High sec Pirates

Through the years of eve many people have been having issue with high sec pirates. I would think after the years this issue would have been solved but there is just a complete lack of care about this issue by the developers and the Admins of this game. I have tried to get into the game multiple times and keep having issues. Recently I tried to get my friends into the game and in new and small ships pirates kill them endlessly. I cannot mine or rat in highsec I have no care for lowsec as I’m a casual looking to stay in highsec and carebear. Unfortunately this game is not friendly to its players nor does it encourage people to keep playing.

To the Devs. Today you will lose 13 subscriptions that will not return unless the game is changed to protect people in highsec and not this pretend security blanket.

The interactions with other players - this “piracy” as you call it - that is the actual Eve game. The other stuff you were doing is just peripheral to the conflicts with other players.


“solved” implied that there’s a problem.

I don’t see an actual problem here other than spineless cowards and hurt fee fees.

so… 0.001% of the playerbase? yawn, come back when you have an actual threat



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Okay, Eve is a brutal, PvP-centric game with a harsh death mechanic. That is the game being played. Now, that being said, it is still possible to play the game casually, be a risk averse HS carebear, and keep your losses to a minimum. This does, however, require a modicum of knowledge and effort on your part.

Now, I’m not entirely sure that you have the right attitude for a game like Eve. After all, when the going got tough, you got complaining. But just in case you’re having a bad day or something:

I’m not sure what exactly do you mean by HS piracy. Typically people distinguish suicide gankers from those who use war decks to legally shoot their prey, but I suspect that you might actually be talking about gankers. I’ll talk about both though.


  • Don’t fly what you cant afford to lose.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Always ask yourself what you could have done to get a better outcome.
  • Retrievers are a trap. They don’t have the isk efficiency of a covetor, and their increased tank still isn’t enough to prevent a gank.
  • I recommend most carebears fly properly tanked procurers. It is suitable for solo and group mining, and most gankers won’t give you a second look.
  • Some people like to yield tank covetors (the increased yield more than makes up for their losses), but minimizing your losses requires a firm understanding of the game and constant vigilance. Moreover, their small cargoholds make them more suitable for mining as a group. Of course, you can jetcan mine, but ninja looters might mess with you.
  • There are gankers throughout New Eden, but they also like to hunt where prey is plentiful. Thus, the more populated a region/system is, the more of ganker presence you’ll likely see.
  • Haulers can either (1) fit enough tank that the cost of the ships required to gank them exceeds the value of their expected loot drop, or (2) try to be as slippery as possible (i.e. covert ops cloaking devices, warp core stabs, and/or lowest possible align times).
  • Mission runners should go for option 1, as missioning ships tend to not be very sippery.
  • If you do fit a bit of bling to missioning/incursion ships, be sure to use a travel fit. Travel fits are made by fitting as many armor and shield buffer mods on your ship as possible. Offline guns if you need more fitting room. Carry your PvE mods in your cargohold.
  • Because ganks happen so quickly, a buffer tank is more effective against gankers than active tanks. It just takes too long for active reps to rep more EHP than you’d get from fitting nothing but buffer tank mods.
  • Use intel tools such as eve gatecamp check, scouts, and corp intel channels if you have them.
  • No one is too big to gank.


  • Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Always ask yourself what you could have done to get a better outcome.
  • The best defense against war decs on your PvE characters is by not anchoring structures, or using holding corps.
  • Don’t take war decked characters to major trade routes or trade hubs unless you are looking for a fight.
  • Some HS pirate groups might only be active at major trade routes, trade hubs, and certain regions, which means you can PvE in backwood areas in peace. Others will fly around looking to catch guys unaware. Some will only be active in one area of space at a time. You can find out what you’re dealing by looking up their killboards, and adjusting accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on local for flashies.
  • Use intel tools such as eve gatecamp check, scouts, and corp intel channels if you have them.
  • Don’t expect HS pirates to fight fair. Many do it for profit, and are not above using all manner of tricks to win (e.i. login and undock alts or friends once you’ve picked up a weapons timer, blob, put ships they are about to lose in neutral bowheads, etcetera).
  • I hate saying it, because sometimes people go on break and don’t come back, but turtleing is an effective strategy. Denying them content encourages them (and other HS pirate groups) to leave you alone and wardeck groups that do provide them plenty of content.

