Gankers in highsec still there?

There where alots of stupid noobs around in highsec two years ago bumping and killing freighters with 50 Caracals.

I canceld my subscription back then and now after two years I consider again to pay for some Eve Online.

Is it worth checking back in again or should I carry my money somewhere else?


Everyone has the right to play EVE however they want, as long as it’s within the rules; you should be more tolerant of other people’s playstyles.


No, we’re all good. We have plenty of complainers as it is. See you in the next life. :sunglasses:


Okay. So nothing changed in highsec and gankers can still bump into others and do other crazy stuff. No change to the rules and highsec is not highsec and safe? It´s still the case all the 0sec and lowsec noobs train there?


You seem to be suffering a catastrophic misunderstanding. High sec doesn’t mean it’s absolutely secure, it is only highly secure. It is still a PvP game however and you can and will get shot anywhere. There is no safe zone outside once you undock.

You really want to think about this and not make the same mistake twice.

Also, it’s good that you ask and don’t just jump in. That way we can tell you to stay away. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Okay. Thanks for your replies. Will play something else.


You’re welcome. Hehehe…

People still get ganked in highsec every day:

While some of the players that ganked your Orca and pod have left, many are also still around. So no Freddie, nothing has changed from two years ago when you rage-quit over getting ganked. Probably best to move along and check in another two years to see if CCP noticed your cancelled subscriptions and patched ganking out of the game.

Somehow though, I think you’ll find the game the same as it now, as it was in 2016, and even as it was 15 years again when the servers went live: highsec is a place other players can PvP you.


Maybe you can start again and join a large corp that will train you to mine or haul in null and low sec. Then retire to mine and haul in high sec. If you know ‘how to’ then it’s better.

Yes, you can get caught off-guard but at least you’ll learn how to cope with it and recover from it.

You can play another game but it won’t be as awesome as playing EVE Online. Friendship is the best ship. But don’t let that dissuade you into training into a Titan.

Course you can try again in another 2 years. With the acquisition by Pearl Abyss, EVE will probably still have HS PVP, but the ships will have cleavage.


I did hear about the Pearl Abyss thing and I thought the deal is already done? Not sure yet.

As I am an Pearl Abyss customer since years I know they will also not listen to players ideas and as far I know them they will push everything more towards rng and p2w.

Well, I think Eve is down the drain, so or so. It was cool in the beginning.

Well, there is more out there. Tnx for the update.

No, they are all gone you can max-cargo fit your freighter again and send it on AP. You can also mine in a blinged out Hulk without issue now.

Hope that was the answer you where looking for.

Ignore the other haters, they just haven’t realized it yet that we are all nice to each other in EVE.


So that means you definitely won’t reply to this thread, dropping your not remotely subtle hints that you don’t like ganking?

Cuz, I mean you got your answer right? So there’ll be no need for you to continue to interject over and over again, pretending like you’re “just asking questions” after they’ve been answered?

Sounds good. ISD can lock?

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Why go to Hi-sec anyway? It’s a big map with lots of options.
Most people never get ganked in Hi-sec fwiw.

They still do it, they just don’t announce dates anymore. CODE./Goons. Plus a half dozen CODE. players are broadcast inputting with 20-25 accounts so they are their own little ganker cheat-fleet.

IMHO you would regret paying a cent to play again.

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I think ganking belongs to the game. But not in highsec.

CCP did not change the game mechanics, Concord is too slow, criminals with neg. standings can still fly/ travel/ jump/ dock up there, bumping still allowed and tons of other game mechanics who should not work in highsec space, except low and 0.0.

Highsec should be safe space for traders, miners, mission runners. It should also not be possible to pod someone there except Concord kills a criminal.

If not, game engine just fails.

Not realy an option when nothing changed there since. Players should have the freedom to play as they want. This is right. But players with subsription should also have the freedom to play in a safe environment and when they not want to get involved in pvp.

Else, wrong game and nothing for me. I would like to relax while gaming, there is too much “ganking” in RL already.

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The risk of gankers is greatly overstated by a few players who make up 95% of the “Ganking is out of hand” posts. I haven’t had any issues keeping my production chain running. Just avoid auto-pilot in the choke point systems. Gankers want to scan a freighters contents first, so if you arrive at a gate and immediately jump through then most of the risk is already gone. And keep the value of the cargo below 8b for a regular freighter.


Called it.


Don’t listen to them, they are just a bunch of forum trolls.

Everything is cool now, those high sec nuubs got bored and left.


Tell this to others who still to this very day since Eve’s beginnings have been complaining endlessly about mining and high sec, ice miners, I mean seriously think of code who’s very name sake web site is called miner bumping, I get it, I do but when you defend OTHERS rights consider the other side of that coin and how the other sides obsession with the gluteus maximus of mostly non combatant players.