talk to each other.

No not changing concord response times that should stay the same since its based on sec status but time to kill.

there needs to be some sort of cause for unrest in highsec untill the war system is (fixed, replaced or whatever) I recently came across a group of people have have effectively setup an active defence system against code and complain they miss out sometimes because concord straight up 1 shotting people

i do hear you though about solo players. But then again they sit in npc corperations. so its basiclly like they are bots. (a small few of them)

i don’t support a harsh life style for new people since they still must get used to the learning curve but at the same time people that have been playing eve for 5+ years should not pushed out of a gameplay they have crafted, if you take something away from them you gotta give something back.

This is so far from the truth, the people high sec war deckers kill are usually null sec pvpers.

They’re just war decks, none of us in the years of high sec decking have ever referred to ourselves as pirates.

Overall you seem to be confusing the war mechanics with ganking, the structures coming to war decks will have zero effects on CODE and their beautiful ganking efforts.

That doesn’t match with this:

At the end of the day, whether they land on grid and twiddle their fingers for a bit, or just arrive later, the outcome is the same. More whinging.

Actual pirate here who lives in every space BUT high-sec empire. Check out my latest video here for reference.

I have never really been ganked myself in high-sec mostly because it is often easy to spot gankers and protect yourself from being ganked. Everything from fitting cloaks, to having insta undocks, to actually paying attention to the 25 Thrashers in warp to your belt.

I would lean more towards not trying to enhance the system for pilots who clearly abuse the system by using throw-away characters with no real identities and more towards educating existing high-sec pilots to be smarter pilots when living in their almost risk-free environment.

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Why do you hate CODE?

Real criminals don’t need a game system to extort other players :slight_smile:

The game already has an extort feature. You initiate it by sending a conversation request to another player.


i hate code because long time ago they got some friends who were new to buy “permits” and they got ganked anyways and where ask to buy permits again

you are 100% correct but being a pirate time is of the essence raid your target and move on or hunt your target anyways

i played a game called voyage century game based in the 1600s mmorpg(game is dead now) I was HELLA a pirate trading was a common thing and they had a extortion system give me money or you force your opponent info combat game had its own “concord system” not has OP of course but yeah it just made extracting money from people alittle more lucrative and speed up interactions befor they call on help from their “guilds”

that takes too long and sometimes people are willing to pay but are not paying attention or whatever and communication is missed and yeah lol

and just to repeat this will not stop people from just doing that you could pm someone hey gimmie 200mill or die still but of course you gotta deal with the negatives of that(waiting for them to accept respond, langue barriers, them stalling) you get the point

as of right now CCP keeps adding stuff to high sec that people have not use for, or worth time/effort resource wars/FOBs

instead of maybe adding a whole new feature maybe give Tools to the groups of eve players who have been kinda thrown under the bus.

i spend most of my time in null sec but null sec is IN FACT not the only part of the game.

its not risk free right now but in the next few months it might be the issue now people are becoming complacent in high sec why do anything els except Mine/run missions dock up during wars(and stay docked) alot of people don’t even bother trying to learn about eve.

and gankers are not abusing the system its working as intended in some odd cases better then attended. (people cram aslittle tank as possable with MAX dps) instakill something and die to concord before someone counter attacks while they sit on 2-5 billion isk bounty that no one can bounty hunt lol (bounty hunters? what are those) most pirates that have the highest bounties

(rapid fire posts lol woops)

You mean nullsec…

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You hate them because your friends didnt know what a permit was? Its not a liscence for anarchy or a get out of jail free card, you know.

uhhh no high sec (relative safty not complete)

the scam of it i guess who know lol, at this point same same person people hate goons last time i was fighting against them i could not figure it out and even today i don’t know

You do know that the permit was only part of the agreement… the other part was to not behave in a manner contrary to the actual code that it spawned from? Buying the permit didn’t equate to immunity to ganking… buying it AND actually following the code of conduct gave protection.

10 mil isk is ashtray change. Not flying AFK and actively trying not to die? Priceless.

As of today, I do at the time I didnt know but after getting some basic info on how the inner workings of how code works i understand code(i still hate it thought and nothing will change that and there is likly nothing that will get me to ever like it) yay for subbornness

To me piracy meant living in low sec having a negative sec status and ocasionaly ransoming people