OMG, I can’t believe I spent this long writing this wall of text. Watch you come back with a doubling down of your assertion that CCP needs to make eve safer for the guy who puts forth minimum effort into staying safe.

Procurer Fit


[Procurer, T2]

Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Medium Shield Extender II
Thermal Shield Amplifier II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II
Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium EM Shield Reinforcer II

Mining Drone II x5
Warrior II x5

Inherent Implants ‘Highwall’ Mining MX-1003


Are you sure that is what this thread is about OP?

You lost a Paladin, one of the biggest and toughest ships in highsec coincidentally just minutes before making this post. Did losing that ship to pirates jog your memory or something about your newbro friends in “new and small ships” ships who are quitting?

I mean, like everything it’s fine to make your opinion known but isn’t this how piracy is suppose to work? You loaded your ship up with fancy modules and made yourself a target for criminals who wanted your shinies. You lost this round, but you probably ran a dozen or a hundred missions before with that ship successfully earning sweet ISK with all those ISK-boosting overpowered modules. That’s Eve, risk vs. reward and all - you took a chance, and were called on it this time and outplayed.

Since this is an example of piracy working properly, I’m not sure there is anything to see here. So, move along and carry on I guess?


I can’t be sure we’re talking about player pirates from the context of the post. There is no mention of any player to player interactive element or mention of the keywords ‘harassment’ and ‘griefing’ that typically get sprinkled in when a player is dissatisfied with their interactions with a real person.

NPC only kills also don’t show up on the killboard, typically, making me more suspicious this is an NPC complaint, going from Black Pedro’s research claims.

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Lack of detail makes for lack of content.

I bet the OP doesnt respond once either


Which is his reason for getting all like a crying loser but I dont see any detail on his 13 friends or the “little ships” that killed them.

So I call made up on those.

And if he cant take losing a Pally, then well, whats the point in life eh


I’d like to complain about the cost of ganking these disgusting Paladins. CCP needs to provide more FREE ships to new players, like myself, and we should be able to salvage the Paladin and use it to create a new gank ship. We should be able to fill the wrecked hull with explosives, and dock it in a station, and wait for it to explode.




Obligatory: can I have your stuff? :wink:

:popcorn: :smiling_imp:


Man that would be sweet

I just want to be able to put a grenade in a can and when someone opens the can, it asplodes.

Please CCP?


Flying a bling fit marauder in 0.5 space ratting.

What the fk did you think was going to happen OP? The thing about not overloading your ships applies to combat ships as well as freighters and industrials.

I hate gankers OP, but painting a “GANK ME PLEASE daddy” target on your back is not helping your case.


Hey buddy, I don’t need your stuff so I won’t ask for it, but…

…before you go, could you add your remaining ISK to my bounty? Thanks.


Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with it, in the early days when started out mining, go 6+ jumps out of HS and you’ll never see pirates. I’ve had a few people potshot blockade runners of mine at a trade hub – there’s plenty of advice around on how to use T1 ships to freight, how to mine safely or get started in PVE.

I’d be happy to provide a safer mining umbrella while I’m online.

And yeah, fly what you can afford to lose is sound advice, skilling up for new ships is fun, but it’s better to go through the learning curve with more affordable ships. I came back after a while and forgot I couldn’t shoot abandoned wrecks in HS, lost an expensive T3 that way as I bored in space scanning things down. It gets easier when you are comfortable with ship-loss and owning your mistakes.


You can’t solve issue that don’t exist


The next best thing:


Look, I will make this simple: If you are too dumb to figure out how to mine or run missions in highsec, the game is probably not for you.