Gankers in highsec still there?

(Australian Excellence) #21

Yeah we should totally let people like you sit there and steal James’s rocks/ice :roll_eyes:

Good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

(Lily Inkura) #22

Still there. An estimate was made recently however that ganking accounts for less than 1% of all destruction in high sec? So, really, it is not that important.

Both. Check in using a free-to-play Alpha account and keep your money. For now. You will still be able to re-start your old character, and have all their assets. However, you might not be able to use all of those assets until you start paying again. But, have a play for free first. See what you think.

(Ima Wreckyou) #23

At least you accept that and go look for another game that suits you more. There are litterally hundreds of titles out there that have what you seek. I on the other hand am looking for a game where nowhere is really save but in a balanced way so that still trade and economy is possible and EVE does that remarkably well. There is simply no other game that does that.

Hope you find that other game you are looking for. Bye

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And what @Ima_Wreckyou forgot to say was … please could you log back in and send her all your stuff before you move on.

(She always says that at some point in these sorts of threads and must just have forgotten. I do apologise on her behalf.)

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Except the op claims to not play EVE. Or are you suggesting it’s another alt of the same person as always who actually plays EVE but just creates this forum posts in an attempt to paint a picture of CCP losing money because of not making Highsec a 100% secure farming place?

In that case I would very much have her stuff, but I doubt she actually wants to quit EVE she just wants it changed in here favor.

@ISD_Buldath Do we really need this very same thread every day? Isn’t it time to create a suicide ganking super thread like the cloacky camper thread where you can merge this in. I asked this before without getting any response, what do you think?

(Nana Skalski) #26

Yes, gankers are still killing freighters.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #27

Now, you got any proof of that? Last time CODE. agent was banned for broadcast inputting he got unbanned … cause it turns out he wasn’t broadcast inputting in the first place! Kusion even streams how he does it…

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(Solonius Rex) #29

Hisec is not supposed to be safe. This isnt PvE World of warcraft.

(Solonius Rex) #30

Then they are playing the wrong game.

Oh, so you live in a country where the police pro-actively hunt down and stop criminals before they even commit a crime? That sounds like a great country. Where is it? Do you have telepaths that predict when a crime will occur?

(Annah Tsero) #31

Hey look
Yet another baseless ag statement

Can you tell me why they’re not banned if you so believe they imput broadcast?

Oh wait…

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #32

Actually this touches on the essence of the best kept secret of CODE alliance: the schedule. CODE agents work on a tight schedule with allotted time slots for ganking or other activities such as running missions, hauling and mining with all their accounts (20-25 would obviously be the number of accounts of a junior Agent). Estimates are that over 80% of the current highsec players are CODE multiboxed agents. This goes to some extent to explain the paranoia under ag.

(Annah Tsero) #33

It’s ag (they don’t deserve the caps)

(Solecist Project) #34

We don’t need haters around here, so yes… gankers are still around.

Take care.
Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!
Mind the step when you leave!

(Kayla Helsayn) #35

Yep, did see Codec today in Trashers camping a gate in highsec. With 5 Multibox accounts, same alts called 0,1,2…

I think not much of an option to get back to a paid subscription as long CCP tolerates this.

(Ima Wreckyou) #36

Yeah Ok, you already said that. Bye now

(Jonah Gravenstein) #37

Hisec is almost entirely safe, if you can be arsed to learn the mechanics, especially those that are used by the people who prey on traders, mission runners and miners.

As a trader, missioner runner and occasional miner, the best thing I ever did was participate in some suicide ganks; mission invaders are easy to deal with, you ignore the bait, leave, or you pop a trigger and drop a swarm, then leave.

(Ash Beldrulf) #38

Yes gankers are still in High sec and they can bump you for hours with no penalties. Security standing means little to nothing so they can continue to gank forever. That is why a lot of system have -10 standing gankers still working.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #39

CODE., in its entirety, is a garage in Kansas, 2 brothers, 60 machines and isboxer; turns out Eve is easier than catching their sister :evil:

Incidentally goons is basically Mittens, and his alt farms.


(NotTheSmartestCookie) #40

The only reason it looks like player count is decreasing is because the dude in Norway is no longer multiboxing, but is using his machines to mine bitcoins.